How Can We Overcome Relentless Depression?


By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The weary and the depressed should know that you aren’t alone. We’ve all been there before (even though most of us haven’t experienced severe depression), and we’re all trying to find happiness as we make our way through this often difficult life.

Some of us have discovered spirituality, and we look to a higher state of consciousness to help us with the fear, stress and insecurity that come with living in this world. Some people use materiality to fill the gap, but they’ll eventually realize that it isn’t the solution.

I can’t claim to know what we should do to ‘cure’ depression, but I do know that we have to fight it. We have to stay strong and refuse to give in, lest we want it to take over and keep us from living life to the fullest.

Strength is essential, and without it, those of us who face inner negativity on a daily basis could lose the battle. It can be hard to approach life with any degree of enthusiasm when we seem to have this wellspring of negativity and sadness within, and in some cases, we don’t even know where it came from.

It can be hard to get excited about life or the role we’re playing when we deal with so much overwhelming negativity – from the world and from within – and the best advice I can offer is to be strong.

We have to be persistent in our willingness not to let depression bring us down, and we have to be willing to explore any negativity that arises with a willing heart and a detached mind. Otherwise, we’ll get caught in its web every time.

Nobody wants to be depressed, and yet, depression seems like a fuzzy blanket of negativity that we can cozy up to when we don’t feel so great. I can make us want to do little more than sleep or spend the day in a confused, negative haze, and giving in to it is the first step to losing ourselves.


Suppressing it or refusing to explore it is another way to slowly lose ourselves, and the more we suppress it, the stronger it’ll be when it eventually explodes out of us like a volcano or a tsunami. As long as we try to avoid it, we’ll make it stronger and stronger.

I wish I had a concrete solution for it, but staying strong and remembering what we have to be thankful for seems to help.

Some of us might feel like we have no real reason to be depressed because we’ve been blessed with so much in life, and yet, we wake up every morning knowing we’ll fight the same battle over and over again.

We get confused about why we feel so low in the first place when life seems to have blessed us with so much, and this can make us feel spoiled or ungrateful.

Those of us who believe in spirituality and the Law of Attraction might also feel like we’ll manifest more negative circumstances just by being depressed, which can discourage us and push us even further down.

The best way to avoid all of that, in my opinion, is to approach life from a detached yet enthusiastic perspective. When we’re confronted by overwhelming negativity, it might help to sit with it, observe it and maybe try to source it.

Feeding it is the worst thing we can do, and we’ll stay miserable if we give ourselves reasons to be miserable. By that I mean we’ll stay unhappy if, once we start to feel low, we pull out a laundry list of justifications for feeling that way.

I don’t have enough money. Life isn’t working out the way I expected. The sun isn’t out today. Why do I have to deal with so much adversity every day? Why can’t life just be simpler; easier; more enjoyable? What am I doing wrong? Why does everything seem to be against me? Where is the love?

Sometimes, these thoughts feel good when we’re depressed. It feels good to victimize ourselves, because it helps us think we have a reason to feel the way we do. Unfortunately, we solidify our depression and distance ourselves from true happiness when we put up with self-victimization.


We can’t let those demeaning thoughts in if we want to overcome our sadness, and it might help to try to think positively when depression lingers on the horizon.

The advice to ‘think positive’ won’t help us if we’ve already let negativity take over, but when we first notice it, we can either refuse to let it in or we can let it enter our space in a detached way by exploring it with as little emotion involved as possible.

Emotion is a powerful tool, and it can be used for good or bad depending on our perspective or which emotions we let influence us. If we use it positively, we’ll almost always seem to feel happy, satisfied and enriched.

Life reflects our enrichment when we can stay positive, but the emotions become hazardous when we let depression in.

Together with the mind’s negative, demeaning thoughts, our emotions will bring us as far down the depressive rabbit hole as they can, until we’re at the bottom and we have to deal with a long, perilous climb back up to happiness.

We can avoid it all by staying strong and either refusing to let depression in or exploring (and eventually overcoming) it, and especially for those who suffer from severe depression, it might be the hardest thing we ever do.

Overcoming our shadow side might be the biggest challenge we ever face, but once we succeed, we’ll realize that we can do anything. If we can overcome such a monumental obstacle to our own happiness, there’s no telling what we could do from there.

Credit: Lessons Learned in Life

We have to empower ourselves, and we have to see that the battle is winnable. Instead of letting negative thoughts and emotions swirl around us and bring us down, we have to see that we’re stronger than them.

We’re stronger than any negative force, especially the ones that come from within, and we have to realize this if we want any chance of keeping our happiness intact. I wish I could offer more advice for those of you who deal with severe, crippling depression, but the best thing I can recommend is to stay strong.

Together with self-empowerment and the willingness to explore our mind and emotions, we might just make it through all the stress, frustration, fear and uncertainty and find the light at the end of the tunnel.

We can’t do anything positive if we don’t make an effort, so let’s get up, get out there and try our best. Hopefully, we’ll be glad we did.

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  1. Hi good morning. My name is Vanina L Aversa. I am from Argentina. in a section of Tamaena, a being gave me your name, I found you looking. I not really know what a name, just google it. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks Vanina.


    • It’s great to meet you, Vanina. I write about various spiritual topics, most of which are centered on spiritual evolution, enlightenment, creativity and finding our life’s purpose. Thanks for being here!

      Much love,

      Wes Annac 🙂


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