Channels and Coming Together


The awakening community as a whole is generally strong. We’ve been able to understand and expose the forces of corruption and tyranny, and we‘ve come to find expanded spiritual perceptions of the reality around us.

We’ve made significant progress and now stand at a pivotal moment in our establishing of a new paradigm in alignment with the ideals of all. Despite our progress, there seems to remain a stumbling block still in the way of achievement of our ultimate goals and ideals.

Something I think we should perhaps address is that, for the most part, we’ve remained divided into certain “camps” based on our respective beliefs and disbeliefs.

I’m not saying that various different awakened groups working independently to help bring about a new paradigm isn’t a good thing, but at some point it becomes essential for us to merge our respective groups.

In doing so, we can recognize and celebrate our differences in belief rather than allowing them to keep us apart, for we possess unprecedented power as an awakening collective to inform the world about the existence of the spiritual realms.

In my opinion, it’s important to recognize the work that still needs done despite the progress we’ve made up to this point.

There’s a lot of work left to be done indeed, and in this moment, one of the biggest aspects of that work is helping to forever break planetary division by acting as perfect examples and breaking the silent division amongst various awakened “camps”.

There are myriad flourishing awakening communities and our brimming presence on the internet is clear, but for the most part, it seems undeniable that different groups or camps haven’t yet found each other or have remained separated for other reasons.

It seems that one of the biggest reasons awakening groups remain separated and “do their own thing” independently is because of difference in belief, and this is, again, an issue we can no longer avoid addressing as a solid body of awakened individuals.

Addressing our difference in belief regarding various matters usually related to ascension, the higher dimensions or contemporary events will set us free from the silent division we’ve at times unknowingly instated and fed, in my opinion.

Because of the works I’m known to write or bring through, it’s likely clear which “viewpoint” I could represent.

With a smile on my face, I can say that I believe our world is being and has been visited and assisted by benevolent and spiritual extraterrestrials many times in the past, and that they’re still “around” communicating telepathically with anyone and everyone who chooses to open up to them.

Extended from this is the further belief that the Company of Heaven overall – Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Seraphim, etc. are all actively focused on our evolution and on communicating with humanity and offering us guidance.

For me, the idea that one can’t and won’t open up to the spiritual Galactics or the Company of Heaven overall of one just can’t believe in the reality of such contact, helps drive this belief.

I and plenty of others believe that humanity possesses latent yet accessible greater abilities, such as telepathy, and that we’re able to use these abilities to communicate with very real individuals and collectives comprising the higher dimensions. If this idea is just too unbelievable or inaccessible to you, then the Galactics and the CoH overall have no desire to overwhelm you with its reality.

However, if you can consider the idea of even the existence of spiritual realms beyond humanity’s physical understanding, much less the idea that you possess and can access the aforementioned abilities and practice them, you could very well open up to a genuine connection and experience endless validations of everything discussed in channeled messages that seems fictional.

If you can open up to the possibility of a complete other paradigm in existence right along with the dense and limited one we exist in, you can come to experience unprecedented personal validations. You may be thought of as naïve or as if you’re chasing a silly fantasy even by fellow spiritual seekers in different “camps” of belief, but none of that will matter in the face of the personal validations you’ll receive.

In my opinion, the paradigm of not allowing for the beliefs of another needs to be broken in the awakening public especially. If we out of anyone don’t lead by example and unite, how can we expect whole countries, races and religions to?

It’s been said that we each possess incredible power and energy that affects the collective in every moment. I think that even if we do so without realizing it, to continue to feed or be complacent to division amongst our own awakened ranks is to allow our powerful vibration to feed instated division in the collective.

Various individuals and groups have been doing much important and needed work for humanity, and I should point out that there are others working very actively to bring Lightworkers together and join our efforts.

These individuals certainly deserve credit where credit is due, and I’m not the first person to bring forth the idea of bringing awakening camps together.

Speaking for myself as a channel and speaking for what I’ve experienced in the avenue of personal validation, I’ll soon be presenting writings designed to help break the hype, sensation and stereotype surrounding channeled messages and the assistance being given by Galactics and the Company of Heaven overall.

Personally, I don’t seek to defend channels because I’ve latched onto some “trend”.

Rather, opening up to and channeling various individuals and collectives comprising the Company of Heaven has changed my Life and helped me awaken to the spiritual realms in every way, and my goal is to help as many people become aware of and find a connection similar to what I’ve found, as possible.

In that avenue, I’d like to do my part to help inform others about channeling and the CoH in as level-headed and understandable of a manner as possible. I’m ready to step up to the plate and do all I can to help the common, discerning individual understand the reality of channeling and the Galactics’ existence.

Expect in the near future, much discussion concerning channels and the Company of Heaven coming from me, because I aim to do my part in bringing us all together by presenting what I know and can feel within.

Speaking from the heart, I can say that everybody deserves to feel the brimming impressions given from higher-dimensional entities. As we bring our various awakened camps together and become the prototype for a flourishing unity-based movement, so will the rest of the world be inspired by our unity to establish widespread harmony amongst all.

Wes Annac – Ready and willing to join with you and build our new paradigm.

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia


15 thoughts on “Channels and Coming Together

  1. Amazing my dear friend. That is a point that I honestly have thought about, we as lightworkers coming together in the some way to increase ever more the light in our collective consciousness.


    • Thank you, Pedro. In my opinion, it’s unavoidable that we all come together and merge our respective Lightworker/awakening groups. In doing so, we can help the rest of the world establish a model for unity and harmony.

      Much Love!

      Wes 🙂


  2. You should try to get all groups of Lightworkers together at the same time once a month …
    All in thought … Imagining us all either holding hands or as balls of light up in space .. surrounding Earth … Sending all our light and raising the vibration of the Earth and to all souls…
    We could do different ones.. Some healing…. Some about unlocking DNA-
    During a meditation I was imagining myself and other Lightworkers surrounding the Earth… But together as a collective- so very powerful. We could ask all the Angels etc .. To help support us and to be with us.. Just a thought:)))


  3. I agree 100%!
    If we can’t find a common ground, how can we expect anyone out of these bounds to accept that we are an essential part of the big world.

    My own main question is : What is a human?
    My answer this far is, that we are fantastic light beings in the true image of the creator him/her/it self.
    A new fact i found is that when we were made, we received fetures that our makers didn’t posess them self, (this is commonly called evolution).
    We are actually capable of having clearer time streamed thoughts than most of the divine community.
    So we do posses emense creative powers and thereby are of enormous value to creation it self.

    What ever people belive, what ever faith they follow, there can only be ONE true reality.
    Now the structure and functions of this reality is very complex so they all can be, (and probably are) right, but their right is only partial, covering one perspective not the whole true and full picture.

    We must also consider that we both personaly and collectivly evolve our consciousness through stages of more and more inclusion. First we are sublect to external powers, then we learn to see these powers and they become objects to us. At the same time we are still sublects to other newer more refined powers and so the evolution continues.

    Then what are we doing here, and why must this be done by us.
    Can’t they just send down the Micheal-troups, pump up the ascension energies and make us all step in to 5D heaven right away?
    I think that if they could, they would, but they can’t!
    Because that is not what we are about to do.
    There is at least 2 sides to each coin.

    It’s not about us marching into heaven, it’s about heaven marching into us! 🙂

    Mother Gaia have by now established full physical 5D support.
    This make it possible for us to bring and express the heaven-part of ourself here.
    But we are the only ones that is grounded here, the CoH are not and our Star family can’t stand our type of conditions.
    Then at least for now, this is totaly up to us!

    I think the core task we are doing is to establish higher consciousness to the frontears of creation.
    Hmm, but if the Creator is 100% perfect (as he/she/it is), why didn’t he establish this consiusness here from the beginning, why bother with all this?

    Well I think we are deceived by us living on a timeline.

    How do you make a masterpiece perfect?
    You remake it very many times, adding, reversing, moulding to get the ultimate shape and this work can and will take forever.

    Now the good thing is that time as we know it doesn’t hold in 5D.
    We (at least our soul) all ready have eternal life.
    So accessing our heaven-self will automatecly bring us timeless consciousness and perspective.
    We add the physical aspect to our big ever lasting self, grounding the divine US here on Gaia, there by enlighten this part of creation.
    Well that’s a mission worth doing!
    (Hmm, maybe I take on some lifetimes on Earth and try this out, when the time is right!)

    Now if I’m right, how do we get the lightworkers to get this?
    If our friends can help us define ourselves here as Gaia-bound humans and help us see our potential by physical manifestation, we would at least start to find a common ground.
    I think we need more knowledge about the basics of humanity, life on this world and in the big world.
    How is it to live a physical 5D-life?
    That’s what we are up to!



  4. Wes,

    I hear your message loud and clear and I love it! Not an easy road to take, but no road is right now. I can hear your passion about this subject and am very glad your energy will be put towards bringing together diverse “camps” because it will take lots of level-headed but passionate commitment to do that. You seem to have an abundance of that.

    Personally, chanelled works have been absolutely essential to my spiritual education. Jane Roberts is still the reigning Queen for me, on a personal level. It all started with her for me… well, actually, I heard about Seth from listening to Abraham/Hicks. This was about 10 years ago. Now I have an amazing collection of channeled sources to learn from…. all the way from the Course in Miracles to people like Veronica Torres/Elohiem, lesser known but amazing and committed.

    One thing stands out overall: the common message is amazingly coherent and yet each channel has such a unique way of expressing the common truths. Or, rather, the channels are themselves unique, but also the entities that they are channeling are of course unique… so the message are beautifully diverse in the sense of emphasis and style and target audiences. A mosaic of voices. I believe that entities speaking through channels are very conscious about who their targeting with their information. And they monitor the growth of awareness over time in those “audiences”.

    To our earthly ears, the varied messages can sound discordant. To those in less dense realms, the harmony is plainly clear. But we are ALL on the leading/creative edge, it isn’t like we are the less-wise humans trying to catch up with some Higher Truth System and if we all get on the same page everything will be hunky-dory. So in bringing together diverse “camps”, we need to keep in mind that we are all designed to hear these messages in different styles, with different metaphors and simply different information. Different emphasis.

    Perhaps the approach should be fun and lighthearted: some sort of game or puzzle could be developed where we all try to LOOK at where we are in common agreement, and then also where we are in disagreement — and where the gray areas are. No one should have to defend their viewpoints against others. Start with simply expressing your viewpoint with clarity and thoughtfulness. That exercise alone would be helpful. Each “This camp”, if they want to define themselves as such, would need to define the camp! Good luck with that, eh? Each individual is a camp, really. But there is a great usefulness to making broad groupings and then gathering these groupings together for greater …. well, power, really. Real power.

    I totally agree that the general public deserves to hear about and understand channeled materials of all kinds. The process of actually READING or LISTENING to the works for an extended amount of time is what really convinces people. You can’t really shorten that process much.

    Anyway, my two cents.


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  6. WE who are awaking see through the veil’s and tune our intents into the field of oneness for all who are thinking on the same level so to speak… the more we amp up out inner energies and become much brighter the more we can change the over all world….as the energies become stronger coming in from outer space more people worldwide will be affected , we Humanity saw the Rome fall 440 Ad and people were thinking this is the end of the world as we know of it and it was…..Not so in 2013….. we are building a new beginning full of LOVE & LIGHT the best is yet to come…… the insane who are still on Gaia will come as well but in a different time frame YET we must FORGIVE them all For They No not what they are doing indeed…..


  7. Agree.
    For continuity across channels from many aspects.
    As for people contributing, I always thought it would be good if everyone had a different aura or number hovering above their head, with their level of wisdom or distance travelled along the ascension / spiritual development path. Sadly they don’t! 2150 AD has something similar, sergey lukyanenko has levels of gloom and spiritual masterness, isobelle carmody also is interesting how her communities at obernewtyn came about.
    Because unless someone stands up and says – sorry, there is a better way and people respect that some know better, it’s unlikely to work. There are a lot of do good people who are not so wise, It’s very easy to spot something you used to be in others and understand where they are and why they see things the way they do once you have been down the path. Rotten apples in carts springs to mind for sure. Most activist types seem to have some issues (I guess by forcing their view of how the world should work) but feature in the ascension community. Then you have (excuse labelling and stereotyping for sake of getting point across) ufo, alternate energy, all kinds of interesting belief systems out there, lightworkers have the reiki, spirit fair types, herbal tea drinkers etc… All on the ascension fringes. And of course everyone can contribute, but what is wisdom, it needs to be agreed upon. I’ve seen and experienced closed minded communities or when moderators or any number of other reasons kill the idea before it’s off the ground and people contribute less and there is fear and resentment… sigh… so i think if everyone is truthful and open (almost said from the heart then , read so much waffle). And so called spiritual masters, from what I can tell I pretty much know everything they preach, and im sure there are many silent people out there who know things i don’t. The whole – politics attracts dodgy politician types who want to be politicians, it seems true of many communities but can never work for ascension/light/spiritual. As for light/good people, in my vast travels around the world in about 50/60 countries over many years meeting what must be at least a million or so, I made a list recently of just 20 people who i consider good, just a few of which are truly amazing in a stupidly high vibration raising mine even more sense. Just tonight wrote about contagion of true lightworker to a friend.

    So.. this is before you get to costs or language or timezones, and probably more importantly, collaboration skills and the approach or manage the tasks and discussions in hand. There are probably non ascension types with skills in this area.

    For sure, some topics could be raised and people contribute and by weighted voting or agreement or disagreement guidelines or knowledge or ways of doing could be agreed upon. What’s that mexican film where the guy dies and goes to some like heaven place, or as before theo alexanders book might work.

    What are your thought on how it could practically be done?
    Agile using confluence imho. Or maybe something like an anonymous topic board/newsgroup for ideas to merge and grow in others.

    Now, not sure if this is the right thread, but another VERY important point which makes much of it all redundant.
    Because I See things in truth without ego or bias because of who i am with focus in the moment etc.., this makes my review of life events ‘important’ (not the right word) because of the purity, and as such my thought gets automatically attributed more points and because of this it’s more likely to come into being. Like, where does thought of those in power or general consensus come from? That or Im paranoid 🙂 or it’s very improbably coincidence.

    Yeah, this probably works best. 🙂 There is no other or better way (cool films/books aside).

    So perhaps best just do for the channel wordings / expressions of ideas?
    And to think of different dimensions or levels to it all makes your head hurt.

    Nice site, great way you write. Very good to see the open mindedness of thoughts and ideas you have of recent, hopefully making people think harder for themselves, much better than fluffy words although somewhat task focused.

    train of consciousness piece over – hey, train of thought is like a channel 🙂
    Must get a new muse soon.


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