Find Your Purpose and Help the World


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

We have a purpose for being in this world, and it has nothing do with working our lives away for money. The rat race keeps us from our purpose, because our jobs keep us too busy to pursue a life of meaning unless we want to be extremely busy. If we’re led away from what we’re supposed to be doing, we’ll never contribute to the world in a big way and the controllers will have the distracted society they want.

Our purpose is unique to us, and it involves our talents and passions. To discover it, we only need to look to the things we enjoy and the things we’re good at and figure out how we can use them to inspire change, inform people about spirituality, etc. It isn’t difficult, and we’ll make it harder than it needs to be if we fail to see what’s right in front of us.

Have Fun with It

For most of us, our purpose is to do something we enjoy, have fun with it, and use it to inspire change in some way. You can inspire change however you want, and it doesn’t have to be specific to any movement, political opinion or belief system. It can be a simple as showing love and kindness to everyone you meet (which can still be done if you work a nine-to-five), and while it doesn’t sound like much, the world is in desperate need of unconditional love.

If there’s something you’re passionate about, you can use it to help the world in one way or another. Everything we do in life either helps or hurts the world, and no matter where we focus our attention – writing, music, politics, spirituality – we can use it in a positive or negative way. We can use it to inspire love, compassion and open-mindedness, or we can use it to spread greed and hatred.

We might be inspired to use our talents to help others when we understand this, and it’s liberating to think that we can bring light to the world in any way we want.

Take Some Risks


Discovering our passion makes us want to live with a sense of purpose, but it requires us to take risks. One of the biggest risks is the threat to our finances that our pursuit of our purpose could pose, and we take a gamble in the beginning because we aren’t sure if we’ll financially succeed. We’ll be glad we took the risk if we do succeed, because we’ll live in a way that most people only dream of.

We’ll be able to pay our bills with work we enjoy, and this’ll give us more of a reason to use it to help others. We’ll be infinitely grateful for the opportunity, and we’ll never forget that we gave ourselves this opportunity by taking a risk and going for it. Once we gain a fair degree of financial success and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that our work will support us, we can start saying things that really matter.

There’s a chance that society might recognize us in some way by this point, and we can use whatever fame we’ve accumulated to wake people up, inspire them to use their voice, and most importantly, focus more on our work and what we want to do in life. I write out of a sense of purpose, and my role is to share my feelings about spirituality and a new way of life (along with what I hope to be a positive vibe) in the form of writing.

I write to uplift and hopefully awaken people, and I can’t imagine a life that isn’t lived with purpose. The most notable spiritual revolutionaries from the past and present were on a mission from day one, and they saw success as a sign that it was time to kick their work into high gear. It’s easy to be inspired when we know we’re only reaching a few hundred or thousand people, but if years go by and our popularity increases, we’ll need to understand that despite what we’ve done up to that point, this is where the real work begins.

We’ll be in an increasingly significant position to wake the world up when we start to reach more people, and if we continue to live with the sense of purpose we had when we started, our reach will expand as we hit our true creative sweet spot and uplift the masses with our inspired work and the love and awareness that drive it.

Expect Setbacks


Working with a sense of purpose is great, but it also has its setbacks. Beyond requiring us to take risks, it can also make us push ourselves or even burn ourselves out because of our drive to do as much as we can in our short time in this world. We shouldn’t push ourselves too hard or put so much of ourselves into our work that we don’t have any energy left for other aspects of life, and while it might sound noble, it causes us to neglect our needs.

Don’t get me wrong – we should push ourselves a little so we can get better and reach more people, and it’s healthy to see how far we can take something. In doing so, however, we shouldn’t overdo it or make ourselves miserable because our work means little if we don’t have fun while we do it. If we don’t remember to enjoy ourselves, our work will become dull, hollow and inspired by little more than our self-appointed responsibility to do it.

Even if our intent is genuine, people won’t respond well if we slowly become bitter because we pushed ourselves too much. We don’t want to live that kind of life anyway, and most of us want a life of love, passion and fulfillment. The best way to find this fulfillment, in my opinion, is to find work we enjoy that feels more like meditation so we can replenish ourselves while we do it.

Look Within


Our purpose is here, waiting to be sought, and we only need to look within to find it. We’ll know what it is when we discover our passions, and as long or hard as the road could be, we’ll know we need to dedicate ourselves to it if we want to contribute to this new world. We don’t have to try too hard in the beginning, and we can slowly approach the work of our choice and gradually get better at it before going public with it.

If we have love, we genuinely want to help the world and we can persevere in the hardest times (the times that drain our self-confidence and make us want to give up), we’ll get through all of the hardship and find success. It won’t be easy, but this life isn’t worth much if we don’t challenge ourselves and remember to have fun with our work.

Let’s figure out our purpose and pursue it, along with anything else we feel inspired to do, because the world’s getting ready to wake up and we can all be there to encourage the masses to arise. The world needs people who are dedicated to sharing love and raising awareness, and finding our favorite way to contribute will excite us to wake up every day and help humanity.

Not to mention that we’ll inspire others, and before we know it, a significant portion of the world will be awake and ready to work toward a positive future.

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