Weekly News: “Stop Watching Us” and the Shapeshifting Bakersfield UFO


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To begin – Thousands of people gathered in Washington this week to protest the NSA’s broad internet and phone surveillance of US citizens and citizens of the world abroad. (1)

The “Stop Watching Us” rally was the largest yet organized to protest NSA surveillance, and I think it’s particularly heartwarming to see people with different political viewpoints come together to protest the NSA’s breach of our basic human rights.

I’ll post a snippet from the Guardian that explains the Stop Watching Us rally.

“Thousands gathered by the Capitol reflection pool in Washington on Saturday to march, chant, and listen to speakers and performers as part of Stop Watching Us, a gathering to protest ‘mass surveillance’ under NSA programs first disclosed by the whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Billed by organizers as ‘the largest rally yet to protest mass surveillance’, Stop Watching Us was sponsored by an unusually broad coalition of left- and right-wing groups, including everything from the American Civil Liberties Union, the Green Party, Color of Change and Daily Kos to the Libertarian Party, FreedomWorks and Young Americans for Liberty.

The events began outside Union Station, a few blocks away from the Capitol. Props abounded, with a model drone hoisted by one member of the crowd and a large parachute carried by others.” (1)

It’s always refreshing to see the people stand up and make our voices heard about crucial subjects, and the era of trusting our governments has been replaced with one of understanding that they’ve misused such trust and monitored us as much as they have terrorists, the monitoring of whom they’ve used as justification for monitoring everyone.

In case some of you out there don’t know, the NSA has built up an intricate and complex network of international digital surveillance, and whistleblower Edward Snowden recently disclosed a wide range of classified NSA documents to the Guardian and the Washington Post in an effort to expose this network.

We’ve heard about the NSA’s various different programs that are designed to be able to monitor and collect our every digital move, and we’ve heard about their work with encryption software companies to install flawed encryption into much of the technology we use so that it’s accessible and able to be tapped.

There are likely plenty more startling revelations to come, but right now the people are galvanizing and protesting the NSA’s widespread ability, the extent of which we’ve only just learned.

In my opinion, what’s really happening with this and plenty of other protests/rallies is that the public is demanding an end to the old paradigm and is consciously and subconsciously ready to be a part of the Creation of something much better and for-the-people.

The manner in which our current ruling bodies operate seems to be far against the will of the people, and these protests will hopefully bring more attention to the fact that we’ve been and continue to be spied on by an organization that claims to have America’s and the world’s best interest in mind.

From a spiritual standpoint, I can say that the old continues to crumble/be exposed as we the conscious public make way for the new.

Every person involved in protesting the current falling regime that’s dominated our planet has gained consciousness and awareness in their own way, and as we protest the old, so should we be prepared to help bring in the new.

As we protest the NSA and continue to speak up against them and the people behind the curtain, so should we embrace the idea of collectively running our planet and making the decisions. In a paradigm of widespread abundance and peace shared amongst all, terrorism won’t be a justification for monitoring everyone’s digital move because it won’t exist.

The lower oriented qualities that have been at the forefront of our collective consciousness will be things of the past, and the people will have full control of the decisions being made. We’ll have the “power” if you will, and it’ll never be abused or given to a small percentage of individuals again.

The conscious people protesting the NSA and drawing further attention to what they’ve been doing are helping bring in the new paradigm in a needed way. Some people are beginning to think that protest breeds unnecessary resistance against the forces being protested, but I think it can be a necessary first step toward building something better.

As long as we’re ready and willing to take collective control of the planetary governance as I personally feel we should, we can protest the fading forces of injustice while keeping in mind the reality of Love, peace, harmony and every other quality we’ve been taught to demean or belittle.

As always, the hope is that the NSA exposures and the resulting protests are only the beginning of the rise of the general public.

In other news – A bright and color-changing UFO was spotted for two nights in a row over Bakersfield, CA (US) by stunned residents this week. (2)

Residents in Bakersfield were treated to two interesting sightings in two nights of a bright, colorful and apparently shape-shifting object that caught their and the local news’ attention, with the news reporting on the phenomenon in the referenced video.

Daron Nunn, an amateur astronomer, was able to get a good look at the object through a telescope. Summarizing from what he told 17 News about it, when looking at it with the naked eye it seemed like a simple bright object that was too stationary to be a plane and too bright to be a star.

However, it was in looking at the object through a telescope that Nunn and others were able to watch the amazing things it was doing – splitting, changing shapes, and eventually darting off.

Needless to say, Bakersfield residents who don’t directly understand the UFO phenomenon are likely very stunned about this object, and perhaps some of them have now been awakened to the fact that our reality isn’t at all what we’ve believed it is.

Because of the work I’ve done, it’s perhaps expected of me to unflinchingly support the idea that the UFO seen for two straight nights is a craft belonging to our evolved Universal Family, who I and many others believe keep an eye on our planet from behind the veil with the goal of the collective evolution of humanity in mind.

There are telltale signs about this object that, to me, point to it potentially being an advanced craft of some sort. If it is a craft, then who it belonged to hasn’t and likely won’t become known because of the extent to which phenomena outside of our current paradigm of understanding are suppressed and forgotten about.

I won’t rule out the fact that if it was a craft, it could’ve been created by the cabal as another piece of advanced technology they’ve kept hidden from humanity.

However, unless it’s done in an inherently malevolent or fearful way I can’t imagine the cabal willingly displaying their advanced craft to California residents, many of whom are keen on seeking answers.

Whether this is a result of our Universal Family’s increasing desire to show themselves to humanity, the cabal’s desire to display their advanced tech or anything else, it’s a phenomenon that’s vastly outside of our current paradigm and could lead people to broaden their perceptual horizons.

Most of our science and practically all of our religion becomes instantly outdated in the face of such a phenomenon, and yet, beyond the spot on the local 17 News it probably won’t get the widespread attention it deserves, nor will the thousands of other genuine UFO sightings that have and continue to happen.

Eventually, the truth of what these bright objects are will become common knowledge, and until then, I think a lot of us have an idea of just what they are and what their purpose is for being here at this time.

More people are awakening every day as our limited paradigm of understanding is broken, and things outside of that paradigm will continue to greet us as we continue evolving into a place where we’ll zoom around in our own “UFOs”.

It’d be easy to jump on a bandwagon and claim this latest sighting to be from our Universal Family, but what it stands for or represents is perhaps more important than what it is.

It represents a potential and instant outdating of nearly everything we’ve come to learn and understand about ourselves and this reality, and I think that these continued sightings will keep awakening more people to the fact that something lies beyond our existence on this planet.

This week’s news links:

(1)- The Guardian: “Thousands Gather in Washington for Anti-NSA ‘Stop Watching Us’ Rally” (Written by Jim Newell) at:


(2)- Video: “Massive UFO Sighting 2 Nights in a Row over Bakersfield California” at:


Image: http://startupmeme.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/newspaper.png

This concludes our weekly news.


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