Understanding Spiritual Evolution – Part 5

Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm.

Continued from part 4

Speaking from my own experience  – one of the biggest things that opened me up to perceptions greater than I’d ever expected is meditation. Meditation is the standard and almost-stereotypical recommendation amongst usually every spiritual circle, and this is because meditation provides us with a direct and uninhibited spiritual connection, depending on how deep we can get.

How deep into a greater spiritual perception we can get when meditating depends on how much experience we’ve had meditating, which goes back to the importance of practice and understanding that you’re not meant to be perfect at it instantly.

To be honest, meditation could challenge you in the beginning and the biggest problem any new meditator has is getting to a place beyond the constant, unending chatter of the mind.

This obstacle deters many potential new meditators who could really make something out of their ability and the connection they can find, and I, like many others, experienced this initial difficulty when first attempting to meditate.

Having also experienced incredible deepened perceptions upon understanding what I’m about to share, which is the standard advice in regards to this hurdle, I can say that the result is well worth getting past the initial difficulty.

The biggest problem many new meditators have with going beyond their thoughts is that they perceive themselves as having to “defeat” the chatter or silence it. To attempt to silence the chatter is only to bring forth intention, which brings forth one’s mind and defeats the purpose of reaching a deeper state of consciousness.

The idea of meditation is to exist with the mind in a detached way and come to a place of complete stillness and neutrality, but the initial problem with trying to do so is the constant chatter in your mind grabbing at your attention. To try to silence that chatter or mentally move away from it is to bring your mental consciousness forth directly and impend a connection.

Worry not, because your objective isn’t to silence that chatter at all. From a completely detached, neutral and nearly unconscious perspective, your objective is to let that stream of thoughts come in and pass through, holding zero attachment to them.

We allow ourselves to be attached to those thoughts when we try to get away from them, but allowing them to flow through with zero attachment sees us begin to Master the art of laying the ego-driven mental self to rest and finding greater states of consciousness.

If you’re one who finds difficulty silencing mental chatter, make an effort to meditate and allow your thought-stream to flow in and out of your perception with ease. After so long of doing this, you’ll find yourselves so detached from your thought-stream and so plugged-in to the purer energies that you’ll eventually no longer notice it.

Replacing your thought-stream will be swirling energies and pure frequencies of sound that will help adjust your physical body to the purer perceptions and realities we’re evolving into. You’ll be able to perceive of and work with the purer energy of the higher dimensions in very bold and unprecedented ways, and your physical health could even improve as a result.

Meditation is right to be recommended by as many spiritual seekers as possible, because it’s one of our uninhibited links to the higher dimensions. It’s simply that we must detach from our mental stream that runs constantly like a script in our head and find the deeper states of consciousness that bring us back to an unfiltered place of perception.

There are various different ways we can seek the higher dimensions, but meditation will help skyrocket us toward greater perceptions.

Upon utilizing meditation to open up to the higher dimensions, you can become aware of your ability to perceive of and exist in various etheric or “astral” landscapes. I should point out before taking this discussion any further that for me, these realms aren’t yet directly physically seen; I use visualization and receive impressions of the etheric landscapes I choose to create and travel in.

Visualization and utilizing our perceived “imagination” is key to opening up to etheric travel. We can understand the existence of brimming etheric landscapes beyond our understanding that we can interact with and perform Lightwork from, and visualization will see us create specific places and elements to exist in or under.

We can visualize literally any landscape and find our ability to create limitless. The importance of astral travel and visualization specifically couldn’t be expressed enough in my opinion, and one can find incredible liberation when playing around with one’s visualization and etheric creation abilities.

In my view, astral travel is important to our developing spiritual perception because, in a similar manner to meditation, it exposes us to spirit in specific ways. Visualization helps us to understand our unlimited ability to create in the etheric realms, and we’ll come to understand our ability to create in our physical realm as we understand visualization more.

A belief driving the “visualization for etheric travel” idea is that what we’ve perceived as our imagination producing illusory thoughts is actually our very real connection with and interpretation of our inner-held spiritual realms.

This belief makes allowance for the existence of the spiritual realms and expands upon that allowance by claiming us to be connected constantly with those realms and able to maintain active connections with and creations in them.

It’s believed that we’re able to visualize or imagine specific settings, landscapes, people and things, and experience a real and active creation of them in the etheric realms as we do so.

An Etheric Visualization-based Exercise

I’d like to offer an example of an etheric “exercise” led by nothing more than visualization. Because of the extent to which we’re attempting to perceive of the spiritual realms, light meditation is recommended as you visualize the things and places I’m about to describe.

You’re encouraged to allow yourselves to believe that what you’re about to imagine is very real, because in doing so, you can strengthen your perception of it. We’re essentially daydreaming, but it’s believed that the creation we daydream up is very real and we can do and be anything we wish in the realm we’re creating it in.

I’d like for you to imagine a beautiful spinning ball of transparent Light and color. Visualize the specific colors of this ball, and watch as it spins in a specific and very fast-paced pattern.

Feel it’s loose and pure vibration emanating over to you as you visualize it spinning and floating happily and rapidly in your imaginary space. Feel joy over the existence of this beautiful transparent ball of Light, and offer it your good and happy energies.

Visualize and watch a great light emanate from this spinning ball that spreads to every facet of your visual confine. Watch as this calm and colorful light permeates every facet of your visual space, and open up to a warm and lovely feeling that encompasses you and opens up your heart.

Now, for a more specific visualization.

Visualize yourself standing in a gravely driveway, holding a basketball next to a tall hoop. It doesn’t matter what the setting around you looks like, and I’ll leave that aspect of the visualization up to you. For now, focus on the driveway, the basketball and the hoop.

Specifically, notice the vibrant orange color of the basketball and the hundreds of tiny, hard bumps you can feel as you touch it. Toss the ball up in the air a few times, and feel the hard thud! on your etheric hands as you catch it.

Or, if you want, you can imagine your hands being transparent and the ball falling right through them and bouncing. Your ability to imagine and do anything in these realms is uninhibited, and I can’t express that enough.

Holding the basketball again, visualize as you direct it with your mind to the hoop.

In a Jedi type of way, you “will” the basketball out of your hands and gently into the hoop. The basketball goes through the hoop and bounces over to you, and as it does so the gravity around it seems to disappear and it starts bouncing slower and higher up with each bounce, as if it were bouncing on the moon.

Visualize your basketball slowly bouncing high up in the air as if its gravity has disappeared, and visualize yourselves floating high up in the air to retrieve it. What does the landscape around you look like from up here?

I could lead this exercise and introduce new elements all day, and the point of it and any visualization-based exercise is to help you become aware of our power and ability to use something we’ve perceived not to be real (our imagination) to interact with very real realms we maintain constant links with.

Continued in part 6 soon. To read the whole writing, head here.

Image: http://shahrla.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/wp_binaural-beats-meditation-300×277.jpg

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