Awareness Diminishes Fear

let-us-not-look-back-in-anger-nor-forward-in-fear-but-around-in-awareness-anger-quoteBy Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Are you afraid to take the next step in your work, your relationship or another area of life? Many people who are ready for this next step tend to hesitate, and they stay on the same level they’ve always been at as a result.

We can avoid this by asking ourselves if we’re truly ready to grow and face new challenges, and if we are, facing those challenges head-on. There will be plenty of obstacles, but we can get past them if we keep our goals in mind as well as why we want to advance in the first place.

For many people, it’s because they’re passionate about what they do. It basically comes down to love, and they wouldn’t try so hard if they didn’t love their work. However cliché it sounds, love is the key to all of this and most people wouldn’t do what they do or be with the people they’re with if they didn’t have love.

A lot of people don’t like their jobs, for example, but they do them anyway because they want to provide for the family they love. Some people have discovered their life purpose and work hard at it every day, and they do it because, you guessed it, they love it.

They have intense passion for what they do, and with this passion, anything is possible. When the inner fire is lit, nothing can douse it except the person who owns it. It’ll fade into a tiny inextinguishable spark if we let it, but if we feed it, it’ll provide more and more inspiration until our creative side pours out of us.

This is one way we can merge our reality and the higher dimensions; by bringing the creative self and its infinite works of art into the physical world.

This is why so many people are drawn to art and music.


These outlets give them a way to reconnect with their soul and bring that spiritual essence into the so-called real world, and their creative work quickly becomes their spiritual lifeblood.

They feel worse when they don’t do it, and when they do, it nourishes them by giving them the good vibration we all need.

So if you want to take the next step in any area of life but you hesitate to do it, the first step to moving forward is to become aware of the fear and hesitation.

Self-awareness is crucial to a life of purpose or a life devoted to spirituality, and if we can’t be aware of ourselves, we can’t be aware of our impact on the world and the people around us.

When we’re aware of our hesitation, we can look in our heart for the strength and courage to keep moving. It also helps to take little breaks when we feel burned out, as in the case of relationship troubles or troubles with our work, and we’ll regret it if we quit completely.

If we give up, we’ll always wonder how life would’ve turned out if we kept on. We might regret that we didn’t try a little harder or extend ourselves a little further, and no matter how old we get, it’s never too late to do what we love.

I think writing, music and other creative outlets reconnect us with a sacred part of ourselves, but they also bring us down to earth and challenge us to leave our lofty comfort zone.

I’m learning firsthand that we can’t grow if we stay in our comfort zone. We have to get out of the comfortable mental and spiritual cage we’ve constructed for ourselves if we really want to grow, and this is one of many things we learn from writing and music.

They teach us that discipline is crucial to a life of purpose, and just because we’re dedicated to our work doesn’t mean we can’t meditate, spend time with family or do anything else that’s important to us.


The key is to do all of these things without hesitation, and in my opinion, the best way to evolve is to put your heart and soul into everything you do and refuse to resist healthy things that force you to leave your comfort zone.

In place of the pleasure we get from distracting ourselves or being lazy will be true bliss and satisfaction, which will come from the knowledge that we’re living with purpose.

The harder we work toward our purpose, the more our passion will grow and the more we’ll enjoy our work.

A life of purpose will inspire us, challenge us, sadden us and ultimately uplift us, and through all the highs and lows, let’s remember to live from the heart. This will make the highs better and the lows easier to handle, and approaching negative circumstances with love will automatically strengthen us and lessen the stress.

Love is our greatest tool in the struggle to bring humanity into the light, and everything we do will be infused with a higher vibration if we do it with love. Not only will it help us persevere and take the next step in life; it’ll lead us to enlightenment.

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