Astral Travels: Whistleblower Blessings

The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we’re going to use the blessing abilities we’re beginning to develop, to bless the various whistleblowers and people who have come out against corruption and tyranny, sometimes at great personal risk.

Edward Snowden is just the latest example of a courageous soul working to expose things they’ve witnessed and been a part of that they were not in agreement with. All over the world and for decades, brave individuals have stepped-up and risked their personal sense of security in the name of exposing the crimes of the cabals, and it’s for this and plenty of other reasons that these souls deserve our blessings.

Specifically, we’re going to work to put protection around these souls. We’re going to bless a few specific corruption-exposers in a manner intended to keep them as safe and secure as possible, and our blessings are intended to radiate-out to every person whose exposed corruption on this world.

I received this idea in part from Steve Beckow, who made a call to Lightworkers to send our good vibrations to Edward Snowden, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to integrate such an idea into our astral exercise this week, as well as expand-upon it. Again; rather than just blessing one individual, we’re going to bless a handful of courageous whistleblowers and people who have worked to expose corruption.

We’re learning how powerful our blessing and healing energies are as we expand-upon our perceptions of them, and now, we’re going to reintroduce ourselves to the ability to put energetic and Lighted protection around an individual or small collective of souls. In doing so, each one of us is intended to unlock a greater understanding of our personal strength and ability to provide and be a conduit for not only Love and abundance, but for pure protection as well.

When we can affirm that our energies go to protecting another from the lower vibrations manifested in the form of those who would come after them (authority being the case with various whistleblowers), we’ll understand the strength of what we’re doing in greater ways. We’ll also help a myriad of souls who have themselves done much for the evolution of the Earth.

To begin our exercise, we’re going to first visualize our individual selves standing/floating on a beautiful beach.

Look to your left, and to your right. The beach extends out for miles it seems, and behind you, beautiful jungle-Life is brimming. At this very moment, it’s just you and your beautiful, spiritual beach. Merge with every facet of this beach momentarily, and feel the various elements that make it up.

Feel yourselves as the water splashing onto the beach from the sea. Feel yourselves as the sand; the air; the sky; feel the deepest and most innate, spiritual connection to every element and aspect of the harmonious Creation around you. Ease into the purest feelings and perceptions you can, as you’re truly meant to feel and radiate such purity.

You maintain a constant, affirmed connection with this land. This being an etheric land, you can also change aspects of it if you wish to. For example; imagine a sandcastle manifesting-up from the sand, and standing beautifully. Visualize a flock of birds flying overhead, and Create for yourselves what type of birds they’re to be.

Perhaps some of you visualized seagulls; perhaps cardinals; perhaps some of you envisioned a nearly-random array of different types of birds, all flying harmoniously in their one large flock. Every visualization you make is real and can be worked-with and altered in these realms, as they’re all aspects of your harmonious existence with every facet of the Creation around you.

This is your personal space to Create and enjoy in, and it’s from here that we’ll perform our whistleblower-blessings.

Notice as a very large group of people/spirits begins fading into view, floating with you on this beach. This is your group of fellow subscribers and while you’ve all existed in this land individually up until now, you’ve been apart from each other per your individual visualizations. We’re now to proceed with the exercise as a clan.

Notice somewhere in this crowd, a bearded young man with quite long, reddish hair, wearing a shirt with the “Batman” symbol on it and light-tan khaki shorts. When you find this soul, greet Wes Annac with a big smile. That’s right: I am and have always been a part of these exercises with our subscriber group, and the specific description I gave was because, well, that’s what I wore on the day of writing this.

Now – notice as we all begin convening together, that in the beach-area to the right of us, the sand moves and forms into something.

Visualize as seven large squares are drawn-in to the sand to the right of us, each containing a name written in the sand. Float or walk over to the seven squares, and read the names contained in each one:

1. Edward Snowden

2. Julian Assange

3. Bradley Manning

4. Bill Brockbrader

5. Daniel Ellsberg

6. Jeffrey Wigand

7. Sgt. Clifford Stone

Each of these souls has worked diligently to expose things that have been covered up, and every whistleblower or person who’s worked to expose illegal cover-ups deserves and will hopefully receive the blessing and protection we’re about to give. We’re going to bless these seven individuals, and the blessings we give will radiate-out and hopefully affect every whistleblower for the ultimate good.

Visualize as our subscriber-group forms a large circle around the seven drawn-in squares containing the names. As our circle comes to a finish, affirm that the purest of Creator Light be drawn up from within you. It’s important to remember that you’re a constant vessel for Creator energy, and it only takes a request to bring such energy through, for it to spill out of you in abundance.

We are very powerful beings with incredible potential, and we’re to utilize such potential now as every last one of us visualizes and affirms the purest streams of colorful Light coming up through the “spines” our etheric bodies. Affirm/visualize the “silvery stream” of energy we learned to visualize from the Hathors, or utilize any other visualization of this energy that works for you.

Either way, really feel this energy coming through you. Rather than it being added to our many-times-used collective energy “cloud”, we’re going to affirm that it forms a protective squared barrier around each name and each individual whom our Light is intended to help protect.

Whereas the seven names were inscribed in the sand from within drawn-in squares, there are now strong and transparent squares of pure protection-energy rising up from the sand and soaring into the astral sky, becoming seven square pillars of Light and protection for each individual and for every whistleblower.

My friends, we’ve done it.

We’ve sent our blessings to the seven referenced corruption-exposers, and we’ve worked to put a protective, Lighted barrier around their energies. The hopes of this exercise are of course for our blessings to provide real protection for each of these individuals, and time will tell of what we hope to be the ultimately-positive fates of Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning and Brill Brockbrader specifically.

These individuals certainly don’t deserve to sit in prison for their diligent acts of exposure, and if our blessing energies have any say in it, they will suffer no further negative consequences for what are heroic actions and actions that are needed for this planet.

Now that we’ve performed our blessing and set-up our protective barrier, you’re as always, encouraged to spend some more time in this lovely realm we’ve done our work from this week.

You’re strongly encouraged to put your time and energy in this realm to good use and bless a plethora of other souls or representations, and for now, I wrap-up this week’s exercise with the satisfaction of knowing that, at the very least, we did our best to help the souls we’ve blessed.

This concludes this week’s astral discussion.

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