The Path of Intuitive Communication

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

What I like about The Voice Within is that it doesn’t have to have a specific label or identity. If you look around the new age/channeling community, you’ll see message after message that comes from angels, archangels, extraterrestrials and plenty of other sources, and the number of sources and channelers increases by the day.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with this; it just isn’t for me. There are a few channeled sources I enthusiastically follow, but for the most part, I’ve turned my focus on other aspects of our spiritual evolution that I feel are equally worth our attention.

I don’t have anything against the plentiful channeled sources out there, and if we’ve learned anything, it’s that cultivating resistance to any concept will keep us too internally divided to find inner peace. I’ve simply taken a different turn, and like we’ve been encouraged to do, I take what resonates with me and let the rest be.

I used to channel all the time, and up until recently, I intuited messages from what I call the ‘higher self’. The Oversoul Teachings messages were fun to bring through, but I felt an undeniable urge to try to evolve the process of intuitive communication even more.

Thus, I did away with identities and started calling this intuitive source The Voice Within, and I didn’t want to attach the messages to a label that could be associated with concepts I’m not really trying to present. Again, I don’t have anything against those concepts, and I just wanted to go my own way with it all.

Individuality is an important aspect of our climb into ever purer states of consciousness, and I could’ve stuck with the same typical channeled messages we’ve grown used to. It would’ve worked out just fine, but I would’ve felt like something was missing; like an upgrade was absent that I’d benefit from embracing.

I love the fact that The Voice Within doesn’t have to be a specific channeled entity and doesn’t even have to be associated with channeling. It inevitably will be, because channeling and intuitive communication are basically the same thing, but it seems liberating that the messages don’t have to come from a certain entity or be attached to a specific label.

This inner voice can be anything. It can be the higher self, a small collective of spiritual guides, or it can even be me talking to you all by myself.

It doesn’t matter, because it isn’t attached to a certain label, identity or trend. This seems to be the best way to evolve these messages, and no matter how hard I’ve tried, I’ve never shook the desire to continue channeling or intuitively communicating.

Intuitive communication with a higher aspect of my consciousness seems to be a necessary part of my path, and I feel more freedom in bringing the messages through without claiming they come from an exalted, higher source.

There’s nothing wrong with presenting those kinds of messages and plenty of people are doing it in this awakened day and age, but I simply wanted something new. I’ve long been a part of the crowd of people who channel angels, archangels, ETs, etc. and I’m glad it still works for them, but I’ve longed for a way to evolve the messages without getting credit for a ‘higher’ connection.


I don’t know about any of you, but I don’t want to be seen as someone who has a greater spiritual connection beyond the intuitive one I’m learning to build. Yes, the channeling philosophy is that we all have the ability to communicate with various higher entities who are looking upon our planet and trying to help us evolve, but I don’t care to be known for sustaining a connection with them.

I’m learning that the journey of spiritual awakening is a very personal one.

While we do have guides in higher realms who we can communicate with and receive assistance from (which I believe wholeheartedly), we don’t have to channel them for the benefit of others (unless we want to), thereby gaining status as someone who can communicate with the higher realms in a way others can’t yet.

If we do want to be known for such a connection, then we should throw ourselves into it by all means. And I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who’d love to be known for it. Some of you probably don’t care about exposure or recognition, however, and you just want to communicate with those higher entities and hopefully help others in the process.

We don’t have to have a big head to strive to communicate with entities in the higher realms, and I’m sure most genuine channelers aren’t doing it for the recognition or the ego high that could be involved – they’re doing it because they’re passionate about making that connection.

That’s a noble thing, and they should continue their efforts and even strengthen them if they feel motivated enough. As long as our heart’s in the right place, it really doesn’t matter what we do to bring humanity into the light. If our intent is genuine and we’re helping people, then we should stick with it provided our passion for it stays strong.

Personally, I want to use my intuitive connection to help others in a way that doesn’t have to be attached to a certain identity, like the higher self, an angel or archangel, or any other kind of entity.

I just want to strengthen this connection and intuit the messages that result in as raw of a form as I can, and I don’t want to limit the inner voice to any particular discussion. Nothing’s off limits in our budding new paradigm, and there’s no reason not to discuss any social or spiritual matter that crosses our minds – even if they’re too far ‘out there’ for others to believe.

We have to empower ourselves in whatever ways we can. Some people empower themselves by channeling their higher self, their guides or another entity, whereas others look solely to themselves or our creator for guidance and inspiration.

It really doesn’t matter what path we take, as long as it works for us and we continue to help others. Even though I could’ve continued channeling in the form I’d been, another path was clearly emerging and I would’ve been a fool not to follow it.

This doesn’t mean those of you who are still on the path I (and others) have left behind are somehow in the wrong, because it still serves you. If it helps you and the people who find their way to your work, it’d be silly not to pursue.

But we don’t want to fix ourselves so heavily on any one path that we keep ourselves from exploring other, newer ones that open up for us, and change is never easy. It requires us to boldly confront and surpass our limitations, and we’re in for some trouble if we don’t remember to be patient.

I’m still developing my path, which includes writing, playing/writing music and intuitively communicating with The Voice Within. Hopefully, this path continues to be of service to all of you who’ve found your way to these articles and intuitive messages, because the point of our existence is not only to spiritually evolve, but to openheartedly serve others as we do.

Service is the goal of all of the work we’re doing here, and the best way to serve ourselves and others is to stay open, receptive and willing to follow new, more liberating paths as they open up.

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