Are You Inspired?


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Part of my job is to inspire you, but I’d like to think you don’t need inspiration. Looking around (and within) should give you plenty of inspiration to contribute to a growing global awakening, and with everything we need to do before we can create the world we need, I don’t see how you couldn’t want to be a part of it.

The only thing some of us lack is the inspiration to get moving, and hopefully, I can provide it for anyone who’s lost and doesn’t know what to do next. I’ve been there, and I can say from experience that it doesn’t feel great. Knowing and living your purpose, however, is incredible.

How Will You Contribute?

I hope to encourage you to figure out how you want to contribute, because my role is to serve humanity with work that’s intended to spread knowledge and good vibes while motivating you to do something only you can do.

I want to speak to your heart; the part of you that yearns to contribute to something bigger than yourself. I want to encourage research and spiritual/creative development, because we have an opportunity to bring awareness to serious global issues in creative ways while helping the world evolve spiritually.

I want to help you see that the world is nothing like we’ve been led to believe, and while there are a lot of great things here, there’s also a lot of evil in places most people don’t think it would ever exist.

We accept what the government tells us and assume they have our best interest in mind, and the truth will feel like a sucker punch when it finally comes out. Nevertheless, I intend to inspire you to share the truth with everyone who’s understandably skeptical.


Reconnect with Yourself

Beyond encouraging revolution, I want to help you reconnect with your mind, heart and soul. My main reason for doing this is because it helps me reconnect with mine, and in trying to show the way, I don’t intend to come across as a guru with special knowledge that you can’t tap into on your own.

You can, but I’ve found that it helps to have guidance, encouragement and inspiration from other sources.

You reconnect with the mind by understanding the value of knowledge and ceasing to demonize the ego; with the heart by understanding and feeling true love; and with the soul by meditating (or tapping into the spirit in some other way) and expressing yourself creatively.

I’m sure there are other ways to reconnect, and I intend to help those of you who feel disconnected from these crucial aspects of your being.


Inner and Outer Change

We’re here to change the world to reflect the bright, vibrant internal world we must first rediscover before focusing on external change, and if these writings help you on your journey of self-discovery, then I’ve done my job.

This is why so many writers are focused on social and spiritual awareness; to help you regain lost parts of yourself and inspire you to become a thorn in the side of the oppressors (a thorn with a heart, of course).

My purpose is to help you become socially and spiritually aware, which I myself only am to a degree, so you can wholeheartedly contribute to the awakening movement. It needs as many willing contributors as possible, and only the truly dedicated will see it through to the end.

Top Priority

Half-heartedness won’t get us far, because the world’s condition is already severely unsustainable and to fix it will require serious commitment. I’m just beginning to realize how important it is to a) open your inner channel to the divine and keep it open, and b) serve others by dedicating yourself to a purpose.

The more I understand this, the more a part of me tries to rebel against it, which I suppose is inevitable when the realization kicks in that you have a job to do and since it’s why you’re here, it’s more important than other things you enjoy.

If you intend to dedicate yourself to service, other things will have to take a back seat.

It doesn’t mean you can’t still do those things (in fact, I’d recommend taking some time for them even if it’s only ten minutes), but when you find something you really enjoy that you can help people with, it will become a form of meditation if you pursue it and you’ll naturally begin to enjoy it more.

It’ll expand your consciousness and open you up to higher, more vibrant and compassionate states of being, and all the while, you’ll be helping people.

We don’t have to be dedicated in the sense that we forego spiritual evolution just to focus on the world, and the pursuit of both is responsible for what many are calling the spiritual revolution.


We Can Inspire Everyone

My role is to help you play your role, and if we work together, we can inspire the rest of the world to arise from its slumber and approach the world’s problems from a rational, perhaps enlightened point of view.

If you’re ever unsure of your purpose, remember that a great deal of it has to do with leading by example and encouraging others to contribute to a movement that has just begun.

We haven’t achieved a fraction of the things we will, and we have to focus on the work ahead if we want to tackle the more daunting issues.

As long as we enjoy what we do, we should have no problem pursuing it and using it to create a society of aware, informed individuals willing to stand up to evil and create the conditions for good to thrive.


This is the responsibility of those who are here to help the planet, and when you struggle, try to remember that the world needs you more than ever.

People don’t even know they need you, but if you pursue it, the reasons your work is needed will quickly become apparent. You can use your talent to create and contribute to genuine, lasting change, but only if you’re willing to act on the inspiration nearly everyone in this conscious community hopes to provide.

3 thoughts on “Are You Inspired?

  1. Hi Wes – great blog – thanks for sharing. I’d like to share my ascension music with you. I wrote these songs and had them produced with some amazing vocalists from Los Angeles. I wrote them once I felt I had a grasp of what was going on energetically (Dec. 2015). The solar eclipse occurred this year right on my birthday. I actually thought I was going to die, as the energy was so powerful, I considered going to the hospital, then I realised the hospital couldn’t help me. It’s taking several days to recover, but I know I’m slowly getting back to where I need to be. My songs are on my blog:

    I listen to the songs to keep my energy, light, hope, faith and love in a good place.
    Take care friend 🙂


  2. This is a great article, thanks. It’s challenging to do the creative things while still having to do all the stuff you did before. Challenging, but doable. We’ve produced some songs about the shifting energies. We used vocalists from Los Angeles to bring them alive. I think you would enjoy them. They’re at:

    The solar eclipse occurred right on my birthday. I actually thought I was dying as my energy fell to almost zero. I considered going to the hospital, but realised they wouldn’t know what to do. It took four days to feel normal again.


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