Higher and Higher – A Song by Wes Annac

This is a song I wrote, which I call ‘Higher and Higher’. I wrote the guitar, bass and lyrics, but I had to record the bass part with my guitar because my bass isn’t functional at the moment. The drumbeat used can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLaNYTJ7Khk


You cannot hide from what’s inside
The pain will rise, confront it try
To release those pains, just take it slow
Just let them know it’s time to go
We know on a level so deep, all is inside no need for sleep
In realms so pure tough me will weep, almighty rules, wicked men reap
The fruit of what they sowed, long time coming, their mind control
It rages so deep, but their plans won’t be completed

Higher and higher, we are climbing
Lighter and lighter, we’re arriving
So many trials all mixed in
To a false matrix, and as we exit this, the freedom bells start chiming

So what to do with all this pain
And is our world somewhat to blame
Or can all of this be explained
From a new perspective, awareness claimed
We understand the secrets of this game
Disconnection from the Source, we can show the way
Offer hope for the sleepy souls who’ve gone astray
The perils of this world they are not here to stay
A force for all that’s good and right will finally seize the day

Deeper and deeper we all travel
We don’t encounter the reaper, no, we unravel
All of the secrets of the laws of love as we all seek
To know ourselves and bring an end to this world’s misery

Because we aren’t all just here to survive
We’re here to feel, we’re here to strive
We’re here to love and share our light
To save the earth, take back our rights
Some of them might think we’re too naïve
Conditioned ones full of critique
Openness often condemned, yet we stay strong, spread the word, now let free spirits be

Because receptive minds will start to lead
Directing the awakened scene
Detecting the presence of evil, planting the seeds
Of all that’s good in right in the youth, they’ll be running things
Violence will not rule the streets when knowledge hits the communities
Keep the creative channel open
Feel the vibes, no need for slowing
Down when we can now get going
Time and patience are essential
Pick up the pencil, find your potential
Stay open, your heart is growing
Now let your love flow in

(Last verse repeated.)


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