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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

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This week, I’d like to discuss some things Steve Beckow wrote in a column he posted to Golden Age of Gaia. In it, he shared snippets of an email he received from a lightworker who’s exhausted and ready to give up.

Like Steve wrote, we’ve all been there and we can make the journey easier by giving each other support. Uniting and working together is crucial if we want to do anything with this consciousness movement, and Steve shared some potential solutions to the struggle that we’ll explore here.

We need more compassion, which we’ll have if we increase our love. Until we do, we’ll continue to feel separate from one another when we are, in fact, one.

At the surface, most of us have forgotten our oneness and continue to treat other people, as well as nature and the animal kingdom, as if we don’t have a bond below the surface. We do this because we’re unaware of our oneness, and if we knew we were all connected, we’d honor the golden rule without hesitation.

Credit: Trudy V

While we’re all individuals with unique personalities, we share everything on a soul level. We share our thoughts, emotions, life experiences, spiritual paths, and so much more. It all appears to be different, but it leads to the same place to which everyone will return, no matter how unique the journey is, when our time on earth is up.

Not only will we all return to the same place; we’re all made of the same physical and spiritual material and we feel each other, whether we know it or not. When one person, animal, insect or plant is harmed, we’re all harmed.

We hurt ourselves when we hurt each other and the planet, and to abandon those who struggle and suffer is akin to abandoning ourselves.

The human family is hurt when anyone’s left behind, and this is why our world is in such bad shape. We have yet to come together with respect and compassion for the struggles we’ve all had to endure, and the conscious community can start by helping each other.

I wouldn’t have the home I’m blessed to be typing this in if it weren’t for fellow lightworkers and conscious warriors who’ve helped me, and the best thing we can do when we’re given help is to pay it forward by helping someone else in need. But enough of my thoughts on the matter; let’s see what Steve had to say.

Steve Beckow

First, he suggests we start an online sharing group where people can go for support. He also suggests we just listen to those who are struggling instead of trying to solve their problems.

“E [the reader] complained of having no one to talk to. We need an online sharing group that people can come to and be heard. I am discouraging people from coming onto such a group and advising the other participants. I’m suggesting a group that listens, rather than advises. People need listening way, way more than they need advice.

“And not a place where a few people can come and use the occasion to shine the spotlight on themselves, get their ego needs met, come away feeling ‘what a good boy am I!’” (1)

He also believes we should support each other financially in our respective works, thereby supporting the lightworker culture.

“We need some way of getting financial help from those lightworkers who have excess to those lightworkers who need assistance.

“The Hope Chest is already functioning but the general financial distress among lightworkers has meant that …things are hard all over; let me put it that way.

“We need a more direct way of sponsoring or ‘patronizing’ (I mean it in the Renaissance way) people who are hard at lightwork and have forfeited jobs and income to do it. Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Nostradamus all had their patrons. Without them, no one can open new frontiers, an activity which our society simply does not finance.”

“As lightworkers, we need to get serious about financing people like E. If we want to create a culture of lightwork, we need to pay for it.

“We pay for a hairdo or a fancy car. We support Rodeo Drive and Saks Fifth Avenue. Time to support a different culture: a culture of lightwork.” (2)

Pairing up with each other for support will lessen the struggle by giving us someone to share with and relate to.

“We need to pair people up with each other as lightworker partners – to have a supporter, a confidante, a second Self. Same gender, different gender, doesn’t matter. I’m not suggesting a dating service (although we need that too) but a sharing bond between two dedicated lightworkers. Is anyone interested in starting such a lightworker partnering service?” (3)

I can say from experience that it helps to have someone to talk to who’ll help us through our struggles or listen to us go on and on. For me, that person is my wife, but I’d imagine other lightworkers don’t have anyone to turn to for guidance or a shoulder to cry on.

We can be there for each other in this area and support each other emotionally as well as financially. We can pair together to strengthen our community’s morale by staying emotionally strong, and this could be the first step in the unity of the conscious community.

It could even be the first step in the unity of humanity, and I can only imagine how quickly things would change if people opened up to each other. We’d change a lot about our broken would pretty quickly, and the first steps, which include coming together and being there for each other, will probably be the hardest.

Steve’s next idea, which I totally agree with, is to set up an employment system for lightworkers.

“We need employment agencies for lightworkers, in every city. This can itself be a source of employment. Working in research and development, education, training, communication, in innovation, green technology, free energy, etc. In other words, in arenas where we can still do lightwork and hone our lightworker skills.” (4)

I write frequently that everyone deserves to make a living in ways they enjoy, and every conscious person should have the opportunity to contribute to this movement.

It doesn’t matter to me if you consider yourself a lightworker or not; if you want to be a part of this, you should have the means to do so. Everyone should, and if the conscious community had our way (which we eventually will), everyone would.

Steve also suggests that we set up a place of exchange for lightworkers in need.

“We need lightworker exchanges – perhaps a basement in your community? – where goods, clothing, appliances, etc., not needed, can be exchanged to assist lightworkers to remain at their posts. The lightworkers running it could take a percentage for their own maintenance.” (5)

Finally, he believes we should bond.

“We need to bond as lightworkers.

“It’s important because the planet needs unity consciousness and lightworkers are the only ones who’ve heard that message, know how the whole thing fits together, and stand a chance of extending our own group boundaries and bonding to be ready for the planetary reconstruction that will result from our unity.” (6)

This goes along with pairing up and supporting each other, and working together to heal the world will be a lot easier if we can all bond.

This is the time for the conscious community to unite on a deep, personal level, because we’re all brothers and sisters and we’ve all come here from the stars to assist each other in this personal and collective transformation.

We’re here to share our hearts and souls with each other (which is why so many of the spiritually conscious make art), and in doing so, we’ll rekindle the closeness we never knew existed.

As we extend our love to the plant/animal kingdom and the earth itself, we’ll develop deep reverence for everything on this planet and beyond.

We’ll feel a deep, compassionate bond with everything around us, and we’ll be close enough to consider each other family. We are family – spiritual family – and it’s our responsibility to understand this and treat each other with love, respect and compassion.

Steve mentioned that the call to unite and strengthen our bond has only been heard by those who read channeled messages, but I think everyone in the conscious community is slowly receiving and acting on the call from their hearts to unite with the people around them.

Whether they heed that call is up to them, but it’s here for everyone who’s the least bit spiritually aware.

To heed it only requires compassion for others, and while it’s easier to care for a fellow lightworker than it is someone we don’t have much in common with, let’s try to help everyone survive and thrive in this evolving world.


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