Planetary Healing: Blessing the Recently Crossed-Over

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This week, we’re going to perform an etheric blessing of souls who are passing on into the realms of Nirvana.

Longtime subscribers will know that we’ve performed myriad etheric blessing exercises in what used to be the “astral travels” segment our Planetary Healing has replaced, and every now and then the idea for an etheric exercise presents itself.

As goes without saying, people pass on into the realms of Nirvana every day and in every moment, and the purpose for this exercise will be for us to help many of those who are passing on from this Earthly realm as possible. We’re going to use our etheric visualization abilities to visualize an astral realm that we’ll then meet and comfort the afterlife initiates from.

We’ll also bless these souls and those among them who experienced particularly traumatic transitions, in hopes that they’ll be able to cope with their transition in smoother and easier ways.

Death is a sacred transition that isn’t to be feared, in my opinion, but because of the non-understanding of death that’s been cultivated in our society, too many people still fear it for the fear of no longer existing.

I can remember that one of my biggest fears when I was a child and teenager was that death was the end of all existence and that I’d find myself a non-existent entity of non-consciousness when I eventually do pass on, but I’ve since come to understand the reality of Life after death and the magnificent spiritual evolution we’re all blessed to take part in.

I’ve come to understand that, to quote Steve Beckow, death is akin to a change of clothes.

It can be easy to fear a transition we don’t yet know much about, and for those fellow spiritual seekers out there who fear death or know little about it, there are myriad books available on the subject of Life after death. I would recommend Dr. Eben Alexander’s “Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife”. (1)

Especially if one’s death was caused by traumatizing circumstances, the transition of death can seem anything but peaceful and benign but a growing number of people on this world are discovering the etheric realms and just where we go when our physical body dies.

Perhaps in offering our blessings and helping those who have transitioned, we can somehow offer support or condolence to their loved ones who’ve been left in the wake of their passing.

Our intent is ultimately to use our abilities to help as many people, alive or transitioned, as possible to cope with death and understand the blissful nature of the realms beyond Earthly Life.

I’d like to begin this exercise by having us visualize a wide open field with a big, strong tree in the middle. Longtime subscribers will recognize this as a place we’ve traveled to frequently, and the fully conscious being before us can be remembered as the “tree friend” we’ve visualized and existed with in previous etheric exercises.

Visualize and feel the fall-time vibration of this landscape.

The leaves of our tree friend are falling from its branches onto the ground, and for those of you visualizing yourselves walking, hear and feel the crunch of the leaves beneath your etheric feet as you walk closer to the tree. Others may choose to float to our tree friend, and as you walk or float notice that an aura is radiating off of it.

Feel this energy reaching out from the tree, as well as the tree’s consciousness and excitement over our presence with it. Feel that our tree friend is offering us each pure and blissful energy as we get closer to it, and feel that it’s very happy we’ve chosen to be in its presence once more.

If you’d like, visualize yourselves sitting on the branches of the tree. Perhaps you choose to float or climb up and sit on a branch closer to the ground, or perhaps you choose to sit all the way at the top of the tree. What’s the view of this fall-time landscape like from the very top?

Notice that beyond the tree’s falling leaves, colorful etheric fruit is growing from its branches that don’t plan to fall. As we have in the past, you can pluck the fruit from the tree and partake if you’d like, absorbing pure higher-dimensional energy and wonderful tastes as you do so.

Spend as much “time” as you’d like communing with our tree friend and enjoying the fruit from its branches, and when you’re ready, visualize a funnel cloud of sorts seeming to open up in the sky.

This isn’t a grey or nasty funnel cloud that would signify a tornado, but rather, it’s a colorful cloud and when we look closer we can see that it’s actually a forming spiral. A colorful spiral is beginning to form in the sky, and we can now visualize and see as waves of transitioning souls come through this spiral and float down to the ground of the landscape we’re in.

Notice that an energy surrounds this group as a whole, and notice that while they’ve traveled here as a group, they have no perception of each other and are undergoing a lone and personal experience.

As this group arrives on the etheric ground, notice that waves of souls appear around many of them to greet them and let them know they’ve transitioned. Some of these souls are family members, friends or spiritual guides who’ve been waiting to greet their devoted “followers”.

We can notice Jeshua here with us, greeting various different individuals who still have no perception of the others in their group. We can also notice plenty of other religious deities and entities who’ve been looked up to by the people who’ve transitioned into this realm.

I didn’t quite expect other family members and religious entities to be here welcoming the recently deceased with us, but it makes sense to me.

Notice that while many are being greeted by family members and other souls, there are the few in the group who aren’t greeted by anyone and who haven’t yet come to terms with their deaths. We’re going to bless everyone, but we’re going to focus on these individuals specifically.

Visualize this small group of isolated individuals who have no knowledge of where they are or what’s just happened to them. Notice that some of them are confused, and many are in grave fear. The ones who are in fear have either experienced the most traumatic deaths or have feared death the most throughout their Lives.

Visualize as these people and these people alone become aware of each other, and begin asking each other where they are and communing about the possibility that they’ve transitioned. There are still the few in this group who are too afraid or traumatized to speak, but they too have become aware of the others.

Those who’ve begun conversing then notice us, and very curiously ask us about this place and where they are. As they ask their questions and probe us for answers, simply give them a smile and visualize our subscriber group beginning to lift off of the ground and float toward the sky.

We’re floating in a group up to the sky, and after floating so far up visualize as we stop and hover over our landscape, looking down at our tree friend and the people who’ve transitioned. Notice that some of them are blissfully eating fruit off of the tree with their family or guides.

Now we’re going to ready ourselves to give our blessings.

Look down upon this fall-time landscape from your position up in the sky, and as you do so, affirm and feel a wave of pure energy traveling up through your spine and out of the chakra above your head. If you’d like to, you can raise your arms and feel this energy come out of your hands.

“Aim” this energy at the recently-deceased group as you visualize and feel it come up from within. Ask yourselves the questions we’ve asked about this energy in previous exercises: what does it look like specifically? What are its colors? How does it appear as it’s funneled through and aimed at the group?

As you funnel it down, encode a message into this energy for the traumatically scarred and for the group as a whole. Your message can be unique to you, but I’ll write the general message I chose to give below.

“Don’t worry nor fear amidst the course of your transition. Your physical body has ceased living, but your spirit is eternal and can never cease to be.

Enjoy the perceptions you have always had the ability to access, and be there for those who are grieving your loss. Heaven is very real, as is God, and you’ve just taken the next step in your progression to full consciousness.

You are Loved infinitely, and you are Love. Cherish your eternal Life and embrace this next step.”

After you’ve encoded your personal message into the energy you’re sending down, affirm and feel a huge final wave come through you and permeate the minds and hearts of each individual in the group.

Notice that everyone becomes aware of each other as this energy reaches them, and notice as some of the souls who were too scarred or traumatized to even speak begin to warm up to the idea that they have, in fact, passed on.

The death transition isn’t easy by any means if you’ve grown up with limited understandings and resulting fears of death, and if our energy and encoded messages have helped these souls even a little, than we’ve done our job as Lightworkers.

I couldn’t say how many more etheric exercise ideas will present themselves to me, but when they do I’ll happily write them out in hopes that wherever they take us is beneficial to humanity’s ascension. Given the number of souls who’ve recently and unexpectedly passed away, I felt it appropriate to have us do what we can to help everybody who’s passing on in this and every moment.

Of course, the group we’ve just helped is only a small portion of the number of souls who’ve passed away even since we started this exercise, but our energy is intended to have a ripple effect; on those we’ve blessed, and again, on their family and loved ones.

You can now spend as much “time” as you’d like in this landscape, speaking with those who’ve transitioned and making further efforts to help those who are too scarred or traumatized.

Lightwork and energy work in general (they’re really the same thing) can be performed infinitely and endlessly in these realms, and it doesn’t take a written exercise for us to perform continual Lightwork if we feel called to do so.

Your abilities are infinite, and they can be put to myriad good uses that’ll help a lot of people who are involved in the evolution of the Earth. We’re all involved to our own degree, and the more effort we give, the more we’ll naturally get done.


(1)- Amazon link to “Proof of Heaven”:

This concludes this week’s planetary healing.


Image (Note: When following the link I received an “image not found” notice. I’ll offer it anyway.) :

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