Planetary Healing: The Little Things We Can Do

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

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This week, we’ll talk about the little things we can do to heal the earth. A lot of big things obviously need done to restore our world to its once pristine condition, and we’ll make those big changes when everyone can come together, but until then, we can ask ourselves what small acts we can do to make things better for mother nature.

By making small changes, we can facilitate the much larger changes that need made before the earth can be a fully restored, healed world that provides its people with all the resources we need without us exploiting it or personally profiting from its resources.

The world has always provided everything we need, and resources were provided in abundance to ancient peoples (like Native Americans, for instance) who didn’t abuse the land for personal gain. There’s a difference between communally and privately profiting from the land, and a lot of things about our modern society will need to change.

Our careless, wasteful lifestyle clearly needs to change, and that can be one of the small changes you and I make right now.

Instead of wasting food, we can ask ourselves how we can recycle it. We might not want endless leftovers in our fridge and we might not like repeating the same meal two or three nights in a row, but it seems worth it to keep that food out of a landfill.

We can watch how much we spend, how much we consume and how much we waste. I wrote about self-empowerment for the blog this week, and one way to empower ourselves is to monitor our consumption habits and, if we need to, try to make a change.

We’ll need to transform a lot of aspects of society, and our mindless consumption is high up on the list. But there are other things we can do; other ways we can monitor our habits to determine if there are any areas of life we can improve in for the betterment of the earth.

What I’m about to say isn’t explicitly related to healing the world, but one change we can make is to stop eating corporate food. Yes, it’s easy and preferable sometimes, and we’ve all enjoyed evenings out at nice restaurants where good food was handed to us. (Good tasting, not good for you.)

We enjoy the spoils of western society, but have we stopped to think about how we impact the earth? Any restaurant we eat at is headed by a corporation. Do we know what those corporations are doing to reduce their pollution, if anything?

We’ll need to become aware of a lot of things if we truly want change, and I’m not saying we should never eat out or enjoy ourselves a little. All I’m saying is that we can reduce the amount of time we spend eating out and make an effort to find out if the corporations we give our money are doing anything to help the earth.

Most corporations probably feel like it isn’t their responsibility to help the earth – it’s only their responsibility to make their products and keep people materialistically happy. That’s an irresponsible stance to take if you think about it, because regardless of what we do in life, we’re all humans and we’re all responsible for taking care of our planet.

All we need is a little awareness, and I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with enjoying or contributing to society. We’ll want to watch out for its Babylonian elements and stay aware no matter what, but we can enjoy certain things society offers without losing our awareness.

We won’t want to contribute to things we know hurt the earth, however, and we’ll want to be as independent as we can in our spoiled modern society.

So, what other small changes can we make? If we’re passionate enough, we’ll find plenty of great small things we can do. Plant a flower; plant a tree; grow a garden. Remind people of the importance of nature, and stay active in raising awareness about environmental issues.

Attend a fracking protest, and use social media to get word out about it and any other environmental protest taking place across the US or the world. Even though the powers that be are using social media to spy on us and keep us oppressed, it’s clearly become a tool for the people and we’d be best to use it.

Go out of your way to be peaceful when you attend protests. There’ll almost always be a few people who want to yell and scream because they’re mad at big brother, but even if we seem like pushovers, we can protest just as effectively and assertively with a peaceful perspective.

We don’t have to hate the cops when they try to control the protesters, and even if they don’t show us love or respect, we can consistently embody these qualities in hopes that other people catch on. And there’s even more we can do beyond protesting.

Start a blog to raise awareness about the environmental destruction that continues to wreak havoc. I try to post stories about the environment on The Culture of Awareness, but a lot of different themes intersect on the blog and I’m only one person.

One or two people can only do so much on their own, but when everyone’s aware and willing to do something with their awareness, we can really make some changes. Overall, the best thing I can recommend is to get active (and stay active) in small ways.

Small yet continuous actions to help the earth will become powerful over time, but we have to stay dedicated if we want to do anything significant. We obviously don’t have to limit ourselves to small things (even though they’re just as helpful), and if we’re motivated enough or we have the right connections, we can do big things for the environment.

Again, everyone will need to be aware before the world can change, and our small attempts to raise awareness will eventually awaken everyone to the truth. We just have to be willing to keep working hard, even when the odds are against us, and we’ll eventually heal the world and take the next step in our physical and spiritual evolution.

This concludes this week’s planetary healing.


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4 thoughts on “Planetary Healing: The Little Things We Can Do

  1. Lahotar says ‘Until smallest insect is safe to live without us harming it. We will not realise our full human potential. All life of everything is sacred.’ So protecting the environment around us is part of our own evolution, and awakening. Some people can go further and understand all life as sacred, which immensely enriches them and their insight into what ‘sacred’ is.


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