Why Limit Yourself to One Life Purpose?

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I really appreciated a recent post from Thousand Thoughts that encouraged people to be open to having more than one passion in life.

Not everyone has only one passion, the author tells us, and some people discover other passions later in life.

“While it’s true that there are people on the planet who are born with one passion that lasts an entire lifetime, this doesn’t hold true for everyone. In fact, there are many who start out with one passion, only to discover that they are passionate about something else later on in life.” (1)

The author also encourages us to let our passion and purpose manifest in unique ways, whether we have one or several.

“When we think that there is only one purpose for our lives, this can cause anxiety from fear of ‘getting it wrong.’ But, life can be a thrilling rollercoaster ride full of twists, turns, and loop-di-loops. Some people will indeed find that one passion that takes all of their focus but, there are others that will find that they have a passion for several different things.

“Simply trust in what you love and you will be divinely guided to your passion. But take note; sometimes the way that your passion manifests may be different from what you have envisioned. In other words, the road that we think is easiest isn’t always the one that we end up taking.” (2)

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There are so many things to be passionate about in this world, and it’d be silly to limit ourselves to one or two and forget about all the rest. There’s nothing wrong with having just one passion and we’ll achieve a lot in that one field if we do, but there are too many great things to experience and be a part of to limit ourselves.

Most of us who think we only have one passion probably haven’t tried other things. Have you ever tried playing an instrument? Have you ever attended a peace rally or a protest against big banks? Have you ever tried your hand at writing or making a video?

Some of the most inspirational people have multiple passions, and while they might be known mainly for one or two, they’ve branched out and tried all kinds of different things. Some of them have passions they hold just as dear as the things they’re known for, and you’d never expect them to be interested in so many different things.

Our passion and purpose come naturally, and if ten things light our inner fire, we might want to spend some time with all of them.

Once we have an idea of what we want to do, the next step is to make some kind of plan, however vague, that we can act on when we’re inspired. We might have to push ourselves a little in the beginning, but the initial trouble will smooth itself out if we keep going. The key in this stage is not to let the trouble defeat us, and it requires self-confidence.

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Every creative outlet requires self-confidence, and while we’ll always need it, we need it the most in the beginning. We have to have the courage to push on even when we aren’t doing very well, and we have to cozy up to the idea of failure. Only then can we find true success, and even when we accept and learn from failure, it might take some to succeed in the way we want.

If our life purpose does consist of multiple things, we can still focus mostly on one or two of them. We’ll just have to try to make time for all of them, which can be hard in our rushed modern world, but we’ll be glad we made the effort if we succeed. Our purpose will become our life, and we’ll be excited to wake up in the morning to a life of passionate work and fulfillment.

If your work lights your inner fire, you can bet it puts you in a higher state of consciousness where you’re more heart-centered and connected with the intuition. Thus, we raise the planetary consciousness whether or not our work reaches the masses, and this is enough of a reason to joyfully pursue it.


  1. “5 Spiritual Myths That Keep You From Living Your Life To The Fullest” Thousand Thoughts – http://thousandthoughts.org/2015/10/12/5-spiritual-myths-that-keep-you-from-living-your-life-to-the-fullest/
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9 thoughts on “Why Limit Yourself to One Life Purpose?

  1. Thanks for posting… I can relate, and have followed my heart into several incarnations of myself over the past 15 years… no regrets either… Actually it feels like I’ve lived several lifetimes over the past 15 years now I come to think of it!


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  3. The idea of multiple passions or life purposes, rather than one, really speaks to me. So many people waste their lives looking for that ONE thing that will make them happy or that they can pursue as a satisfying career, never looking at what already makes them happy or what skills they already enjoy using. Examine your life and your dreams and your passionS (plural) should be obvious. Pursue THEM (plural) and you will be happy. For those rare people who find one over-riding passion, more power to them. For the rest of us, multiple IS the way to go.


    • Couldn’t agree more, Tim! I have multiple passions and I feel like I’m missing out if I don’t pursue all of them. Writing, music, exercise, nature… I can’t get enough of it all! We definitely have to pursue everything that lights our fire. 🙂


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