Breaking Tradition in a Spiritual Revolution


Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

In the new era we’re rapidly entering and building, I think humanity will benefit from letting ourselves break tradition and go against the curve.

Our current ways of running our planet and interacting with each other haven’t worked, and I think that an aspect of changing our deeply rooted ways will be going against the established norm and expressing our unique perspectives instead of hiding them away.

Humanity has been entering an era of spiritual revolution for centuries, and concepts that could be seen as “out there” right now may very well be accepted and understood by the general public in our future.

While certain elements in our society have worked actively to suppress knowledge of our true history, the real suppression that’s taken place has been self-instated in the minds and hearts of every unaware person.

I’m not going to say Western society isn’t focused purely on distraction and complacency toward anything above a certain spectrum of intelligence, but the forces cultivating such distraction can’t stop you or anyone else from regaining access to our inner-held spiritual realms.

We’re infinite beings with the potential and ability to do and be anything we want, and I’ve come to learn that every bit of perceived limitation is a fabricated product of the ego.

The old paradigm has seen us accept ourselves as limited human beings capable of little more than surviving and earning our keep, but in a new paradigm based in sharing and harmony amongst all, I can envision personal understandings of our strength and ability being cultivated in each sovereign yet united individual.

I can envision each person gleefully stepping up to the plate to be a part of the building of a galactic society that reflects the purer vibration we’re entering, and I can see Love and appreciation for one another developing as we work together on various important projects and revolutionary activities.

For example – what starts with each individual finding enlightenment and inspiration to start a movement to heal the Earth, can blossom into the unified humanity using technology that’s vastly advanced compared to our current standards to heal the widespread damage caused by oil refineries and oil drilling/fracking.

I can envision humanity’s water supply being completely cleansed of all of the chemicals that have made their way in because of fracking, and our food supply being cleansed of every last genetically modified ingredient.

As each citizen embraces enlightenment and understands myriad things that have been hidden, the collective desire to embrace a new way of Living and being based in widespread Love and harmony can grow to new heights.

To me, concepts like Love and harmony, while expressed a lot in many spiritual circles, are vastly underrated in the collective consciousness. In my opinion, not enough people understand Love and harmony in the deepest sense, but when they can, they can contribute to the spiritual revolution that’s strengthening every day.

Spiritual revolution (and evolution) has been ongoing throughout the ages, and in the 60s and 70s it hit a stride point as more people embraced a way of Living and being that went against the established norm.

Since then, great progress has been made and even people born of the most recent generations have gained an understanding of spirit and feel the call to contribute to this movement.

Individually, we have much to offer and the increasingly pure vibration flowing through us can help motivate and inspire us to do what we feel is best for the awakening of humanity.

As we embrace the idea of going against the curve and gain deeper glimpses into who we are and where we’ve come from and are returning to, we see that we have much to contribute to humanity’s awakening, and subsequently, that much still needs done.

A famous rapper once said that he didn’t intend to change the world, but to spark the mind that would. That was/is his role, and yours may entail motivating and enlightening others in a similar way.

My view is that as long as you enjoy your role, and I mean really enjoy your role, and as long as it doesn’t impact another negatively, you’re encouraged to embrace it.

Numerous people are awakening to the reality of the spiritual realms as we collectively outgrow the old paradigm, and the result can be a unified and motivated humanity ready to build a new planetary model of existence.

How would you contribute to our new paradigm? Do you have any ideas or concepts you feel would benefit humanity, or do you fell called to do something in particular?

I’d recommend embracing your role and embracing yourself in all of your greatness and ability. We’re all capable of great things, and elite classes can be a thing of the past when we all embrace our Light and the infinite ability that comes with it. You’re invited to contribute to this ancient yet highly relevant spiritual revolution, and you’ll be accepted with open arms.

Wes Annac – Imparting energy in the form of words that are intended to uplift.


— —

Wes Annac is a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as writings from Wes and channeled messages from our Universal Family. Come check us out!

Also see Wes Annac’s Personal Blog and The Golden Age of Gaia.

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