The Spirit World Chronicles: Unique Reports of the Experience of Death – Part 1/4

Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

The Spirit World Chronicles is an ongoing series based on channeled accounts of what the afterlife is like. Some of the material examined in this series dates back to nearly a century ago, and the referenced sources discuss a wide range of topics that have to do with life after death and the conditions of the realms beyond.

Previously, we discussed the uniqueness of each transition and the pain-lifting effects death has on the departing, immortal spirit.

We learned that any potential pain surrounding death is lifted instantly when we reach the bliss of the fourth dimension, and we’re going to resume our discussion with a few personal accounts of the deaths of people who’ve returned through mediums to tell us about their transition and the realms beyond.

We’ve learned a lot from these accounts so far, but we haven’t scratched the surface of what’s available. It’ll probably take five or six more detailed reports to get a glimpse of the vast material out there, and along the way, we’ll learn interesting insights that’ll refresh our perspective on the fourth dimension.

We’ll dive into this material with a quote from Grace Rosher’s departed sister about what death is really like.

“It’s not true that people die. They just go to sleep and wake up to a much more vigorous life.” (1)

Can you imagine how amazing the realm we wake up to is? It must be wonderfully refreshing to fall asleep on earth and wake up in a beautiful, heavenly place filled with departed friends and relatives. Beyond the fact that any fear of death would be quelled, the atmosphere would be rich, uplifting and harmonious.

Sigwart shares his experience of death and informs us that a period of slumber can precede our awakening in spirit.

“Everything intruded upon me and I was conscious at once of what had happened to me, that is, that I had stepped through the portals of death, as you so rightly call it. … The shedding of matter proceeds in a condition of sleep; consciousness returns gradually and then the enjoyment of freedom begins, if one has not been a novice in these things” (2)

It might take some people a little bit of time and adjustment to understand what happened, but the experienced and rested spirit is able to come out of their slumber comfortably. Even though it could be difficult for some to come to terms with their death, everyone’s eventually able to accept it and progress from there.

According to Mike Swain, some people will dream that they’re in the location their body is in during their etheric slumber.

“Nature wraps you in a blanket of sleep [and] a person, even if he is terrified of dying, merely falls asleep. In his sleep, he dreams that he is still in the same room; but actually he is passing to our Golden World.” (3)

Apparently, the sleep that follows death can cause dreams that are based on our most recent location and memory. We’re eventually able to wake up in the wonderful world of spirit, but the initial resting period could be a bit confusing, especially for someone who experienced a traumatic death.

Luckily, everyone who passes on is given immense assistance with understanding their transition and the realms beyond, and a lot of souls then choose to help other initiates understand spirit.

Gordon Burdick tells us that when he woke up from his etheric slumber, he wasn’t interested in what happened to his mortal body.

“When I passed, I don’t remember anything except … that I was asleep and woke up in this other state of life. I was not interested in what happened to my body or what my friends were doing about it.” (4)

Some people’s concerns about their body probably fade in the face of the amazing etheric realms they’re able to traverse. With so much to explore; so much to learn, it makes sense that some wouldn’t be concerned about their body. In a sense, the body’s old news.

The fourth dimension offers unprecedented opportunities for exploration and service, and some initiates are probably happy to move beyond the limitation of third-dimensionality in favor of etheric liberation.

Mike Swain lays out the process of death as he experienced it.

“The actual act of dying is as simple as dozing off after lunch. A drowsy feeling fills the whole of your body with relaxing comfort.

You can still see, with your earthly eyes the room about you. Then you notice that there are all kinds of new people standing around your bed, people that you once knew, such as parents, a favorite uncle, a friend who passed over many years sooner. The joy of seeing them again takes your mind off everything else.” (5)

A lot of people instantly stop worrying about their physical fate when they see the smiling faces of people they’ve thought were ‘dead’. The joy of being in the company of family diminishes any mortal worries or concerns, and they’re able to start enjoying themselves and their new lives.

Mike continues: “They take you by the hand and lift you to your feet. This invariably causes you to look back at the bed and to your surprise you or your mortal shell is still lying there. You say aloud: ‘But how can I be here with you people and yet still be lying there on the bed?’ Only then do you realize that this is death.” (6)

The sight of departed family and the inanimate physical shell at the same time is a huge factor in the realization that death has taken place. Initiates are able to understand their transition because of the support and assistance they’re given, and nobody comes out of the experience unable to grasp what happened, unless they keep themselves from understanding.

In some cases, people are too bewildered to understand the change that’s taken place, but in others, they’re easily able to cope with their transition and see what the other side has to offer. Some people are probably very excited to explore the spirit realms, while for others, coming to terms with the whole thing is difficult.

Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.


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