Marijuana and the Sacred

By Wes Annac, Editor, Openhearted Rebel

What do you consider sacred? For me, the sacred is anything involving enlightenment or higher states of consciousness. My definition of sacred is laxer than others, because I consider some worldly things to either be a) sacred or b) something that opens the doors to the sacred.

For some, the sacred can only be something that directly involves higher states of consciousness. My definition is expanded to include things like teacher plants (natural psychedelic substances) that provide a glimpse of the true sacred states of being.

I recommend moderation with any drug whether you use it in a spiritual context or not. But if used with the right intent in mind, natural psychedelic drugs can aid the spiritual journey. Continue reading


Does Cannabis Enhance Spirituality?

Credit: blingee

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

You hear about psychedelics often in the spiritual community, and while most people are brought up to believe they’re harmful and should be avoided, some will tell you that they aren’t harmful at all. In fact, they’re believed to be quite beneficial for the spiritual seeker who wants to glimpse a higher consciousness.

Spirituality is interesting because it draws in people with all kinds of different beliefs, and some people use it to stay away from drugs. They embrace the power of meditation and other spiritual practices to raise their vibration instead of getting high, and they have spirituality to thank for their sobriety. They’d probably regularly indulge in their drug of choice if it weren’t for their faith.

Russell Brand and David Wilcock are two good examples.

But for others, psychedelic drugs enhance their spirituality and bring them closer to what every spiritual person wants. Some are passionate about all of the psychedelics out there, and they’ll tell you all about the power of psilocybin (magic) mushrooms, LSD, DMT (commonly used in the Ayahuasca brew), salvia and others. Continue reading

Cannabis, Spirituality and Sensibility

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I’d like to give my opinion on the potential spiritual benefits of consuming cannabis, which, despite that I haven’t written much about it, is something I’ve been interested in ever since I started writing and blogging about spirituality.

Almost everyone has used cannabis at one time or another, and most people see it as little more than a drug that can cause a temporary euphoria and, in some people’s opinions, create laziness and a depleted drive to contribute to society with any degree of intelligence.

Our governments have used stereotypes to keep us from considering that cannabis can be used sensibly or for a deeper purpose, and a lot of people believe it has a wealth of spiritual uses that can help us tear down our mind-driven barriers and raise our vibration – as long as our purpose in using it is clear. Continue reading

Cannabis: Can Genuine Spiritual Use Exist? – Part 2/2


Concluded from Part 1

If cannabis is used without a spiritual intent in mind, it can only put one on an elevated plane of happiness that doesn’t last for very long, unless one “uses more” and allows a crutch to develop.

From there, potential destructive effects on one’s mind and psyche could come about, but it’s not as much because of the cannabis itself as it is the intent of the user and the manner in which they fixate themselves on it. Perhaps it’s not as healthy for one’s mind or spirit to consistently seek an outward source of elevated happiness when such happiness exists constantly within.

Again; finding and reaching that greater happiness and wholeness with oneself can see one never needing a crutch to get by, and can potentially elevate cannabis use to use that doesn’t have the crutch-like negative mental/emotional effects it otherwise could. Continue reading

Cannabis: Can Genuine Spiritual Use Exist? – Part 1/2


Written by Wes Annac

As a human being who knows about and experiences the same aspects of Life as everybody else, rather than as a channel, I’d like to give my opinion on the therapeutic use of a particular mind-altering substance to obtain a perceived state of greater spiritual clarity or understanding.

Perhaps this discussion could be seen as “controversial”, but in the new paradigm we’re building, I’d like for no aspects of our Earthly existence or our evolution go un-discussed.

Perhaps those who are uninterested in this topic, already have their minds made up about it or find their senses offended could skip this writing, but the debate concerning this topic has raged for a while and much division seems to have manifested as a result.

In writing this, I should be clear that my aim is simply to give my opinion and what I’ve learned in my few short years on the Earth regarding this subject. Continue reading