Just Smile

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

When things aren’t going your way and you can’t seem to catch a break,  just smile. When negativity tries to take over, keep smiling and refuse to become another one of its victims.

Be happy regardless of how much you’re tempted to be sad, and see if your new attitude makes things better.

Don’t let the world’s negativity get the best of you, because it only makes things worse when you do. Even if it feels too optimistic or naive, keep smiling and know that it’s okay to be happy in negative circumstances.

We’re on a mission to bring this planet into the light, but we can’t achieve much if we let life’s stresses take us down.

We’ll always be challenged regardless of our attitude, and if we can learn from adversity instead of letting it depress us, we’ll realize that it’s here to teach us and help us grow.

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The point of everything we do on this planet is to learn and grow, and to buckle under the pressure of adversity is to deny ourselves the opportunity to learn something meaningful.

Some people prefer to hide from life’s challenges, but those who face them will get the most out of this life experience and everything it’s meant to teach us.

They’ll have all kinds of valuable lessons to share with the rest of the world, and it’ll be easier for them to persevere in difficult situations because they’ll have learned not to let difficulty stop them.

Negativity is inevitable and somewhat necessary, and it’s impossible not to confront negativity at one time or another; whether it comes from us or somebody else.

We can’t control how much or how often we’re exposed to it, but we can control our response to it.

When we start to feel negative, we have a choice as to how far down the depressive rabbit hole we want to go. When we witness negativity in someone else, we can choose whether we want to let it affect us.

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Self-empowerment teaches us that we’re responsible for our life and all of our choices, even though it’s easy to blame our emotions or outbursts on others.

It’s also easy to let negative or difficult circumstances hinder us if we don’t empower ourselves, but confronting and surpassing them gets easier when we realize we have all the power.

Adversity exists to challenge us, not depress us, and we can get the most out of it by approaching it consciously and, if necessary, compassionately.

If we knew how many of our problems could be solved with compassion toward ourselves and anyone involved, we could approach them without any negativity.

This would allow us to find the best solution in a clearheaded way instead of letting negativity fog our minds, and the first step is to become conscious of our choices in every moment.

When we do, we’ll know the difference between conscious/compassionate action and negative action.

It’s easy to get depressed or play the victim when something goes wrong if you’re used to responding that way, and I should know because I’ve played the victim a lot.

I’ve let negativity affect me and I’ve embraced the disempowering victim consciousness that causes people to think life is out to get them, and I’ve learned that it only makes things worse.

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The typical false victim just wants compassion from the people around them, but they seek it in negative and unhelpful ways and they seek too much of it.

It’s understandable to want someone to say, “Hey, I understand what you’re going through and you’re not alone. Stay strong.”

It’s less understandable to want everyone to pity you because of some negative circumstances that, with the power of depression, can seem worse than they really are.

My experiences have shown me that playing the victim is a surefire road to misery, and it teaches people not to use up all of their empathy on someone who’ll absorb it all, want more, and leave them drained.

Nobody usually plays the victim because they’re trying to make life harder for others, but we can avoid a heap of extra trouble if we steer clear of self-victimization in any form.

So when life brings you down or your day isn’t going well, just smile.

Try to let all of that stress fade, and remember the things you appreciate about life because they’re the most important. This will be easier some days than others, but we have to do it if we want any hope of moving this planet forward.

We’re responsible for making an inner and outer change, and the first step is to be able to handle adversity with love, strength and compassionate awareness.

The next step is to teach others how to do the same, but for now, let’s focus on the first step.

For now, let’s just smile. 🙂

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