No More – A Song by Wes Annac

The following is a song written by me, called No More


We’ve lived in our egos

And we don’t yet even know

What we’ve been conditioned to believe

Is impossible for us all to achieve

Awaken everyone in your mind and your heart

Our outer shell’s made the rules

And it’s turned us all into fools

But the time has come to awake

To think and know and feel with more than just your brain


For we are all

Reality alchemists

And deep down we all know this

We have fallen hard

And made our steady climb

Up to the end of illusion

And we all know

Just where we’ll go


But until then

Our higher intuition guides our path

Of pre-set stages and trials for us all to pass

We gain that needed insight from our choice

And in the end of all of this we rejoice

With the knowledge of the activated seeker

Our cycle’s end draws so near

And our lower ways of living and being, they must clear

Respect and Love replace hate

As we all grow into our new way


For we all call

For a change of mind and heart

We’ve known for so long, the time has come

Some they still slumber

But they will all soon be shown

They’ve been deceived

All along

And true freedom

Means to be one


Our spirits rise

Our freedom rings

Open your eyes

Have so much to bring

For as evil sways

Minions all been left behind

And now on this day

We’re no longer treated like swine


No, no more


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