Double Dutch Radio: Lucas and Wes Annac Interview for the Viewpoint in the Now – Airs Friday, November 8, 2013


I had a great time speaking yesterday on my good friend Lucas’ Double Dutch Radio show, which airs this Friday morning (November 8th). In a prerecorded interview, Lucas spoke with me for his twenty-five minute Viewpoint in the Now segment and we discussed some of the things that are happening currently in the way of transformation and expansion.

I mentioned my developing desire to lay down the metaphorical sword in regards to fighting the powers that were as I turn toward peace and wholeness, and the discussion took off from there.

I can remember Lucas mentioning that detachment from world events becomes much easier when we realize that they’re repeating themselves and going in a big circle, and we had particularly interesting discussions about meditation and much more.

Overall, the chat was enjoyable and laid back and the hope is that the resulting material benefits all of you. I’ll happily speak on Lucas’ show in the future, but for now you can look forward to Lucas, Peter and Colin’s Double Dutch Radio this Friday.

Depending in what time zone you’re in, you can probably wake up Friday morning and find a post about the show on my blog(s) and Lucas’, because it airs at 6 AM Eastern time. The link to the show can be found here, and Lucas’ blog, Lucas2012infos, can be found here.

Much Love!



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