Video: 7 Krishnamurti Quotes On… Nothing

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

Jiddu Krishnamurti was a sage, philosopher, and free thinker who encouraged people to look within for solutions to their problems and the problems in the world. He was born to a middle class family in South India on May 11, 1895, and left this earth on February 17, 1986. (1)

As followers of his work might know, Krishnamurti was “discovered” as a child by Theosophical Society leaders Annie Besant and Bishop Leadbeater. They claimed he was the “world teacher” the society had been waiting for. He would go on to have “mystical experiences” as a young man that provided him with a new, unique vision on life. (1)

This would lead him to disconnect from all religions, organizations, and philosophy-driven movements, including the Theosophical Society, and set out on a lone mission to enlighten the people with his unique philosophy. (1) Continue reading


Clear the Mind and Discover True Love


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

If you read my work, you probably know that I think love is the most important and powerful force in existence. Love connects us with our higher consciousness in a way that nothing else really can, but as we’ll learn here, we have to step out of our mental conditioning to rediscover it in its pure, untainted form.

It’s available to everyone who calls on it, but its purity depends on our state of consciousness and the extent to which we can untangle the mind’s conditioning and use the mind as an open, clear, unbiased portal into our higher consciousness.

I’ve struggled to understand what love truly is, and until recently, I was convinced that the limited mind is supposed to be a part of it. If we can bring the mind with all its conditioning under the direction and guidance of the heart, I figured it’d be just as effective or enlightening. Continue reading

An Open Mind Is an Awakened Mind


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

It’s often said that opening and emptying the mind (not transcending it, leaving it or getting into a space beyond it) is one of the best ways to expand our consciousness and reconnect with our creator. We’re sure to fail if we seek enlightenment by trying to leave the mind, because along with the heart, it’s an essential part of us that connects us with our creator and our higher self.

The mind and heart are essential if we want to find any level of enlightenment, and through these portals, we transform into magnificent beings of light who are one with the rest of creation. The intuition is found in the mind and heart, and everything will change when we attune to this inner voice and pay attention to what it has to say. Continue reading

Transcend Desire with Understanding


By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

It’s no secret that desire is an obstacle on the enlightenment path, but how much do we really understand it?

Most of us have a basic, surface understanding of desire and the numerous other self-enforced obstacles that stand between us and enlightenment, but in order to truly transcend it, we have to understand it in a deeper, realer way.

The same can be said for any obstacle. Like we’ll learn here, we can’t just push them underneath the surface and expect them to go away or stop inhibiting us, and we have to embrace them (not in the sense that we feed them) and deepen our understanding of them. Continue reading