Update: Up and Running Again

Hey everyone! I wanted to give a short update in the place of an article today. Due to the wonderful generosity of our friends over at Heaven Now, I’m back and ready to start sharing my writings regularly again.

I took a brief break over the Thanksgiving holiday mainly because of the computer issues, but I’ll be back tomorrow with an article as usual. As for today, you can check out The Culture of Awareness for some of the latest news from around the spiritual/alternative news community.

Much love everyone! Have an awesome day. 🙂

Wes Annac

4 thoughts on “Update: Up and Running Again

    • Hey Babajij! Heaven Now is a spiritual organization with a website somewhat similar to the Culture of Awareness, and they host a yearly video contest where people can submit their original videos related to spirituality and creating heaven on Earth. I’ve even thought about making a video for one of the contests. Jacob and Laurie (who run it) are great people!

      You can find the website here: http://heaven-now.org/

      By the way, how is your KaliedoScopeVisions blog doing? I haven’t been on there in a while, but I’ll probably check it out soon and see the new pictures you’ve added. It’s always been a great blog. 🙂

      Much love! 🙂


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