Personal Update, November 7, 2013: Slow and Steady Progress on our Home


Looking out into the beautiful back yard

Photo: Looking out into the beautiful back yard

I haven’t written much about my family’s new home because progress has been stalled for the most part due to money issues and other factors. A lot has gotten done in the way of repairs despite the stalls, and the waterlines are nearly complete with the electric to be finished next.

I thought I’d go ahead and give a personal update about the house, and I’ll admit that we’re running a bit short on funds for the next repairs needing made. Because of this, we ask you all to send your positive energy in hopes that this path becomes clearer for us.

As I said above, things have been stalled for quite a while but it seems like the repairs are really about to start back up again, which excites us. Despite how long it’s taken and could continue to take, my wife and I remain excited about the notion of Living in our very own home for the first time.

We’re not allowed to even spend a night in the home until all of the repairs have been done and we’re approved to move in by the town it’s in, but we’ve spent time there and envisioned ourselves enjoying our new home after the repairs have been done and we’re able to move in.

You may recall from the last update that we had to dig a three foot trench in the back yard to replace the waterline running under the ground, and a decent chunk of change later we now face the prospect of running water with a working toilet and working sinks. Hallelujah!

The person helping us projects the water will be finished tomorrow (Friday the 8th).

Most of the home has electricity and nearly all of the lights, ceiling fans, ports, etc. work with no problem. There are a few important electrical repairs that need done, which will involve going into the attic, but beyond that we have only what little needs done with the water and what needs done to get the home up to the city’s inspection standards before we’re “officially” approved to move in.

I don’t know how long it could take us from here, and I’ll admit that it’s been quite a while since we got the home (we got it at the end of May this year) with progress being steadily achieved.

I’ll reaffirm our request for everyone’s positive energy in regards to this home and abundance for all of humanity, including my family and I, to come about for us each in the manner it’s intended to. Nearly half a year in, we continue to hang our heads up high with the concrete knowing that we will get into this dream home.

When it’ll happen has yet to be determined, but we remain excited and confident nonetheless.

Much Love all,


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