Contributing from a Place of Love and Spirit


Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

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Peace of mind can be felt and expressed in this time of rapid transformation, and I’m beginning to learn that the extent to which we let the difficulty in our Lives put us in a bad place determines the power it’ll have over us.

Difficult experiences can’t be avoided because they’re ultimately necessary, as is every experience, but they don’t have to bring us down in the way they have in the past. Peace of mind can be obtained in myriad ways, and for me, spending time out in beautiful and revitalizing nature can help unprecedented peace of mind come forth.

From a peaceful and balanced place, we can do whatever we feel drawn to in regards to assisting the planetary awakening, and I can say from my own experience, however limited, that the drive to throw oneself into helping awaken the populace becomes incredibly strong when a personal awakening and establishment of peace of mind comes about.

Even though the peaceful, meditative place of stillness we can access has been called zero-point, the inspiration we can feel from it can see us actively contribute to our evolution. I can quite honestly say that my desire to stop what’s become a rolling freight train (i.e. stop producing material) is shrinking by the day as I recognize that I, like you, am in the sacred position of being able to use my mind, my voice, and my perspective for the benefit of others.

Along with this, I’ll admit that I really enjoy writing and always have. Recognizing that I can start with any topic or idea and basically flow on from there, the notion of ceasing writing even for a day is starting to resonate less with me.

Writing has obviously been utilized in a widespread way in our society, but in my opinion, the potential for writing to be used as a tool to spread positivity and awareness, much like music, has only just begun to be discovered. Writing provides the perfect outlet for me to connect with you all, as I’ve said before, and the notion of being able to utilize it for a greater potential is very exciting.

We’re refining and redefining how we see myriad things in our society, and I think that this is a result of the overall revamp taking place. As the illusion is peeled away from our eyes, minds and hearts, the resulting broadened horizons leave us with a less distorted understanding of pretty much every aspect of our existence.

I can imagine a politically and environmentally aware humanity seeing things like the genetic engineering of our food supply and the environmentally harmful methods we use to extract the Earth’s natural resources in an entirely new light, and the resulting drive to change things being stronger than it’s ever been.

Social action and resulting change are inevitable, in my opinion, and the level of social action being taken can grow if we choose to engage the things happening on our planet from a politically, environmentally and spiritually aware perspective.

I think that becoming spiritually aware will give us a huge advantage in regards to addressing everything about our society in need of mending, and as has been said in the past, everyone’s unique perspective can be honored and utilized in a new paradigm where the voices of all are heard.

The individual cultivation of enlightenment in each of us can perhaps help us come together with little to no bitterness between races and nations, but I recognize that this is a potentially far-off goal and that much remains to be done before it can come about. Nevertheless, I remain unflinchingly assured that it can be done.

Per the individual awakening of each of us to the false and hollow nature of the played-upon differences between us, we can come together in the greatest and strongest sense to start taking the social action necessary to bring our planet into the new paradigm we’re ready to see come about.

Personally, expressing the spiritually oriented perspective I feel blessed to have will forever be a part of what I choose to do for humanity, and I can envision waves of awakening seekers understanding the incredible platform for spiritual expression writing can be and aptly producing works we can all appreciate and benefit from.

I think that everything we do for each other, ourselves and the planet boils down to an exchange of energy. As you read or listen to this, you absorb the perspective I intend to impart unto it as well as the energy signature of me, the writer, and likewise, someone else may choose to write a catchy, conscious song that they’ll impart their energy signature unto.

We’ll exchange energy with each other and with the Earth as we heal Her of the widespread damage and pollution we’ve caused, and I can envision our collective rediscovery of our interlinked nature motivating us further to really get to work.

Gaining collective perception of the oneness energy comprising us and our reality could very well help us find unity as we address the biggest problems holding us back, and for now, I’ll recommend acting upon any and all inspiration you feel within to contribute to this growing revolution.

It’s become clear that it’ll only continue to grow, and you can be a part of it right now if you feel particularly drawn to doing so.

Wes Annac – Feeling as inspired as ever, with the desire to spread the inspirational wealth around.


Wes Annac is a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as writings from Wes and channeled messages from our Universal Family. Come check us out!

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