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Hello dear friends, and welcome to the fifty-first issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, I’ll discuss the FBI’s investigation into the mass torching of GMO sugar beet in Oregon, as well as the legal challenges being brought-up against the NSA, the FBI and the British GCHQ for their wide-ranging and interlinked surveillance activities.

We’ll also absorb an update from SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Council of Nine; we’ll work from a Galactic ship to bless people afflicted with life-threatening illnesses during our astral travels; and I’ll answer a reader’s question about the growth and aging of the crystal children incarnate on the Earth.

To begin for this week – A couple of weeks ago, it was reported here and elsewhere that an incredible amount of GMO sugar beet was torched by hand in Oregon, by what could’ve only been a large group of vigilantes or farmers who’ve been led to financial ruin by Monsanto, or by GMO-based corporations similar to Monsanto.

It’s being reported this week that the FBI has confirmed the large torching of the GMO sugar-beet, and is labeling it an act of “economic sabotage”. (1)

It’s unfortunate, yet unsurprising, to see the FBI siding with Swiss biotech company Sygenta in demonizing the group of people responsible for the mass torching. Genetically modified organisms, which are understood as dangerous and seem designed to keep us in poor states of health, have also caused a great deal of harm to farmers all across the United States.

Just as the referenced article from Wake Up World explains, pollen from GMO crops can blow-over into a farmer’s natural crops, and contaminate those crops with the unnatural GMOs. Rather than the company who owns the crops being held responsible, the farmer can then face copyright infringement and financial ruin. (1)

The little man is being squeezed-out in favor of big biotech, and the FBI is acting in accordance with multinational corporations rather than with the will of the people. The very fact that Monsanto has been banned in so many countries should show the harm GMO crops cause, but the United States is one of few countries that still seem to endorse GMO-based corporations and act in their best interest.

I discuss this latest news story in an attempt to expose how intricately the cabals have nestled themselves into various positions of corporate and political influence, in an effort to push things onto humanity that are meant to keep us unhealthy and unaware.

Since they all play for the same team, the FBI is attempting to strengthen the pro-GMO propaganda that Monsanto and others have attempted to push, by labeling those who’ve stood up to big biotech as “economic saboteurs”.

Pay close attention to the label the FBI has attached to the torchers. To proclaim they’re committing an act of economic sabotage paints this group as economic terrorists of sorts, who care only about destabilizing the economy by burning the crops of a big corporation that we’re supposed to believe is growing such crops to help humanity and the economy.

The GMO-torchers are being made to look like the bad guys for doing what the United States was founded upon: standing up to big corporate and political influences and showing them that the will of the people cannot be silenced.

The GMO-torchers have committed no acts of economic sabotage, and have rather, assisted this race a great deal by showing big biotech that we’re not going to remain stifled while they push their unnatural crops onto us. In the future we’re heading into, we won’t have to worry about big corporations pushing unnatural crops onto us, as we’ll have taken the power back and long began to oversee the natural production of each crop that’s grown.

No longer will big corporations decide what is and isn’t right for humanity to consume, and no longer will propaganda be used to sway a public from expressing support for people who’ve done great things, but who are labeled saboteurs or traitors. It’s quite noticeable to anyone with eyes to see, that people who’ve done a great service to humanity are being made to look like criminals for standing up against the cabals.

Just look at Bradley Manning; Julian Assange; Edward Snowden; the group of people responsible for torching the GMO crops in Oregon; the list could go on and on. These people are being made to look like criminals with the propaganda we’re given from our government agencies and our mainstream media, but in reality, they’re exposing and standing-up to the real criminals.

They’re showing the real criminals, as well as the rest of the world, that We the People are aware and ready to take back this planet. They’ve leaked documents; revelations; Power-Point presentations. They’ve used fire to massively proclaim protest against big biotech, and by association, against the cabals themselves.

They’ve stepped up to the forefront of the collective consciousness to show the way for the rest of humanity, and to bravely offer themselves in service to protesting a broken and rotting-through system. For this specific matter; in the future, when this group of brave anti-GMO protesters can expose their identities, they’ll do so to an appreciative collective.

They’ll do so to a collective who understands the importance of what they did, and they’ll be revered for standing up against GMOs and against the corporations working hand-in-hand with the United States government to push unhealthy crops onto humanity.

Their heroic acts will be revered, and this goes for every truth-exposer and mass protester who’s helped the consciousness of the planet to grow with their actions.

In other news – The American NSA and the British GCHQ are both facing impending legal challenges to the extent of their broad surveillance operations. (2)

Because of the revelations surfaced by Edward Snowden, which were leaked to the Guardian and the Washington Post, the incredible extent to which citizens of this world are being digitally spied-on is being exposed, and the agencies responsible are being held accountable.

While the mainstream media has, up until this point, attempted to put large focus on the US’s attempt to extradite Snowden, who’s considered a true patriot and a hero by the people who understand the importance of what he’s exposed; it seems now that real action is being taken to hold the NSA and now, the British GCHQ, accountable for what they’ve been doing.

In the United States, civil rights campaigners at the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) will ask the Supreme Court to “suspend the blanket collection of US telephone records by the FBI” by way of an emergency petition, due to be filed on Monday. (2)

The British GCHQ has collected and used information from the NSA’s PRISM program (while possessing a similar program called Tempora) and in Britain, papers have been filed which call for an immediate suspension of their collecting and usage of the data they’ve collected. (2)

I’ll post a couple snippets from the referenced news stories, concerning the NSA and the GCHQ being called-on to stop their illegal spying on benevolent citizens. The first snippet concerns the EPIC activists’ legal challenge to the NSA and the FBI.

“The latest [challenge] from Epic asks the supreme court to rule that the NSA and FBI have stretched the law governing state intrusion to such a point that checks and balances put in by lawmakers have become meaningless.

Under section 1861 of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (Fisa), authorities seeking such records from phone companies must show ‘that there are reasonable grounds to believe that the tangible things sought are relevant to an authorized investigation”.

But lawyers acting for Epic argue that the sweeping nature of Fisa court orders revealed by Snowden make a mockery of this ‘relevancy clause’.

‘It is simply not possible that every phone record in the possession of a telecommunications firm could be relevant to an authorized investigation,’ says a copy of the petition seen by the Guardian.

‘Such an interpretation of Section 1861 would render meaningless the qualifying phrases contained in the provision and eviscerate the purpose of the Act.’”

Here’s a snippet from the news story concerning the GCHQ.

“Papers filed on Monday call for an immediate suspension of Britain’s use of material from the Prism program, which is run by America’s National Security Agency.

They also demand a temporary injunction to the Tempora program, which allows Britain’s spy centre GCHQ to harvest millions of emails, phone calls and Skype conversations from the undersea cables that carry internet traffic in and out of the country.

Lawyers acting for the UK charity Privacy International say the program is not necessary or proportionate. They say the laws being used to justify mass data trawling are being abused by intelligence officials and ministers, and need to be urgently reviewed.

Privacy International has submitted a claim to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), which is supposed to review all complaints about the conduct of Britain’s spy agencies. The organisation hopes for a public hearing and early rulings because of the seriousness of the situation.” (2)

I can make this claim until the cows come home, but these days, we’re being inundated with news stories detailing the exposure of the cabals. Every day, new revelations come-forth and the people and agencies responsible for the injustice that’s been perpetrated, are being held accountable for their actions.

A little over ten years ago, revelations concerning the incredible extent of the cabal’s illegal surveillance against citizens would’ve never come to light. If they would’ve, the mainstream media would’ve likely ignored them. After 9/11, pro-America propaganda was enforced to the extent of nobody questioning the people in power, who we were led to believe were acting in our best interest.

In this time of exposure and Light being brought to the planet, those in power who’ve been corrupted are being seen for what they are. The cabals have thought themselves able to get away with every injustice they’ve perpetrated unto the Earth, but we’re continuing to be shown otherwise.

The American NSA has had their surveillance activities against ordinary citizens exposed, and since the initial revelations, we’ve come to find that France’s equivalent external intelligence agency is involved in the same activities. Even now, we’re coming to find that the British GCHQ is involved in these very same activities. Interesting, is it not?

The dominos are falling and the puzzle-pieces are coming into place, one by one. The mountain of lies and illegal injustice the cabals have perpetrated unto our collective is coming down on top of their heads, and I can only continue to recommend bracing yourselves for the revelations that are still to come.

I worry that two news stories a week aren’t going to be enough here really soon, because we’re learning new and startling (yet unsurprising) revelations every day. We’re coming to find that the surveillance operations of various spy agencies are actually quite interlinked, and the revelations concerning how closely-knit the respective spy agencies have been working with each other are likely just beginning to pour out as well.

Just as I’ve said before, ideas that were previously labeled “conspiracy theories” which the general public couldn’t relate to or believe, are being exposed as very real. It’s true that the cabals are using the agencies of their developed countries to spy on citizens of those countries.

It’s true that a small collective of tightly-knit and interwoven individuals who perceive themselves to be elite have tried to create an empire on this world, that sees them ruling over us and perpetrating any act of injustice they want. It’s true that they feel themselves worthy of spying on us and making sure we don’t “fall out of line” with how they want people to be.

It’s been said that the cabals originally intended to use the internet as a means of greater distraction and control against the people, but the internet has been used to expose them and the mainstream news outlets that have previously worked in their favor, are beginning to aid in that exposure.

The exposure of the NSA and the GCHQ has always been meant to come about, as every citizen deserves to know that their text messages and internet conversations have been recorded. You and I have been spied on, by a corrupt agency that’s been in place to instill an illusory sense of security and complacency into our collective.

That agency and the overall group of perceived elitists responsible for the vast violation of our ordained sovereignty as citizens of this planet, are being exposed for the entire collective to see. Hold on to your hats, because it’s the beginning of their end and the Creation of something wonderful.

This week’s news links:

(1)- Wake Up World: “FBI Calls Destruction of GMO Sugar Beets in Oregon ‘Economic Sabotage’” at:

(2)- “NSA and British GCHQ Face Legal Challenges for Spying on Us” at:

This concludes our weekly news.

Now, for this week’s Channeled Update

This week, we’ll hear from SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Council of Nine.

In this message, SanJAsKa and the PC9 discuss the work we’ve performed for the Earth’s ascension up to this point; the illusory nature of the Earthly experience; the deeper facets of ourselves we’re coming to discover; and the “non-distorted lens” we’ll come to see ourselves through.

(Note: The message in full has not been given for this preview.)

You are a Divine being of consciousness, who is infinitely and vastly Loved in the realms beyond your conscious understanding. Whilst you perceive yourselves as erring and making mistakes along your growth, we have the perspective of being able to see that everything you experience and do is necessary for your growth as a soul of the higher dimensions.

You’ve incarnated into the lower-dimensional spell of illusion and taught yourselves that you’re imperfect beings who must strive to become better than what you feel yourselves to be, and we wish to hold you in our arms and let you feel your own warmth and Divinity as a being of spirit.

We wish for you to know that you’re beautiful and Divine beings who are Loved so very much, by us and by many others who are actively fixated upon your evolution.

We and so many others have been watching your experience play-out from behind the veil, and we watch as you grow and learn your way through difficult challenges. We cheer you on throughout every moment of your Earthly experience, and we wish dearly for you to be able to fathom the good you’re doing, even by just existing on the surface of the Earth.

From a mental standpoint, you’re anchoring an incredible amount of Light unto the surface and collective consciousness of your Earth, which is vastly needed for Gaia’s collective to be able to find the pure states of consciousness so many of you have awakened to.

On a heart-level, you’re awakening the minds and hearts of every individual on your Earth who would otherwise continue to experience and feed-into the illusory hologram of lower-dimensional Earthly reality that your collective has been feeding-into since the end of your year 2012.

If you could only fathom the wondrous events that are set to occur in your immediate future, than you’d understand why we tell you that everything, in every moment, is truly ok.

We, like many others, wish to remind you that the Earth experience is an illusion; a trial that you put yourselves through as you work to find a greater understanding about yourselves and the reality around you.


Thank you to SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian Council of Nine.

This concludes this week’s channeled update.

It’s hoped that this preview has resonated and been of service. Much Love all!


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