Higher Consciousness: Your Connection Is Real

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A reading by Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Note from Wes: For a couple years, I’ve been trying to find a way to understand and communicate what these intuitive readings I’ve been receiving really are, and I’ve struggled with it until recently.

My channeling journey has been different from a lot of other people’s, and instead of sticking with one set definition of exactly what or who I was channeling (i.e. Ascended Masters, higher self, etc.), I’ve been trying to find the perfect way to define and subsequently expand the connection.

All of the name changes I’ve given these messages reflect the journey of understanding who they come from, and after some meditation and contemplation, I’ve arrived at what I think is the perfect label to help everyone understand what it is: Higher Consciousness.

‘Higher consciousness’, which I’ve written a lot about, is the higher self. It’s a good, deep meditation. It’s the Voice Within; the inner compass; our intuitive link with God, and if we can empty the mind and open up to it, it’ll impart its bliss onto us and teach us valuable lessons about our spiritual evolution.

You could say it’s what people really connect with when they channel angels, extraterrestrials or Ascended Masters, but some passionate spiritual seekers would disagree. I’ll leave it up to you to decide the truth of the matter for yourselves.

I know it’s silly to change the name of these messages over and over, but I think I’ve finally found the right description and understanding for them. This will be the final name change, and I can promise that you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Thanks for hanging in there with me throughout this journey so far. I’m confident that it’s about to get a whole lot better!

Higher Consciousness, June 31, 2015

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Religious and spiritual teachings are the mind’s way of comprehending the visions and insights that are received in a higher state of consciousness, and all of the spiritual teachings you hear or read stem from the greater awareness the teachers were able to access and the mental observations and terminologies they gave to these varying states of consciousness.

As they fade deeper and deeper into their sacred center and connect more with the Source of their existence, their minds devise simple enough (yet sometimes complex) ways of expressing the knowledge they gain, which is very difficult to express with words.

Depending on how far deep within you travel, the things you’ll learn and witness will basically be impossible to express in any language, but certain higher states of consciousness can be described with words and symbols and can be enhanced by spiritual practices.

It’s understandable that some spiritual seekers don’t agree with the strictness that accompanies some teachers, but the most genuine among these teachers simply want to help their students discover the things they have, because enlightenment is a treasure that’s very much worth the time and effort you spend to get there.

In fact, it’s the greatest treasure you could ever hope to witness or experience, but it’s also the most challenging thing you’ll ever go through. It can be a scary, frustrating and difficult experience if you resist it, but if you’re willing to let it flow and let your ego-driven barriers dissolve before they can even come up to influence you, it’ll be the most liberating thing you ever experience.

The hardest thing to grasp about enlightenment is that, as a lot of spiritual teachers will tell you, it crumbles away all of your previous notions of what it or a higher consciousness in general should be like. It shatters your previous understanding of life, and as you’ll come to learn, this understanding was too limited to carry you away into the blissful higher consciousness you want to access.

The higher dimensions will transform your perspective on life, spiritual evolution and everything you thought you understood, and while you might sometimes feel beat down and unable to continue on, releasing your resistance and letting everything be will make it a lot easier, more vibrant and more worth your time.

If you venture deep into your consciousness routinely, it won’t matter what external beliefs you adopt along the way. You can study every religion in the book if you want, and if you do, you’ll find a lot of limitation, a lot of dogma, and at the same time, a lot of things that help you along your path. You don’t have to embrace any beliefs if you don’t want to, because it’s all a mental interpretation of the inner visions and insights that are received in meditation and other spiritual practices.

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The most important thing is that you explore your consciousness and allow your previous understanding of life and spirituality to fade as you learn new things about your existence, and if your beliefs are challenged along the way, be open to the lessons and the expansion that can result.

Overall, remember that love really does serve as a medium to connect you with what you seek. Let your love flow out of you and remember to keep your minds open to new insights, understandings and perspectives, and don’t hesitate to express exactly what you want to because self-censorship is the enemy of true creative and spiritual growth.

The best way to connect with love is to connect through complete transcendence, on a mental level and every other level, and channeling your higher consciousness is one way to grow closer to this transcendence. When it comes to channeling, you have to understand that in order for it to be pure, the mind has to have as little influence on the process as possible so the connection and the guidance that results aren’t filtered by the mind in any way.

If you let it, the mind will instantly filter everything genuine that comes through, and it must be completely, sufficiently opened for any message from the ‘higher self’ or any other higher entity to flow through properly. This is what deters so many people from channeling, because they don’t feel like they can maintain such a flowing connection and at the first, second or third sign of potential failure, they stop completely and convince themselves it either isn’t real or it isn’t for them.

Your connection with your higher consciousness is very real, but you have to explore it for yourselves – through channeling it, meditating or doing anything else that helps you connect – to know and understand it. It doesn’t have anything to do with your beliefs, and once you explore your consciousness, you’ll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is indeed real, you can connect with it, and you can even channel it for your benefit and the benefit of others.

It’s up to you to find this connection and utilize it as much and as often as possible, and whether or not you’re consciously connected, you’ll be forever supported by your higher self, your creator and every other higher force.

So keep your minds open and your hearts overflowing with love, because your higher connections will save the Earth in a time when its destruction is evident and its end seems inevitable. An ending is indeed coming, but it isn’t the kind of ending your society would expect.

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It’s the end of an old paradigm and the beginning of something completely new that’s driven by love, spirituality and the willingness on the part of humanity to come together and change the world, and everything you do right now advances your collective evolution and helps you find more and more of what you seek, as individuals and as a collective.

What your planet really seeks is love and a connection with their essence, and you can make this connection now and joyfully express it for the benefit of others. Why not dive on in and see how far down you can go?

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