Personal Update, March 15, 2014: We’re Getting Closer

002blackPersonal Update by Wes Annac, March 15, 2014

Even though it’s been a long and arduous process, the most important repairs to my family’s home are near to completion.

For anyone who doesn’t know, we’ve been waiting for certain important repairs to get done before the town our home’s in will approve us to move in, and after the kitchen is fully rewired and the windows fixed so they stay up (its an inspection requirement) we’ll be able to get the inspection we need to be approved to move in.

Last summer, we had to dig a three foot trench in the back yard that went from the deck to the alleyway fence so we could replace the damaged waterline, and over the winter, we were focused on putting in a new gasline. A bunch of stuff was stripped from the house by thieves before/during its sojourn on the market, which is part of the reason we were able to buy it cheaply, and to my knowledge, everything (accept the refrigerant lines) has been replaced. IMG_2854

We recently had the furnace inspected, and it’s running fine but the thermostat is messed up.

We ran the heat as soon as we knew it worked to protect our inside waterline from the cold Illinois winter, and the malfunctioning thermostat made the house much warmer than it needed to be and drove our February electric bill up immensely.

Don’t even get me started on the refrigerant lines! They were part of the things that were stolen from the home, and completely replacing them so we can have air conditioning in the summer will run us around $600 (maybe more).

Luckily, the refrigerant lines don’t need to be repaired for the home to pass inspection, so we can focus on them after we move in.

As of right now, we still have no idea when we can get the inspection and no idea when we can move in. We purchased the house in late May of last year, effectively making it a birthday present for me (my birthday is May 27) and I sincerely hope we at least have the inspection done by our one year purchase anniversary.

To have the home for a whole year and still not get to move in would be unfortunate, in my view.

So, this is where we’re at with our new home. There’s still a lot to do and a lot of money to spend, but we’re making progress. For that, I’m very grateful. The long wait, which still hasn’t ended, is part of the plan one way or another, but if I can be honest, my family and I are ready to be in a space of our own.

Thank you all for the love and support you have and continue to give. We couldn’t go on without your kind words!

Much Love,

Wes Annac :)

7 thoughts on “Personal Update, March 15, 2014: We’re Getting Closer

  1. Once you’re settled in your new home, let me know, and I’ll send another check – but this time directly to your new address, so that you can get a few more things fixed ASAP! PayPal is still screwed up with me ever since someone tried to hack into it L.

    Chris Florky


  2. Wishing you and yours the very best, Wes. I find your perseverance inspiring. I don’t have resources at my disposal at this time, but if that path opens up in the near future, I’ll share some blessing with you.




  3. Wishing you and yours the very best, Wes. I find your determination and perseverance inspiring. Thank you for sharing. May the joy of finally being in your own home continue to hold your spirits high as you wait for the final approval. Many blessings!




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