Motivation and Spiritual Revolution


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I feel more motivated than ever to use writing to awaken and uplift people, and in my view, we have every reason to be thankful for (and excited about) our role in transforming the world.

We can change the world by pouring our love and creative expression into it, and the more art we create here, the more minds and hearts we can open. We can help people bring some joy back into their life, and we can inspire them to liberate themselves.

It can be easy to get unmotivated, but it helps to remember that we’re doing all of this for a reason. We’re here to help everyone wake up and make the inner and outer changes that are required if we want to collectively evolve, and no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves otherwise, everything we contribute is valuable. Even the things we don’t think are so great can help people in one way or another, and this is why we need to keep at it when our confidence wanes and we don’t think we can contribute anything significant.

We have to stay inspired, and there are plenty of things we can do throughout the day to increase our motivation and our excitement to work hard in the name of the light. Even if we need to step away from our work now and then to cool our frustrations or just sink away into blissful nothingness, we can give ourselves this privilege and get right back out there with our motivation replenished.

We can stop and take little meditation breaks in between working, and if we enjoy our work enough, it’ll become a meditation by itself. Writing can definitely be a form of meditation, and for me, incorporating heart-centeredness into my writings puts me on a higher vibe and encourages more creative expression.


Our work will especially feel like meditation if we’re heart-centered while we do it, and the great thing about writing is that it teaches us to root ourselves in this moment. It requires a great deal of presence and centeredness, and we can’t really write if we’re impatient or our mind’s in another place.

I’m sure the same can be said for any other kind of work or creative expression, and persevering will teach us more patience, centeredness and motivation. When our work really starts to get fun, we’ll realize that we have every reason to be motivated to contribute.

We have an amazing opportunity to transform ourselves and the world around us, and our work won’t just help us – it’ll help everyone who finds their way to it.

This is motivation enough for me, because like most of you, I want to help the conscious community in any way I can. I want to use my perspective and the things I learn along this journey to help you all through your struggles, and while nobody can show the way for us, that little bit of extra guidance always helps.

I think everyone should find a way to contribute, and we could change the world pretty quickly if we were all active in raising awareness and talking to each other about life, spiritual evolution, the fall of the elite, and everything else that’s relevant to a new world. Everyone needs to get active, and a few thousand people won’t be enough. The rest of the world has to follow suit, and as long as we keep it up, they eventually will.

Even if we have a 9-5 job that prevents us from expressing ourselves for a living, we’re still blessed with self-expression – we just have to figure out how we want to do it and make time whenever possible.

Nobody has to miss out on the chance to contribute, and those who can contribute for a living probably know by now that this is a valuable gift and we should feel blessed every day. I feel blessed when I consider that I can actually write about spiritual revolution for a living, and it’s one of many things that motivates me to keep going.


The intention of this piece is to motivate all of you to start expressing yourselves and helping others, and I highly recommend acting on any inspiration you receive from here on out. Inspiration is an intuitive compass that guides us toward our passion and our purpose, and we have to follow the signs we’re given as we travel this difficult yet liberating path back into our higher consciousness.

Let’s increase our contributions and make it easier for others to liberate themselves, because our mission here is important. No matter what we decide we want to do, it’s very important that we pursue it with love in our hearts and faith that we’re doing all of this for a reason. Our work won’t be in vain, and even if it takes centuries, the things we do now will eventually help the world wake up and make a change.

So let’s keep at it, and let’s remember to routinely call on love and the higher self to help us when we struggle with depleted energy or a lack of faith. Most of the time, they can redeem us and help us continue on, free of the limitations that seemed so real a moment ago. They’re powerful enough to help us wipe away our struggles and stay connected, and they also help us realize how lucky we are, how crucial this mission is and how much we can achieve if we stay motivated.

It’s easy to get motivated when we’re rooted in love, and realizing how blessed we are is even easier. The next step is to work hard and enjoy ourselves, and our heart-centeredness will bless us with abundant creative expression as we gradually bring the conscious community together in celebration of our spirituality, our creativity and the new world we want to see.

Share freely.

I’m a twenty-two year old spiritual writer, blogger and channel for the creative expression of the inner universe, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

I’ve contributed to a few different spiritual websites including The Master Shift, Waking Times, Golden Age of Gaia, Wake Up World and Expanded Consciousness. I can also be found on Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness) and Twitter, and I write a paid weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to for $11.11 a month here.

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