Preview: The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter 56th Issue – The Channeled Bits and a Reader’s Question

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Hello dear friends, and welcome to the fifty-sixth issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, I’ll discuss the Norwegian Prime Minister’s recent shift driving a taxi, as well as the agreement on the part of the United States and the Cayman Islands for the latter to begin disclosing information about their account holders.

We’ll also absorb an update from SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian High Council; we’ll hear from my “future self” existing on the fifth-dimensional Earth during our astral travels; and I’ll answer a reader’s questions about releasing our previous karma in preparation for ascension and the activities of lower-inclined factions of the Zeta race.


Now, for this week’s Channeled Update

This week, we’ll hear from SanJAsKa, speaking for the Pleiadian High Council.

In this message, SanJAsKa and the PHC discuss the artificial and distraction-based reality that’s been crafted around us; the desire on the part of the Company of Heaven for our entire planet to ascend; and enjoying our experiences as we help the populace awaken.

They also discuss the Company of Heaven’s desire to communicate with and/or incarnate on the Earth; understanding that those we perceive to be unawakened will awaken in due time; and the learning curve humanity could experience in regards to establishing unity.

“As awareness continues to grow in the minds and hearts of the Earth public, the energies being put out in every moment are leaning increasingly toward the Light. 

The mindsets, beliefs and attitudes being given out and established by humanity are beginning to make allowance for the existence of the realms of spirit and for so many other truths that you wouldn’t perhaps expect for your general populace to be opened up to, and this process of the general collective opening up and become aware will continue until every soul on your planet is fully enlightened and aware of the reality of your existence. 

An artificial reality has been Created and enforced in an effort to keep you feeding into spiritually drained states of consciousness, but now, the true reality of your existence as spiritual beings undergoing a human experience is beginning to be exposed and understood by an ever-increasing amount of souls.

This process has been ongoing for a very long time, and is due to continue to increase in the amount of Earthly souls it reaches with its influence.

As we’ve said before, our aim is for your entire planet to ascend and while there will be relocation options for those who’re ultimately comfortable in the lower dimensions of consciousness, with the rapid manner in which your collective is awakening we continue to remain steadfast to our goal of every soul ascending.

This is because our desire is for you to feel the brimming and happy states of consciousness we’re speaking with you from. Upon feeling the incredible vibrations of the higher dimensions and getting a taste of all of the metaphysical wonders they have for one, one begins to become very excited and interested in helping as many souls as possible to find these realms.

We’ve been counseling each of you personally, especially when Earthly events seem to pile up on you or you find yourselves immersed in a sea of difficulty. We note that many Lightworkers are thriving in this moment, while others continue to toil in difficulty and our hearts truly go out to those experiencing the latter.

Your Earth experience is meant to be joyous and is meant to inspire you, while at the same time, testing your resolve and ability to exist in the extremes of lower-vibrational consciousness the Earth has to offer.

Specifically, the Lightworkers have incarnated on the Earth with the aim of helping uplift its collective and transmute the bulk of the lower-inclined planetary energies in preparation for your full-on collective awakening and ascension, but despite your roles as wayshowers and guides, we ask for you to enjoy your Earthly experience and to seek aspects of it that’ll make you happy or help you to feel fulfilled or at peace with your existence.

You have the power to lead the most joyous of Lives upon the surface of the Earth, and more than trillions of other souls in the higher dimensions dearly wanted the opportunity to incarnate on the Earth and uplift Her collective.

Because of this and because only so few were chosen, we ask for you to realize the true uniqueness of your incarnation onto the Earth. We ask for you to see that you’ve been given the greatest opportunity to uplift a collective that’s been rooted in lower mechanisms and ways of separation and hatred for so very long.

You’re on the Earth to anchor a supremely pure vibration, the vibration you hold within underneath your surface, and your presence on the Earth has inspired and uplifted millions of other Earthly souls who, because of the presence of the Lightworkers, are just a little more opened up than they could’ve otherwise been.

Of course, your energetic and evolutionary influence will go far beyond slightly helping your public to awaken, as again, the entire populace is to be informed and is to understand that the ways your reality has been established have been purposely hollow and devoid of spirit.

Your world will come to find the presence of myriad Galactic humans and races who’ll delightfully share the insight and technology we have with you, and until the collective vibration is allowing enough for us to maintain a full presence on your Earth without worrying of our own vibration dipping, we remain as close to you as we can be, helping to guide you from your inner-realms.

As long as one can maintain an active and flowing connection to one’s inner-realms, one can routinely and forever connect with as many different higher-dimensional souls and collectives as one wishes to.

Upon opening up to the realms of spirit, depending on the extent to which one allows oneself to believe they can make such connections, one can connect with a nearly endless range of souls and collectives who’ll all delightfully offer our energies and impressions.

This is because of the active fixation on your Earth and your evolution on the part of us in the higher dimensions, and with so many souls who wanted to experience the Earth finding themselves unable to do so, the prospect of sharing a communication or sharing one’s energies with the Earth is looked upon quite favorably here in the higher dimensions.

This is, in part, why you’ll find so many exuberant and excited beings and collectives to chat with, and your range of ability to pick up on the impressions of various different souls will only increase as you continue to evolve.

We ask for you dear souls to realize that perception-wise, everything is due to get better from where you currently stand.

In terms of the good vibrations you still have to feel and the amount of positive work for the surface of the Earth you still have to do, we can happily and assuredly say that many wondrous things await you. Things that will shatter your previous Earthly perception and the confines in which you’d placed yourselves will come before you, and the result will be your increased understanding that your reality isn’t anything like you’ve been told.

Many souls on your Earth are still quite comfortable within the third-dimensional structure of Living and being that’s been crafted around them and for them, and this is because for the most part, they don’t yet know anything beyond what they’ve experienced on the Earth or the comfort shells they’ve built around them.

The importance of refraining from judgment of those who you perceive to be unawakened couldn’t be expressed enough, as even souls around you who you wouldn’t perhaps expect have and will open up to many of the same truths and understandings you have.

Of course, we’re not recommending one attempt to hold intricate conversations regarding the higher dimensions with those around one if they simply aren’t ready, but with the lightened collective vibration making effects on the minds and hearts of every Earthly soul, you may be surprised in the immediate time ahead as to just how opened up more and more will begin to become.

There are the few Lightworkers out there who didn’t quite expect themselves to be opened up to the level of insight regarding the higher realms that they now are, or who didn’t expect themselves to be actively involved in metaphysical or spiritual work as they now are.

Lightworkers who ran businesses, took high positions in the corporate world and Lived a Life far away from the higher dimensions or working for the higher dimensions, have found themselves opened up and happily serving Source and humanity in a few short years.

This is the power of the energies leading you toward the higher dimensions, and many of you have been activated ahead of time by your ascension energies. 

This essentially means that the awareness you were able to find, while having been planned to occur all along, was boosted tremendously by the increasingly-pure energies you’ve been given for years of your linear time.

As you’ve found yourselves so easily able to pick up on and remember the higher dimensions again, imagine your entire world becoming open and rediscovering all of this themselves, as a result of the lightened collective energies. 

Harmony and unity will become the pervasive ways of Living and being upon your Earth, and instated separation or division will give way to such unity. Infighting will be a thing of the past, though we note that humanity indeed still has much to learn in the way of harmony amongst each other, and could experience a few rough curves along the way of establishing harmony. 

This is because you’ve been convinced you’re separate beings for far too long, and that programming could be a mite hard to break when you initially come together.

It will all be a part of the learning process, and you’ll come to know that despite your differences in belief or opinion regarding various matters, you are and will forever be constructed of the same Loving energy of Source.

We ask you to celebrate your uniqueness as a collective. Enjoy the fact that you each possess your own different opinions regarding various different matters, because a world full of souls who agree with each other and lean away from individualism will only forever be held back.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express that the brimming vibrations so many of you are finding in yourselves are helping lead you to greater intellectual understandings about yourselves and the existence around you.

Everything is lightening and refining at present, and when it doesn’t seem to be so, we ask you to know and feel that Source is with you and that we’re looking upon you, with Love, joy and appreciation of the purest order in our hearts.”

Thank you to SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian High Council.

This concludes this week’s channeled update.

Now, for this week’s Reader’s Question

This week, we have a few different questions from a reader who wants to know about clearing our past Life karma and clearing negatively-oriented energies from places they’ve accumulated, among other things.

I’m going to divide our reader’s questions up, and answer the latter half of them next week.

“Hello Dear Wes:

I have a few random questions:

1. Must we release all of our past karma before we are ready for ascension? Is this best accomplished through meditation?

2. When the Zetas bring the human hybrids to earth, are there plans for them to inhabit the planet or meet their parents?

3. I have been instructed in my meditations to ask if my soul consciousness is of a “new paradigm.” If not, I ask it to be cleared and raised. I receive a wonderful download of energy! Sometimes it is at the top, but other times I must request a second download. I was wondering what is your thoughts/experience about this.

4. I just returned from a trip overseas. Spirit would not allow me to meditate while traveling because too many dark energies were in all of the hotels. I am trying to get my husband to meditate, but he spends most of his time traveling. Can you recommend a way to clear these negative energies? (Or, perhaps he needs to just go outside and seek a quiet park).

Thanks for all you do for us!

Sending you and your family much love”

These are very interesting questions, and are relevant to my own experience and the Lightwork and karma-clearing I’ve made my attempts to perform. As I have in the past, I’ll answer each question numerically.

1. “Must we release all of our past karma before we are ready for ascension? Is this best accomplished through meditation?”

I would say that from a technical or factual standpoint, we do indeed need to release any bit of lower-dimensional or past (or current) Life karma before we can naturally resonate with the fifth dimension again.

This is because our consciousness, whether it’s incarnate in a body or not, needs to be able to match the frequency of the fifth dimension or of any state of consciousness beyond its current perception, before it can experience that frequency again.

As we assimilate greater Light and reach pure states of consciousness that surprise and bedazzle us, so do we also undergo a process of surfacing and processing any accumulated energy, emotional or otherwise, that’s dimmer or more distorted in purity than the realms we begin embracing when assimilating purer Light.

The purer states of consciousness we find and the Light energy we absorb quite literally pushes our “shadow selves” and any unsurfaced or unresolved energy or tendency up to the surface for our review, to the point that we can’t avoid it.

Meditation can certainly help us reach the deeper states of consciousness we’ll uncover our buried karma or trauma from, but meditating solely won’t fully resolve the issues at hand.

Those with painful or volatile pasts who choose not to surface or acknowledge what they’ve accumulated will, in many cases, meet those unresolved feelings in very tumultuous or conflict-ridden ways via karma. Those who accept and flow with the process of surfacing past Life energy and karma can enjoy a much easier experience, while still undergoing the necessary difficulty.

The best thing about the ideal of needing to resolve all of our karma before ascending is that it’s not as black and white as some would expect. If you worry that you won’t ascend any time soon because you’re in the thick of your process of surfacing and dealing with karma, know that every bit of what you experience and transmute is a significant part of your process, and that you’re making immense progress.

It’s also important to remember that our individual and collective ascension is on a timetable, and that despite the amount of past Life karma surfacing one still has to do, it’ll all be done in perfect timing and we’ll all be able to embrace our ascension, having sufficiently lightened ourselves and matched our vibration with the fifth dimension.

2. “When the Zetas bring the human hybrids to earth, are there plans for them to inhabit the planet or meet their parents?”

I’ll have to admit that I haven’t heard much about the belief expressed, regarding the Zetas bringing human hybrids to Earth.

Upon trying to research the subject to properly answer our reader, I found myself awash in material about Zeta abductions, impending disasters caused by pole shifts and a host of other misinformation that one naturally wades through to find the gold nuggets of truth.

I’d imagine our reader has read genuine material about this subject and has herself waded through the misinformation and fear-based predictions, but if I can, I’d like to address what I know about the Zetas’ activities on Earth.

It’s been said that negatively-oriented factions in the Zeta (Grey) race were allotted by the cabals to mutilate cattle and abduct people, children and animals in order for them to perform a wide range of experimentation.

Genetic experiments likely took place, and experiments of sewing the Zeta’s genes into humans could’ve taken place as well. Though this is a bit unrelated, we’ve heard that in the past, the DNA of positive Galactic races has been sewn unto the Earth (without invasive abduction or genetic experimentation), Creating what could be called “starseeds” in our population.

A note: starseeds can also be Galactic souls who’ve incarnated into a human body to uplift the planet, though I’d imagine a Galactic starseed would incarnate with semi-Galactic DNA anyway.

Though my aim certainly isn’t to associate the positive Galactics’ seeding of the planet with the negatively-oriented Zetas’ experiments, I should point out that there are positive and Lighted factions of the Zeta race who could’ve participated in sewing the planet with their DNA for positive purposes.

Perhaps this is what our reader’s referring to.

I also try to note when discussing the negative Zetas’ experiments, that they’re no longer allotted to do what they once did, as the Company of Heaven and the positive Galactics specifically have been granted greater permission to intervene in the affairs of Earth and the factions that once performed abductions and experimentation have long been banned from our vicinity.

I’d imagine the cabals still try to keep the fear alive by performing their own ritualistic abductions, and we’ll learn in the time ahead that they assisted and allowed the negative Zetas to do what they did, in exchange for slightly advanced and mostly war-based technology, which we’re now led to believe was Created by scientists or developed by military companies.

In regards to the positive Zetas sewing the Earth with their DNA; this wouldn’t involve any sort of abduction process or an Earthly person experiencing any degree of trauma or pain, because the positive Zetas are no different from the Pleiadians or Sirians in that they’re enlightened, spiritual beings.

The negatively-oriented Zeta factions experienced fourth-dimensional states of consciousness and fed service-to-self ways of being on a massive level, and it’s even been hinted to that the leaders of such negative factions are experiencing their own forms of “containment”.

Ultimately, the world will come to find that various Galactic races have existed and have visited our planet for far longer than we’d think or imagine, and the negative factions that once worked against humanity will come to find the Light in their own time.

I honestly couldn’t say what the fate of “abductees” or “hybrids” was or will be, but like so many other things that just can’t remain hidden, we’ll come to know the truth.

Next week, I’ll continue answering our reader’s questions by providing insight into lightening our vibration and transmuting the heavy vibration prevalent in the world around us. As always, these are important topics to our ultimate resonation with the higher dimensions.

This concludes this week’s Reader’s Question.

It’s hoped that this preview has resonated and been of service. Much Love all!


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