Music: A New Way to Channel


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I’ve written before about the necessity to transcend the ego and empty the mind if we want to find a higher state of consciousness or do anything creatively pure, and I continue to learn about the importance of becoming conduits for our greater spirituality and self-expression.

I continue to see that in all things, an emptied mind (and an open heart) really is the best way to go. No matter what creative route we embrace, I think the best thing we can do is empty our minds of any stress that could take us out of our natural, loving center.

Specifically, I see that emptying the mind is important when it comes to playing music. Music, like any other creative route, can be no fun if we’re in a rigid state of mind when we play it, and I’m learning that to get the most out of it, we’ll want to practice it from an open-minded and openhearted perspective.

I’ve quickly become more interested in music than I was before, and I see that its potential to help heal the world is much greater than a lot of other creative routes. I think channeling’s also a great way to anchor a higher vibration, and I notice that when I empty my mind during a music session, I start channeling in a whole new way.

The words I sing seem to pour through me effortlessly, as opposed to me striving to sing ‘correctly’ or hit certain notes so accurately that there’s no room for improvement. Like others, I’ve let myself get so serious about music that I descend into negativity if it doesn’t go the way I intend, but lately, I’m learning to simply relax and enjoy the process.

What fun is any creative venture if we can’t empty the mind and allow it to be the spiritual pursuit it’s intended to be? Music is definitely one of the most spiritual things out there, and this is why I’ve been spending most of my time lately playing and practicing it.

With music, I’ve discovered a new way to channel – a way that seems even more direct and uplifting than channeling the higher self or any given spiritual guide.

I’ve always had a sense that we’re all conduits for a greater facet of our consciousness that, if we allow it, will creatively express itself through us. I honestly think music is one of the best, most direct and most potent ways to express this higher self; ‘most high’; Christ consciousness; whatever you want to call it.

Music is an expression of our innate Christ consciousness, and as we’ve learned, it’s a constant aspect life in the higher realms. In fact, it goes even deeper than this – music is one of the many components that create and sustain our reality, in the lower and higher realms.

Plenty of spiritual teachers have encouraged us to empty the mind, sit in stillness and observe the inner symphonies that constantly play, and this supports the idea that music is a very important and ongoing factor in the higher realms.

I didn’t expect myself to embrace music when I first started this work, but it’s quickly become very important to me and I feel more excited than ever to practice it open-mindedly.

In regards to opening the mind and keeping it open, I want to reiterate that there’s a step beyond simply emptying it. Emptying it is important if we want to enhance our creativity or enjoy a good meditation, but we empty it for a reason.

We don’t empty it so we can perceive nothingness; we empty it because the pure, unhindered vibrations of spirit wait for us on the other side. When we transcend the ego and empty the mind, we open it up to the pure, unabashed love that comprises every reality in existence.

We open up to the inner vibrations that enhance our creativity and make our creative works more enjoyable. We open up to an unprecedented sense of love, peace, joy and wholeness, and I’m sure we drastically raise the collective vibration.

Raising the collective vibration is important if we want to awaken others or anchor a higher state of consciousness, and with the stillness of an open mind coupled with the pure vibrations that result from opening it, awakening the rest of humanity will be a breeze.

Some of us will use the intuitive guidance of our higher self, as directly channeled and posted to the internet, to assist the planetary awakening. Some of us will write out our thoughts and feelings all day long in hopes that it helps others along their ascension journeys.

Some of us will embrace music and play our hearts out into eternity in hopes that it helps others find the pure, blissful vibration it provides. I can happily say that I know which route I want to pursue, and I have an interesting sequence of events in my personal life (which led me to embrace music) to thank for it.

We’re experiencing an unprecedented planetary awakening, and even though some seekers don’t empower the idea of collective evolution as opposed to individual, I strongly feel that the things we do in every moment affect the rest of the world’s eventual ability to spiritually evolve.

If we live in love and continuously transcend the endless wants and desires of the ego, we’ll affect others in a very pure way. We might make it easier for them to open up to certain spiritual ideas or concepts they never expected to embrace, but awakening others to ideas or beliefs isn’t our purpose here.

Our purpose is to help everyone feel the vibrations of spirt in the purest ways possible, and we can do this by open-mindedly pursuing the creative routes we enjoy the most. We don’t want to descend into anger or frustration when we seem to hit a creative snag, because we manifest the same old drudgery and negativity when we do.

If we hit a snag or a creative brick wall, we’ll want to simply sit in acceptance and observance and perhaps disappear into our sacred center for a while (in an effort to receive more assistance from the divine) and eventually emerge, ready to give it another honest go.

If we try our best at something and our intent is genuine, we will accomplish the goals we set out to accomplish. It might not be easy and we certainly won’t accomplish them overnight, which is why remaining open – in mind and heart – is so important.

There’ll be times when we can’t seem to enjoy our creativity like we really want to, but with the meditative inspiration spirit provides (which we access by opening the mind), these times won’t bring us down or dip our confidence. In fact, they’ll inspire us to work even harder and enjoy ourselves even more before we ultimately and inevitably accomplish our goals.

We have a lot of work to do, and I honestly think the best way to do it is to spread the positive vibration we carry within via whatever creative/spiritual route works for us. If you enjoy music, you can pursue it wholeheartedly and refuse to stop for any reason – except to spend time with family or do other things that are essential in life.

We’re here to stay busy in the name of the light, so let’s do just that as we recognize that the things we’re doing are making a very pure, potent and significant impact on the collective consciousness. Our work has just begun, and we can get a lot done right now if we’re motivated, inspired and dedicated enough.

I don’t know about any of you, but I feel more motivated and dedicated than ever.

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2 thoughts on “Music: A New Way to Channel

  1. I have been actively wondering exactly how this whole “performing” works because I”ve read in some other spiritual sites that the universe can’t tell the difference between what we want and what we do, in other words, what we put out there is what will return to us. well, this has caused me some concern since my musical journey has taken me to perform some very very sad songs. i offer my performance and unite it with Christ so that good may come out of it but i’m still confused and wonder if this sadness that i am able to convey by drawing upon some past experiences in my life is causing me to receive sadness in return. your reply would be greatly appreciated on this subject. mjmartin


    • Hello, Mary Jo! I don’t necessarily think expressing sadness in your songs will cause further sadness down the line, because you’re using music to express it; to get it out. Sadness is also a very powerful spiritual energy, and as strange as it sounds, when its expressed in music it can actually uplift you and the people who hear the sad songs. It uplifts you because it provides you an outlet to express it and basically pour it out of your consciousness, and it uplifts others by helping them see (and feel) that they aren’t the only ones who experience sadness.

      A lot of awakened musicians have expressed sadness and hurt in their music, and it seemed to give some of them the incentive to find strength and love.

      I hope I could help! Much love 🙂


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