I am a Child of the Universe: Follow-Up – Part 1/3


Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

This is a follow-up to one of my previous articles,Who am I? I am a Child of the Universe”. The recommended audio version of this part 1 can be found here.

In this time of rapid personal and collective expansion and development, I think it’s important for us to embrace our past, our future and this moment of Now.

I think we should give equal attention to our past and our future while utilizing every moment to do everything we can for our personal awakening and that of the collective if we feel drawn to assisting, and I’ve learned that to attempt to avoid the past is akin to attempting to avoid oneself.

We’re a combination of everything we’ve experienced and everything we’ve learned up to this point. Our past is a crucial part of who we are, because we wouldn’t be in the position we are without it. In essence, our past is a catalyst that’s crucial to where we currently find ourselves and where we’ll find ourselves in the immediate and distant future.

I speak from personal experience when recommending embracing the past, present and future, because I’ve learned that to assume my past is behind me or won’t affect who I am or the lessons I learn in this moment is a bit of a distortion.

I’ve learned to embrace every facet of my past as I utilize the present and turn my attention toward the future, and specifically, toward my higher self, who I’ve come to understand has rapidly descended down into my perception and over-lit me.

Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t deny that my “situation” and that of plenty of other young awakening seekers is unique. In a rapid amount of time, I went from having a spiritually dim and limited understanding to discovering myriad paradigm-shattering things and rooting my perception in the spiritual.

Upon initially learning about spirituality and many related topics, such as channeling, I/my higher self began a rapid over-lighting process that I’m still experiencing and that feels very unique in terms of its rapidity and the honestly amazing effects it’s had on me.

Something interesting to say the least has been sparked in me, and the conclusion I had unflinchingly reached up until very recently was that I was a product of the “walk-in” phenomenon wherein one’s consciousness is over-lit or replaced altogether with, as I interpret it, a higher aspect of one’s self.

Discovering this phenomenon and linking it to my own, what I felt and still feel to be a rapid awakening, provided liberation that still benefits me today.

I still experience synchronicities related to the walk-in phenomenon wherein it seems like a message is being communicated, and try as I perhaps could, I can’t deny the unique and interesting nature of the incredible awakening I’ve experienced, which I continue to build upon.

We’re learning that our physical and spiritual evolution comes about steadily but with a series of rapid shifts at times, and it’s clear to me that, being as young as I am, I experienced (and will likely continue to) rapid shifts and adjustments to a different state of consciousness and understanding.

The walk-in phenomenon is still among the best ways to describe what’s happened, which I feel nothing less than blessed to have and continue to experience. Another way I’ve interpreted it is that, as I mentioned above, my higher self is making a rapid descent as I embrace the idea of doing everything I can to help awaken the populace and build a new paradigm.

Someone else could simply call it ascension; evolution; growth; enlightenment – and I can accept those interpretations. I can also accept that up until I made the decision to deepen my search for answers, the walk-in phenomenon seemed to be the best interpretation of this welcomed and quick awakening.

Coupled with a renewed understanding of “who I am” and why I knew, understood and did what I have in such a short amount of time, I made the decision along the way to take the advice given from our Universal Family that we can actively represent them if we choose to and I did just that.

Opening up to channeling our Universal Family led me to understand that I could use such an opportunity to represent them to the rest of the planet.

I made the decision to devote myself to bringing their communications through and presenting writings and projects designed to help present them to the rest of the world, and doing so worked for me for quite a while before a new phase of my growth I’d never expected kicked in.

Continued in part 2 soon.

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