Astral Travels: Blessing War

The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

“Until the philosophy which hold(s) one race superior and another inferior, is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, everywhere is war.” – Bob Marley (“War”, a song inspired by a speech given by Haile Selassie.)  

This week, we’re going to bless warfare and in doing so, expand upon our previous blessing of the hatred and separation that’s brought war about for centuries on this planet. It’s uncustomary for us to war against each other, and we’re a strong collective that can thrive if we work together.

We’ve been taught for far too long that war is necessary to obtain peace, which is a complete contradiction. As we’re awakening and have been for decades, the people are seeing the necessity to end war and proclaim our sovereignty from it and the hatred and separation that drives it.

While I personally feel our astral exercises and blessings to be important, it’s equally important for us to take action in the physical to proclaim our collective readiness to exit the warlike mentality that’s kept us in states of mental and spiritual bondage.

It’s been said that the cabals have purposely manifested various wars in an act to feed mass sacrifices of those who they perceive to be the lower class, and because they profit from war no matter which country it’s in.

The cabals have gained spiritually and financially from war, as the gruesome vibrations they’ve been able to keep manifested has kept the collective in the aforementioned states of bondage. We’re now learning to cultivate peace and awareness of the horrors of war, and in my opinion, an important part of doing so will be for us to use our ordained abilities to bless war and the hatred that’s brought it about.

We’ve performed previous blessings of hatred and divisiveness, and again, our exercise this week is partially intended to expand upon those blessings.

To begin for this week, I’d like for you to visualize a serene desert landscape, brimming with color and vibrant spiritual energy. The trees and flowers are exuberant and overflowing with rich and intense color, and there are natural springs all around this landscape beckoning anyone who wishes to take a blissful dip forth.

There are countless people and animals existing in this landscape with us, and the energies being passed around are those of unity and harmony.

Every person, animal and plant exists in this beautiful landscape with no divisiveness or hatred experienced, and the environment reflects the harmonious vibrations emanating off of every facet of consciousness here. Create specific things about this landscape to notice and enjoy, as we have so many times in the past.

Perhaps walk/float over to one of the people or animals, and begin to have a conversation. Notice that the conversation is purely telepathic, and you can communicate intricate psychic impressions to one another that you’ll both pick up on with ease.

Feel that you can have an entire week’s worth of conversation with any one of these souls in what seems to be a moment, as your telepathy is instant and can communicate much larger volumes of information in much realer and more intense ways than our Earthly language can.

You can have wonderful and long conversations with every person, animal and plant in this landscape.

As you go about your chatting and enjoy the specific things about this place you’ve Created, notice as most of the people and animals begin gathering around what looks to be a stargate or portal. Visualize as a scene of sorts seems to display itself, while the group beckons us forth to see it.

This is similar to the scenes we’ve had displayed during previous exercises, and rather than venturing through the stargate or watching another soul venture through, we’re going to view what forms in it: the landscape of a land eerily similar to the one we’re visualizing.

The difference between the landscape we’re visualizing and the one we’re viewing through the stargate is that the level of hatred and resulting turmoil is turned up exponentially in the latter. The impression I’m receiving is that the area we’re viewing is the 3D Earth “version” of the ascended and harmonious land we’re visualizing.

The area we’re viewing through the stargate experiences massive turmoil and war every day, and the citizens of this land who aren’t directly a part of the war efforts have to worry about bombs going off in the night (and during the day) or other devastating warlike actions taking place.

The overwhelming majority of people in this land who don’t have enough political freedom to voice their fear and concern, wish and pray for the warfare to stop and for peace to settle unto them and their land. Even many of those who participate in the warfare have to stuff their feelings down deep within, and commit atrocities that at their very core, they don’t agree with.

The vibrations of the land seem temporarily devastated.

The Earth cries out for salvation from the continual warfare being fed, and we, from the harmonious realms of the landscape we’re viewing, will answer Her cry and offer our blessings. Continue to view the landscape in the stargate for a moment, and if you wish, perhaps visualize peace settling onto that land before we offer our blessing.

Any good we can do with our visualization abilities might as well be done as we go about our exercises, and the great thing about our blessing this week is that we’re going to perform it with every person, animal and plant who exists with us in this harmonious landscape we’re viewing our war-torn land from.

As you ready yourselves to bless the scene we’re being shown, notice that the large group around us is harnessing their collective energy already.

What does this energy look like? It can take any form or structure that’s best relatable for each of us, and personally, I saw a blue misty type of energy that was sparkling and flowing forth from the hearts of each facet of consciousness around us.

The people, the animals and the dear plants alike have all joined together to offer this harmonious and pure blessing energy. Even the sky, the clouds and the sun are taking part in this incredible gifting of Light, and you’re asked to add your personal blessings to the mix now.

Feel and affirm that the pure Creator Light of your Being come up from within and flow outwardly, in abundance. Visualize, affirm and feel your personal Light arising, and if you’d like, perhaps reconnect with your infinite reservoir of pure Christed Love energy, which we each hold within.

When connecting with that infinite and infallible source of Love energy inside of you, you can offer the purest and most brimming of blessings for the struggling landscape we’re viewing and for the people inhabiting it. Affirm as you offer these blessings that no soul should have to struggle with the turmoil of war, especially those who want no part in it but can’t speak up for fear of persecution.

Proclaim that every soul deserves the infinite peace of the higher dimensions, and visualize as Love and Light energy bursts out of you in purer and purer increments each time it comes through.

Visualize now as our energy and that of the collective around us is funneled through the stargate, to the scene and the people we’ve been witnessing. As always, this landscape and the people in it act as representations for the vibrations we give to be funneled onward to the real situations and people they’re representing.

Visualize as our collective Light pours into the landscape we’ve been viewing, and quickly gets to work on helping soften the minds and hearts of those in the region who’ve fed into destructive warfare on a massive level. This is ultimately what our blessing energies are for – assisting the work being done in the realms of the unseen as much as possible.

Visualize as this energy steadily and surely permeates the minds and hearts of every soul in the landscape, and helps the people to eventually ignite a peaceful revolution built on unity, harmony and cooperation. Visualize that the landscape we’re viewing eventually grows to become the place we’ve performed our blessings from, and that the people we gave the blessings with are the very souls who were struggling with warfare and turmoil.

We’ve just helped to give blessings to a landscape from its own future setting with our visualization abilities, and as always, you’re encouraged to stay in this land and give your blessings to other representations in need.

Perhaps some of you have already performed blessings I’ve planned for us when exploring your own abilities, and you’re encouraged to explore and do as much as possible in these realms.

For now, we can enjoy our successful completion of yet another exercise bent on giving our Light energies to the Earth and its collective consciousness, and we can also expand upon the blessings we’ve already given in this harmonious place.

This concludes this week’s astral travels.


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