I am a Child of the Universe: Follow-Up – Part 3/3


Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm, concluded from Part 2

This is the conclusion of a follow-up to one of my previous articles,Who am I? I am a Child of the Universe”. The recommended audio version of this part 3 on Sound Cloud can be found here.

The biggest factor that’s led me away from working through a Pleiadian representative/walk-in archetype is that I don’t perceive myself as much of a Pleiadian/channeling/spiritual “authority”.

Not too long ago I might have embraced that idea, but a few different things have shown me that I possess as much knowledge as I’m willing to research or channel and I don’t think that anything about that paints me as an authority.

It’s not to say that the fault lies in the readers for thinking this when they read “incarnate representative of the GF and PHC” at the end of an article from me and then read a channeled Pleiadian interview from/through me, but my desire has forever been to use my perspective to help others along their paths of enlightenment.

Recognizing that my perspective isn’t one of somebody who’s come to the Earth with a special higher-dimensional link that can’t be attained by everyone else, the notion of walking-in to the body of the ol’ teenage me to represent the Pleiadians and do nothing else doesn’t seem fitting.

What seems more fitting to me is that I, as that teenager, was being looked after by my higher self and guides, who I didn’t even know existed, and have experienced a rapid descent of my higher self in a manner that could end up being similar to a walk-in for all I know.

Honestly, I think my purpose here is to do any and every last thing possible to help awaken the planet.

Channeling; writing; playing music; telling the world what I know about the Galactics and the spiritual realms; working toward a new planetary paradigm; I can do all of this and so much more when I recognize that I, as an awakening child of the Universe and Jah/Source, am limitless and unable to be pinned down to any one interpretation or role.

I can look toward a future of working with you all to use advanced technology to mitigate and cleanse pollution, and subsequently remember my greatest childhood and teenage memories. In fact, I can look back on my Life and notice that I practically went through it with the understanding that it was going to get a lot, lot better.

Looking back on middle school and high school especially, I can remember the slightest whisper of a hint that I was simply tolerating it or moving through it before the real enjoyment and fulfillment began. I can say with happiness that that fulfillment is certainly here and has come about because of my blessed awakening.

This awakening certainly isn’t complete, and I’ll continue to learn lessons that bring my shadow self and it’s pain, fear and insecurity to my attention, and as I look toward the future I can remember and be thankful for my past instead of avoiding it and focusing only on the present.

As a child of the Universe, I’m also an awakening human being with individualized feelings, traits, hobbies, enjoyments, and weaknesses. I’ve been able to experience a spiritual awakening that I’m still interpreting and decoding as I continue to feel its effects, and I can feel that this awakening is far from complete in the manner I once believed it was.

I’ll wrap this up by encouraging you to embrace every facet of yourselves as complete and whole spiritual beings.

The Universal self is over-lighting the human self in this time of heightened spiritual energy and resulting transformation, and as an awakening seeker, I’m excited to contribute as much of myself as I can in every moment to the collective (r)evolution taking place and the new paradigm I can feel we’ll enthusiastically build.

Wes Annac – Ready to soar to new heights previously unheard and un-thought of.

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Wes Annac is a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as writings from Wes and channeled messages from our Universal Family. Come check us out!

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