3 Ways Spirituality Inspires Activism

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

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Activism is arguably the best way to raise awareness and strive for justice, environmental protection and other issues that are important to our survival, and I wonder how many people have considered the ways it can be inspired by spirituality and a connection with Source.

Some of the most inspired activists have their spirituality to thank for their inspiration and hard work, and it helps them understand the need to at least try to make the world a better place. It doesn’t just inspire them on the physical or mental level, and it reaches out from the deepest depths of their soul to encourage them to strive for change.

Here, I’d like to share three ways spirituality can inspire us to ‘fight the good fight’ and use activism to change the world. My spirituality definitely inspires me to use writing to fight for our social and spiritual rights, and some of the most notable revolutionaries of the past and present were/are inspired by some form of spirituality or religion.

  1. Spirituality gives us a sense of purpose and encourages us to fight for justice

We inevitably discover our life’s purpose when we become spiritually aware. This discovery is inevitable because spirituality turns us on to the fact that there’s a coordinated purpose to our existence and this life isn’t a random accident. We understand that all life is interconnected and is part of a grand design – a design with an important and specific purpose, and we realize that we’re meant to play a part in all of it.

Then, we naturally question our purpose and how we can make an impact on the world. Some people realize that activism is the best way to go, while others use creativity as its own form of activism, to uplift, awaken and inspire people. No matter what path they choose, their spirituality inspires them to make the most of their time here on earth and some quickly realize that activism (creative or otherwise) is a great way to do it.

  1. Connecting with the earth on a spiritual level will make us want to protect the environment

A lot of people’s spirituality inspires them to return to nature and reconnect with the earth.

Once we’re connected on a deep spiritual level, we’ll realize that our planet’s being ravaged for profit and corporate conquest. We’ll see that mankind has fallen away from our oneness with the earth, and instead of communicating with it and understanding the importance of this communication; this essential connection that we require to spiritually survive, we destroy it every day for personal gain.

This can enrage us while inspiring us stand up for the earth’s rights and make everyone aware of what’s going on, and we’ll help people see that corporate corruption and the ravaging of the environment for its resources are crimes against the earth and all of its inhabitants. We’ll want to stand up against fracking and other hazardous forms of oil drilling, and we’ll want to make people aware of the consequences of environmental destruction.

We’ll want to protest the careless pollution we see every day, because we’ll know that our collective neglect has serious consequences. I don’t think the earth would ever wipe us out because of our pollution like some people claim, but it does need to take care of itself and natural disasters (the ones that are actually natural and aren’t caused by the elite) can and will happen if we don’t take notice.

Spirituality makes us aware of a lot of things, and we realize that activism not only allows us to raise awareness, but to facilitate a real and lasting change in the areas we choose to protest.

  1. Spirituality restores our love for mankind and makes us want to help people

This is similar to my first point, and along with a sense of purpose, spirituality can restore our love for humanity. When we understand that most of us are trying to live peacefully and the people who embrace hatred and selfishness are in the minority, we learn to see the good in humanity and this can cause us to fight for people’s rights.

Most spiritual seekers can’t help but speak up when they notice suffering or injustice. It’s hardwired into their very being to stand up for people, because they know that to take a stand for others is to take a stand for themselves. True oneness allows us to see everyone as a reflection of ourselves (and ourselves as a reflection of them), and we’d certainly take a stand if someone were hurting or oppressing us.

Whether they take our sacred lands from us, pollute those lands to drill for oil, economically enslave us with a corrupt financial system and a government that’s run by corporations, or anything else, we’d be silly not to stand up and fight the force responsible.

But most people look the other way when they see this happening to other nations or races, without realizing that it’s also happening to them. Their own struggle is their biggest concern, and they don’t care about helping people through their struggles. Little do they know, the same elites oppressing those people have a plan for them and they have to take a stand, for themselves and everyone else, before it’s too late.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of unconditional love and oneness with every living thing, but it’s easy for this blissful feeling to increase our compassion for our fellow man. We have no choice but to embrace activism or anything else that can inspire change once this level of compassion flows through us, and this is why so many spiritual people embrace the power of activism to heal the world.

You don’t have to be spiritual to be inspired into activism, but it doesn’t hurt. It’s helped a lot of people find their purpose and work harder (and more passionately) than they ever expected, and the true activist is more devoted to the cause and the inspiration for the cause than anything else. Devotion is one of many things spirituality teaches us, and if you consider yourself spiritual, chances are you’ve fought for one cause or another before – even if it didn’t have to do with society or the earth.

Spirituality and activism go hand-in-hand, and they make the best combination you could ask for. There’s nothing more rewarding than having a good, long meditation before fighting the good fight, so give it a try sometime if you feel inspired. You might be pleasantly surprised at how your spirituality enhances your activism and your ability to reach people.

This concludes this week’s planetary healing.


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