From Here – A Song by Wes Annac

I’d recommend either listening without headphones or keeping them turned down. Lyrics below.

This is an original song, and I wrote the lyrics, guitar and bass parts. I’m a beginner when it comes to music, and I like to write and play as a hobby. This is one of my favorite songs to play, and I hope you enjoy it.

The drumbeat I used for this video can be found here:


We want
Every one of us
To reconnect with our essence
We’ll do
Except learn all of the lessons
‘Cuz living in this place
Can be so strange
The time we must all take
To meditate
Fire’s burning anyway
The demons they can’t stay
Try to take us all away
But we are free, we are not slaves

So why do we all tend to feel so separated
From what, we can’t even claim to know
So surreal, this place we’re living in
There is so much hate but somehow we can still learn and grow
We are reconnecting with our essence
This requires strength and grace, requires patience
Resurrecting our love and innocence
We pick up the pace, make new arrangements

Everything is cool when we are up on our cloud
How can anything go south when we’re just hanging around
No care for tomorrow, how everything will turn out
But it hurts when we fall down
If we stay aware, refuse to fall from grace
We won’t be up or down but we won’t cease to amaze
Ourselves or anyone else who watches as we play
With a new mindset, we let the scars fade away
We don’t have to try so hard to enjoy this life
All we have to do is let resistance go as we strive
To make a better world, enjoy harmony with all life
First we have to make sure we’ve found love inside
And we make things so much harder when we fail to understand
That everything would run more smoothly if we all just lent a hand
Let our music out, unchain our talent, show them all we can
Persevere beyond all odds, the world’s heart we expand

So if we work hard, awaken the world to the realities of
Everything the wicked hearts have lied about and covered up
The picture will become so clear, the structures fall we have no fear
Eruptions will be signs to our construction of something we’ve waited for all these long years
The tides will change in favor of the meek, elites will lose their power
When it seems society has finally reached the final hour
Humanity reawakens, we will love ourselves, we will have taken
Back all of our hateful acts, to have peace we will need no persuading

So let us all break the awful spell
That’s trapped our minds and kept us all so confined
It only takes the willingness to excel
To liberate the world, we’ll do it right this time
Lost prophecies revealed and secret files unsealed
Accountable the powers are held, free we all become
Transcend what we think is real so we now know and feel
On a whole new level, prosperity we finally see some


14 thoughts on “From Here – A Song by Wes Annac

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  2. I find this intriguing. it is kinda ‘out of tune’ but yet not and….yet ..I just really love it! A band that sprung to mind when listening who I really love is The Incredible String Band


      • It is staying with me, your song. it is one of the most original songs I have heard–I mean everything and the way you sing it. I am keeping thinmking about it and wanting to go back to it. It is very powerful to me.

        You know, when you watch those freakin shows like the X Factor, etc, you have these judges who are forever going on about ‘correct pitch’ n shit. It really annoys me. it all ends up so bland and conformist. Now you got ‘s’ngers’ singing through those horrible mechanical gadgets which make them ‘in tune’. it all sucks!!!
        Delta Blues singers before those idiots would be told ‘mind your pitch’ and ‘please tune your guitar’ lol ALL the soul gone!!
        I find your song and voice VERY inspiring because it is so unique and unconventional, especially how that fits with the words. Please, have you got other songs I can hear? And did you checkout The Incredible String Band? Whatever it is you are doing and feeling PLEASE continue


      • Thank you! I haven’t checked out the Incredible String Band yet but I definitely should. I do have a couple other songs I’ve posted, here’s one:

        I’ve been thinking about recording more, and it helps that you and a few others enjoy this music. I agree about the singing competitions; they can actually discourage potential singers from doing their thing.

        Your support means so much, I really enjoy making this music but I’ve worried it isn’t ‘good’ or it won’t reach anyone. Knowing it has reached you inspires me to keep writing and recording, thank you again. 🙂 🙂


      • I only found out about them when I got online few years back. there is an interesting thing I heard briefly and want to look into later, that for some reason they never got to perform at Woodstock (the main one).
        I like all of the people involved but the guy’s voice is….magical. SO full of feeling and is like this meandering river, if you get me
        your not the only one who kind of worried ‘it isn’t good’. I mean about our own music. Example, I would love to get some group together to explore what some people may not understand. But it is something i would LIKE to do but dont know how lol It is even hard to explain but will try cause it is fun to try. have you ever seen the reverend (for got name) who goes to outside Monsanto etc with a choir and they sing in the style of afro american gospel about the evils of the corporation and what they are doing to the wonderful earth?? well it is similar to that, but i am wanting to explore the ecstatic-inducing gospel feel, without any refferences to the dogma, and to sing what I am calling ‘live song’ meaning that there would be no set lyrics to grooves we would use. It would be improvisational and would be about the sacred magical earth, and also about dogma and what mind control is doing to people. So it would be very inspiring. But how the livin fck i would get something like this going i dont know LOL!


      • That would be a great idea! I’d love to be a part of something like that. But you’re right – I don’t know how we’d organize it either! People are pretty open these days (at least in the conscious community), so it might not be as difficult as we’d expect. 🙂


      • I am glad you like the idea. it is defo pagan earth-centred, and using the style of afro gospel–the real ‘primitive’ style–to induce ecstatic states of singing, chanting and moving, and allowing free flow singing and/or rap to sing about the natural world, and also about the mindcontrol preventing ecstatic interaction with nature. a problem could be copyright. IE there are some amazing gospel grooves, but christians could get vicious if they thought you were using them to ‘worship God’s creation rather than the creator’ as they would say LOL


      • I hear ya, and I’d love to be a part of something like that. People have lost connection with the earth and underestimate the value of being in nature and being one with the planet, and integrating music into an effort to restore our connection with nature is a great idea. I wouldn’t worry about copyright, and any outrage from religious organizations would expose their lack of connection with God anyway.


      • I am very glad I have told you about it. I have mentioned about this to several others, but had zero response, but your response is very inspiring to me. Just wish you lived up the street and we could meet and try something!
        How do you do your music?


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