Soul Purpose (No Need to Wait) – A Song by Wes Annac

The following is a song written by me, called Soul Purpose (or, No Need to Wait).


The old man says are we there yet

I’ve been waiting for so long

Diligently serving humanity all my Life

Tell me kids, where is my song?

The young kid says hang in there mister

Our work has just begun

We have so much to do, so much to feel in this age

There’s no need, no need to wait

For so much truth awaits your understanding

It’s up to us to spread the awakening

Only you can liberate yourself

But all those long lost souls, you can help

It’s your soul purpose

The young kids cry, where is our home?

It sure isn’t this battered world we Live on

Service is our only aim

In being here amongst your turmoil and all your hate

Your collective it has remained broken

You’re kept separated, fighting each other every day

This my friends is why we are here

We’ll help impart the teachings of Source in every way

For you deserve to know the truth, oh how they’ve hidden it

Humanity will overcome the hatred we’ve experienced

When Light is shone onto the darkness, everybody wins

I say, you can be a part of this

It’s your soul purpose

We’ve made our mistakes

Living under the stresses

We had to learn

What we didn’t know

What we found we grew from

And now we seek to help you

Help you know that this is all real too

So march everyone onto the forces of corruption

They have towered over us for far too long

Liberation comes in the form of the collective

Proclaiming to our oppressors that we are strong

And we won’t quit

For we deserve to know the truth and we’ll uncover it

Humanity will overcome our hatred

When we can find Love we’ll express it to everyone

United spirits singing our heart’s song

Sing it in joy


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