Video: How Does Marijuana Help the Body?

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

In this video, I share some information about the many medicinal benefits of marijuana.

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Marijuana and the Sacred

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

What do you consider sacred? For me, the sacred is anything involving enlightenment or higher states of consciousness. My definition of sacred is laxer than others, because I consider some worldly things to either be a) sacred or b) something that opens the doors to the sacred.

For some, the sacred can only be something that directly involves higher states of consciousness. My definition is expanded to include things like teacher plants (natural psychedelic substances) that provide a glimpse of the true sacred states of being.

I recommend moderation with any drug whether you use it in a spiritual context or not. But if used with the right intent in mind, natural psychedelic drugs can aid the spiritual journey. Continue reading

Cannabliss: The Spiritual Benefits of Marijuana

The Cannabis Writings PhotoBy Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

This is a part of The Cannabis Writings, a series of articles on the Culture of Awareness.

Cannabis can be used medicinally, recreationally or spiritually. Either way, the user will get something positive out of it as long as they don’t overindulge.

Recreational use can (but doesn’t always) cause overindulgence, and many spiritual users only use small amounts for the enhanced meditative effects. They don’t want to get intoxicated by using a crazy amount or doing it continuously, and a humble dosage is all they need for a good meditation.

There’s nothing wrong with recreational use, especially if you work hard and it helps you enjoy your work or unwind at the end of the day. However, to get the most out of the plant, one only needs a small amount and the willingness to let natural meditation take care of the rest.

Meditation can be powerful on its own, but if even a micro dose of cannabis is introduced, it’s taken to a whole new level.

This can be said about anything when paired with cannabis. It makes art, music and creativity better; it makes a sunny day better; it makes exercise better; it basically improves whatever one’s doing when they use it. This includes meditation.

Plenty of spiritual writers have shed light on the benefits of cannabis, but we tend to discuss it in a vague way that shows support but doesn’t explain how it helps people spiritually.

What about it makes it so powerful and helpful?


You’d have to experience it yourself to know what it’s like, and the simplest explanation I can give is that it provides a higher state of consciousness, known by some as the essence of God, in plant form.

It’s a gift from our creator meant to be used spiritually, ceremonially, medicinally, recreationally or however it best serves us, and the fact that it enhances everything means that it enhances who we are on a soul level.

Everything seems better with cannabis because it puts you in a temporary higher state of consciousness where your connection with the Most High is pure and you can pick up on guidance and enhance your creativity.

To state that it’s the plant form of a higher vibration is, in my opinion, the best way to describe its spiritual value. Yet, this too is a vague description that doesn’t do justice.

In my opinion, the reason some become paranoid when they use it (beyond the fact that it’s illegal and taboo, which can cause anxiety), is because in enhancing and expanding their consciousness, it makes them aware of their fear, anxiety and nervousness.

When it makes people giggly, it illuminates the inner child, who’s dying to be free; to laugh and play as joyfully as it once did.

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”- Bob Marley

It temporarily brings aspects of the subconscious mind into the conscious, and whatever we’ve suppressed (including the inner child) will come pouring out during such a powerful experience. The giggle eventually goes away for most longtime users, because they slowly learn to integrate the inner child back into their life.

It no longer needs to show itself in big ways during the few precious moments it has during an experience with cannabis, and it becomes a regular aspect of life just like the ‘adult’ self.

Credit: Alex Grey

Beyond the personal experience necessary if you want to really understand what cannabis does for the mind, body and spirit, some in the spiritual community have shed light on specific benefits that most of us can generally understand.

We’ll look at some of those benefits here, and I should stress that this information doesn’t have to be accepted as fact or taken as a guide to spiritual cannabis use.

If anything written here doesn’t resonate, you don’t have to accept it just because I or anyone else supports it. Go with what you know and feel is right, but try to be open to this information because it could contain some truth. You’ll never know if you don’t give it a chance.

According to writer ‘Abhishek’, the cannabis high operates on a higher vibration mostly unknown and unexplored in modern society, making it different from synthetic drugs that, in my opinion, lower your consciousness.

It can also help cosmic energy flow freely throughout the seven chakras because of its higher vibration, which is imparts onto the user. The seamless energy flow results from the chakras’ increased ability to absorb subatomic particles.

It can help the 7 endocrine glands function properly, but only if it’s used in moderation. I’d imagine using it too heavily can inhibit their proper functioning, and anything that becomes an obsessive habit will begin to have a negative effect.

Cannabis is no exception, which is one reason moderation is encouraged.

It’s important to be in the right spirit and the right frame of mind when using it; otherwise you might not get everything out of it you seek and longtime users may be driven to use more to find what they’re looking for, which doesn’t work.

If you use it specifically for spirituality, it’s best to be clear on your intention before, during and after.

It can also enhance psychic powers due to the free flow of energy through the chakras, which can help us understand the purpose of existence and reclaim our seemingly lost connection with God.

I’m sure some people would laugh at the idea of having psychic powers because it sounds like something out of a children’s cartoon, but as we expand our consciousness, we’ll be amazed at the kinds of things we can achieve.

“It is important to consume marijuana in limited quantities with the right spirit. Focusing on your thoughts and your heart will certainly serve to change the way you think and understand certain fundamental aspects of life.” – Abhishek at


While some people consider meditation to be more powerful and more worthy of pursuit than cannabis, the latter enhances meditation and helps the free-flowing cosmic energy dance throughout the seven chakras and express itself constantly in our lives.

Spiritual users would be best to focus on the plant’s meditative aspects, but no matter how you use it, don’t forget what it can do for you.

Remember that we have a valuable opportunity to clear the mind and meditate in every moment, and try not to rely on anything external for what can only be found within.

There are decades-long recreational users who never discover its spiritual value because they never use it for this purpose, so try to look at the plant in a new way and see if you don’t get something enormously positive out of it.

(Sources embedded in article.)

Stand up for Cannabis; Stand up for Freedom

The Cannabis Writings PhotoBy Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

After a short run, I’ve decided to discontinue  weekly Cannabis Writings segments. Instead of a weekly column, I’ll just write about it when the inspiration arises, which will probably be often because new things are being discovered about it every day.

Marijuana legalization is long overdue.

It’s time to stop prosecuting innocent people for the possession of a plant that was clearly put here to help us; it’s basically the same as prosecuting someone for having tomatoes. Cannabis is a crop that’s meant to be utilized and shared, and we have to stand up for it if we want to change the laws.

Legalization is happening at a decent pace, but we can’t wait around for the government to do it when they’re finally ready.

Until politicians know they can profit from it without exposing their hypocrisy in keeping it illegal, they’ll stall its legalization and tell us it’s because of their religious beliefs, the funding of terrorist organizations or our children’s safety; all while imprisoning the innocent and making loads of money for the private prison industry. Continue reading

Would Cannabis Legalization Confuse Kids About Drugs?

Ohio governor John Kasich opposed a recent marijuana legalization measure in his state because he was worried it would confuse children about drugs. Credit:

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Ohio recently rejected a measure to legalize marijuana and allow just ten producers to grow and sell it commercially. The latter part of the measure drew understandable criticism, but I’m sure any change in the state’s marijuana law would be a welcome alternative for some residents.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who opposes legalization, appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on November 6th to talk about the negative effect he thinks it would have on children. During the interview, Colbert pointed out the hypocrisy of not wanting to “confuse kids about drugs” in a country where alcohol is legal and culturally acceptable.

Mollie Reilly at The Huffington Post explains.

“[Kasich] stopped by CBS’ ‘The Late Show’ three days after his state rejected a constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana. The ballot measure would have allowed the use of recreational and medical marijuana in the state, but would only have let 10 producers grow and sell it commercially, thus drawing opposition from some marijuana advocates.

“Kasich opposed the measure, calling legal recreational pot a ‘terrible idea.’ On Friday, Colbert questioned this stance, noting the governor’s support for criminal justice reform.” (1) Continue reading

An Enlightening Cannabis Experience


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

The illegality of cannabis is hypocritical for obvious reasons, but the United States is clearly approaching nationwide legalization. With so many states decriminalizing it or legalizing it for medicinal purposes and states like Colorado and Washington legalizing its recreational use, this country is quickly changing its stance on a plant that’s been used throughout our recorded history but demonized in the last century.

The hypocrisy lies in the fact that cannabis is illegal yet alcohol and tobacco are perfectly legal despite their risks and the lives they’ve destroyed.

Not only does alcohol take lives every day – it can also cause some dark and violent behavior. It can completely change a person, and it can turn them into an addict who can’t live without something that only used to take the edge off and make them feel better. Once they’re addicted, all they care about is their next drink and they’ll do anything to get it. Anyone who stands in their way or even slightly angers them will witness their dark side. Continue reading