Meditation: The Greatest Healer


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I think everyone would benefit from meditation, because it gets us out of the monkey mind and introduces us to the Self and the vibrant spiritual reality so many of us seek without realizing that it’s already a part of us.

It reminds us that life isn’t so bad, despite how much we prefer to think otherwise, and beyond this world’s greed and negativity exist infinite higher dimensions of bliss, harmony and heavenliness unlike anything we’ve felt in our current state of consciousness.

I can only imagine what shape the conscious community would be in if we all learned to meditate, and most ‘spiritual’ people practice some form of meditation that’s unique to them. Music can be a form of meditation, for instance, and so can writing. Any creative act can become a meditation if we clear the mind and open up to our higher consciousness while we do it, and writer’s block encourages us to stop, open the mind back up and regain our presence and centeredness, thus allowing us to approach our work with a fresh perspective.

There’s nothing more frustrating for a creative person than writer’s block, but one of many things meditation teaches us is that this obstacle (and any other) is here for a reason. It’s intended to help us learn about our creativity and our unique self-expression, and while it can be frustrating, we’ll be grateful for the learning opportunity when we finally open up and flow without letting the limited mind stop us.

The best work is the kind that doesn’t feel like work, and the best creativity is the kind we can turn into meditation. With an open, clear mind, we can turn every creative act – and everything else we do in life – into a potent form of meditation. When we do, we’ll be impressed by our own unlimited creative expression and other people will take notice. The trick is not to let the limited mind or its stream of thoughts take over, and my favorite writing is the kind that feels less like writing and more like channeling or automatic writing.

I know some of you are interested in channeling and some of you aren’t, but regardless of how you feel about it, creativity is basically a form of channeling our higher consciousness. It be fun or endlessly frustrating depending on how we approach it, and we learn from meditation and even channeling that life – and especially our creative work – can be as uplifting as a meditation session.


There’s no reason we should wait to clear the mind until we sit down to meditate, and we can do it during every activity and every dull moment. Those long, boring times in the doctor’s office waiting to be seen can become the most meditative experiences if the mind’s open and we let the spirit pour through unconditionally, and boredom is basically nonexistent for the open spiritual seeker.

Those dull moments become more interesting when we start meditating because we learn to slow down the fast-paced mind and enter into a reality of peace and bliss that we can incorporate into our everyday life. Everything becomes a meditation after we practice for a while, because we learn to make meditation a constant part of our existence.

We learn to let our intuitive energy and insight flow without trying to control or limit them, and we learn to trust our higher consciousness and the love, wisdom and universal connectedness it wants to offer. With a calm, clear, open mind, we maintain our connection with our higher consciousness and allow it to work through us when we need it (and eventually, in every moment), and our struggles with work or life in general no longer bring us down. They excite us instead, and we know that even if we fail a hundred times, success is assured if we keep on.

We learn to let go and let the Most High take the wheel, and we can trust that it has our best interest at heart. We can’t say the same for the monkey mind or the various external influences that try to take us off of the path, because they’re only concerned with their own survival, which is assured as long as we feed them.


Beyond all of its teachings, meditation shows us amazing things that are difficult to describe with words. The visions and sensations are reason enough to meditate every day, and I think the sensations drive the visions. I’ve noticed that the sensations live on when the visions are absent, and it seems that you can’t have the latter without the former.

I should mention that the ‘sensations’ are different from those of the limited mind, which Krishnamurti and other spiritual teachers have warned us about. These meditative sensations are in a league of their own, and again, you’d just have to meditate for yourself to understand them because words don’t do justice.

There are plenty of words I could use to describe them, but they’re too limited. Expansive, amazing, awe-inspiring, and mind-opening all come to mind, but they don’t paint much of a picture in comparison to the real thing.

The most important thing about meditation, in my opinion, is that it teaches us peace. Since it slows down the mind, it slows down all of the angry and negative responses we’d otherwise bring to the surface at the first sign of trouble. It teaches us that we don’t have to react so strongly to negative or stressful situations, and life gets easier and smoother when we lean on the intuition and go with the flow.

The peace of mind so many people seek can be a constant aspect of our daily life if we open up to the lessons and revelations meditation has for us, and I don’t think the world can change until mankind opens up to our individual and collective higher consciousness, which meditation helps us do. I know it sounds impossible since most of the world is still stuck in their greedy and hateful ways, but with the number of people waking up every day, we’ve clearly started a powerful spiritual movement that isn’t going away any time soon.

“The world will eventually understand the importance of peace and the benefits of meditation…” Credit:

The world will eventually understand the importance of peace and the benefits of meditation, but we have to experience a meditative state of consciousness to grasp true peace, much less express it. We have to get to that space beyond the limited mind and connect with the wisdom and insight of the true Mind, and we’ll continue to struggle until we open up to its wisdom. Life will continue to seem like a series of negative experiences, and our own negativity will keep causing us to create a life we don’t want.

The time has come to open up to ourselves and our greater spiritual awareness, and I think meditation is one of the best ways (if not the best way) to do it. If you think you can’t meditate, don’t worry – your intuition, along with the higher vibes it wants to share with you, will find some way to reach you if you’re open enough. It’ll reach us in one way or another if we’re open and at least somewhat interested in our spirituality, and we’ll finally feel complete when it does.

The ironic thing is that to reach this state of wholeness, we have to explore the emptiness we try so hard to avoid. In this emptiness lives the spiritual awareness we want so badly, but we have to give up all of our limited ideas of ourselves or how our spirituality should be to explore it.

Once we get even the smallest glimpse of it, we’ll probably embrace meditation or other spiritual practices so we can connect with it more. Maintaining and strengthening our connection will be the most important thing to us, and we’ll be given all of the help we need by the divine extensions of our own consciousness that speak to us through the intuition.

Our wisdom and insight will really flow when the mind is clear and we use some kind of spiritual practice to enhance our connection, and before we know it, this connection will follow us everywhere we go and flow into everything we do. It’ll be unavoidable, and it’s constant presence will drive us to use it to inform, awaken, and uplift the world. The fun will really begin when it’s always with us, and the rest of the world will eventually take part in the fun too.

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