To be Neutral Isn’t to Abandon Lightwork


I wanted to make a quick note about falling away from spiritual labels in the name of neutrality and harmony amongst us all.

A few different writers in the spiritual circles have written pieces about embracing no label or surface-based idea about ourselves, and to embrace solely the fact that we’re united awakening souls who can, together, bring about great change on this planet.

Some have put forth the idea that awakening souls are technically all we are in this moment.

I do agree with the idea being presented, and I endorse not looking toward ourselves in vain or surface-oriented ways. I should say that I don’t necessarily endorse scrapping the idea of ourselves as Lightworkers entirely, however, or fooling ourselves about our true power and ability.

Granted, it’s safe to say that there are some who label themselves a Lightworker without understanding the deeper and very real work involved with it, and the “mainstream spiritual” perception of the Lightworker camp and just what a Lightworker or Lightwork is has perhaps been muddied into general or even vain territory.

That I certainly understand, but in my opinion, it’s not quite enough of a reason for actual Lightwork done by individuals who’ve genuinely stepped into the role of performing this energy work for the Earth’s ascension to be chastised or suddenly have its genuine nature misunderstood.

In my book, there are millions of active Lightworkers on this planet – helping to anchor an incredible amount of higher-dimensional energy; holding the space for the rest of the world to ascend; utilizing the etheric realms to bless various people and lower energy; and transmuting the massive lower energy that has and continues to be fed by the collective.

There are such things as real Lightwork and genuine Lightworkers, and I think that to embrace the work one’s performed with an outward label that describes such work, rather than simply act under the label because one’s awakened and has heard it a lot, is what sets Lightworkers who’ve put in the effort apart.

My aim certainly isn’t to feed into dualistic thinking here, but I don’t believe we should grow into chastising or taking our collective perception away from Lightwork or energy work as a whole just because of the widespread and perhaps misunderstood term “Lightworker”.

In a time when we’re learning to come together and embrace the ideals and beliefs of every unique facet of our awakening collective, it’s important to remember the meanings of things we’ve grown so used to that we may be more comfortable growing out of instead.

I don’t seek to convince you of my feelings about Lightwork or Lightworkers, but I did want to make a note about the difference between the label being used in a general or hollow sense and a real, descriptive sense. Lightwork is being performed every day on this world, and if you don’t choose to believe in this idea than I have no desire to try to convince you of its reality.

I’m simply reporting what I’ve come to feel and know within, and I feel it’d be a shame for the Lightwork being done to go unrecognized because of the growing and certainly understandable desire for neutrality amongst the awakening public, which I aim to contribute to.

Wes Annac – Offering my perspective on current unfolding events in our awakening consciousness

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

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10 thoughts on “To be Neutral Isn’t to Abandon Lightwork

  1. There are yes many Lightworkers all over the planet who work from there home , yet are linked up in there intents to the field were all who feel in there heart of hearts that they are indeed a Lightworker , don’t really matter if some people put a label on that word because before we incarnated back into the world we where on the other side of the veil just that but on a much higher plane so to speak…… and as the new energies amp up WE will hold the LIGHT to work it’s wonders in 2013 and on…..The best is yet to come and seeing Love is in the mix of Light it’s self….. No one can kill LOVE & LIGHT NO ONE……


    • Indeed, we are all connected via the Universal grid of conscious energy. As we learn to integrate what we perceive to be darkness and learn from the catalysts each collective and individual lesson presents us, we embrace Love and Light in their purest forms.

      Much Love,

      Wes 🙂


  2. Agree agree – nicely put – I will quote you soon on this – save myself some work – as I have said that I would continue this discussion a day or so ago. Therese Zumi Sumner


  3. Heck yeah… I found your blog through the phrase “lightworker,” and even though it’s a superficial label, it’s useful to feel connected to the other souls who are consciously aligning with light and beauty for the planet! We truly are creating a brilliant future for all beings each day. 🙂


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