No More Holding Back


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Some writers eventually reach a point where they don’t feel like they have much to write about. When they cover practically every topic that interests them, they realize they need to expand their horizons, tackle new subjects and produce more interesting and informative material for their readers.

Fortunately, I have plenty to write about this conscious revolution because there are so many topics available. So much is happening right now, and so much has happened in the past that’s just as worthy of discussion.

Spirituality is a lucrative subject, because there are plenty of sub-genres within it to discuss. I can write about religion and the lies that are sold to unsuspecting and usually well-meaning followers, or I can shed light on the benefits and pitfalls of modern alternative forms of spirituality like the new age movement.

The seven chakras. Credit:

I can write about meditation, channeling, the higher self; the third eye and the rest of the chakras; ascension or general spiritual evolution; enlightenment; the list could go on forever. Even if I don’t want to discuss spirituality, I could write about revolutionary topics like dethroning oppressive governments and greedy corporations.

There’s also the natural health movement that’s comfortably nestled into alternative spirituality, and that alone can produce plenty of discussion because everyone thinks differently about the foods we should and shouldn’t eat.

Some will tell you that being vegan is essential to spirituality and consciousness, while others will tell you its fine to eat meat, cheese and other animal products.

There are people who consider themselves 100% spiritual but still fight over what kinds of foods we should eat, and while a significant percentage of spiritual people are passionate about being vegetarian or vegan, others are passionate about meat because they feel that it fuels their work.

A heated argument is likely if you stick two spiritually minded individuals who represent vegans and meat eaters in the same room, and it’s interesting that people who advocate peace would fight over their ideological differences.

The right way to eat isn’t the only common disagreement between spiritual individuals with different ideals, and these differences extend to spiritual practices like meditation and channeling.

Some people will tell you to stay away from channeling, because to them, it’s either a hoax or a well-meaning mistake on the part of channelers who genuinely think they’re connecting with a higher entity. They’ll tell you that channelers are expressing their own intuitive musings and knowingly or unknowingly passing it off as the musings of an entity in a higher state of consciousness.

Some people will tell you all about how channeled messages have changed their life. Credit:

Other spiritual people are passionate about channeling, and they’ll tell you all about how channeled messages have changed their life. Some rely more on channelings than alternative news, because they feel that channeled sources have a greater perspective on the events unfolding on our planet.

Everyone thinks differently about all of this stuff, and the differences inherent in the conscious community make it all the more fun and exciting to be a part of. It can also give one an opportunity to gauge the conscious community’s commitment to peace, unity and respect since most spiritual people claim to represent these ideals.

If we want peace and unity in the world, the first step is to be peaceful and unitive with those around us. Since most of us have been unable to achieve this so far, including me, it’s clear that we still have a ways to go.

While there’s plenty to write about and I could stay busy all day and all night if I dug deep into all of these topics, I still feel the need to step outside of my comfort zone and research new topics, whether or not they have to do with spirituality and consciousness, so I can write something new with a fresh perspective.

There’s nothing wrong with breaking out of our shell by trying new things, and this is exactly what we should do if we want to creatively grow. Not everyone who reads this is creative for a living, but I consider creativity to be my life purpose and I’ve learned that trying new things is essential.


This is why I’ve been researching and presenting information that I feel is important, and writing gives me the opportunity to address a number of topics. I can write from the heart about a subject that interests me like I’m doing now, or I can research an interesting subject, learn new things and present that information to all of you.

Not everyone values knowledge, and some people discourage feeding the mind information because they think it traps us in the mind and distances us from a higher consciousness.

Learning new things fascinates me, however, and while learning isn’t as profound of an experience as meditation, it’s a form of intellectual entertainment that allows me to share what I learn with an audience of readers who are also interested in spirituality, awakening, natural health and other related topics.

Stepping outside of my comfort zone and working from different angles is the best path to creative growth, so that’s exactly what I’ll do. The opportunity to write for a living gives me the freedom to write about whatever I want, and the more I think about it, the more I realize that there’s plenty to write about.

There are a lot of topics I want to address that I’ve been silent about so far, and I’m ready to get past that seemingly necessary silence and write what I feel, from the heart, while learning and sharing new things.


The time has come to stop holding back, so get ready for whatever comes from this blog from here on out.

Most of it will hopefully touch your heart and encourage you to evolve, but some of it will make you aware of the evils in the world that most people prefer to ignore. Either way, it’ll all be written from the heart for the purpose of informing and awakening others, and I’m excited to see what comes next.

Whatever it is, I hope it inspires you to get active and make a difference.

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