Flint Water Activist Awarded Environmental Prize

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan is alarming to say the least. It’s scary to think that a city in a developed nation can be so deprived of clean water that it becomes a national crisis. It serves as a clear warning that we should be aware of our effect on the environment and the resources like water that are essential for our survival.

A lot of people think that in the future, we’ll fight wars over water instead of oil. The crisis in Flint and the water shortage in Cape Town, South Africa show that we should not exploit or take this life-sustaining resource for granted. At any time, it could disappear or become too polluted for us to use.

By causing the problem, trying to ignore it, and focusing on it only when pressure from the public became overwhelming, the city of Flint effectively poisoned its citizens. I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy, but at best, it’s extremely negligent. Continue reading