Look Up – A Song by Wes Annac

The following is a song written by me, a beginner musician, called Look Up. Lyrics are given below, and if you like the song, feel free to share it far and wide!


The love in your heart will see you onward

When you look up toward heaven from the ground

Jah will forever flow with you in all endeavors

As you remember all of this, you’ll admire the lights and sounds

For everything’s eternal and limitation is illusion

Use your power of transmutation to see beyond all your pain


For you’re beginning to learn that you are deeply rooted

In realms beyond your conscious understanding

The growth and learning you’ll receive will be as infinite as your eternal spirit

When understanding and embarking on your inner journey

I can’t express enough how liberating it feels

To kick my feet back and watch all the pain and strife and stress and fear and know that they have no power over me

Only losers can be bred in a society where the elites are the only winners

So everyone must recognize our potential


How would we run this planet if given the opportunity

Would we trash it?

Would we let the pain and the fear and the personal agendas cloud our vision

Would we be up for the mission?

I can envision a bright future for this planet and its people

But we must all be involved


We will show the way for everyone who’s lost on this day

A renaissance of consciousness we will breed

You seem so lost children but you can find Jah Light

It lives in that sacred space in your heart waiting to be felt

Blissful vibrations, etheric landscapes can be known and accessed

When you find it in yourself to let the pain and fear melt


Come and take a walk on through the portals of your own mind

You might find things that are so surprising

In due time humanity will become open to all of the concepts

That have been lost through time, cast away from our minds, and remain undetected

We can find perception and expression of a good vibration

Unlock eternal healing, feeling, seeing in a heightened way and break tradition

Now we perceive reality in an expanded sense

Cast away the darkness and the dirt and re-embrace our long lost innocence


Can you feel the static in the air, the time to awaken has come

Join hands everyone

Escape your fear and you will find that everything and everybody is one

There’s so much work to be done

An enlightened and willing populace can work to clean up our mess

Only if the inequality is less


Immerse yourself in anything and everything that helps you to remember a good vibration

Conversing all day with a group of guides, meditation needs no invitation

You’re invited to contribute with all of yourself to a growing inner-revolution

The human being is Divine and this we can’t dispute so we ask you what is your contribution

They work away to keep us slaves, we can awaken and say no way

We are far too powerful to fall for their petty games

We can communicate with angels we convince ourselves that this connection isn’t real and life can only be the same

Can all of us relate to each other, tell me can we help one another, feed our sisters and our brothers, balance out this crazy world

We should be active in retracting selfish acts, stop all the fracking, natural resource drilling, killing the Earth cuz we want more

Killing the Earth cuz we want more


Come and take a walk on through the portals of your own mind

You might find things that are so surprising


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