Personal Update, May 16th: Extensive Electrical and Water-Line Problems with the Home


Information from the inspection about the repairs that will need to be done to the house is provided below.

Good news and not-so-good news in regards to the home my family and I will be purchasing. The good news is that it looks like we’ll be closing as soon as next Friday, which means we will get the keys three days before my birthday (May 27th).

And then, for the not-so-good news:

We got the inspection done on the house today, and quite a lot needs done on it before we could even think about Living there.

There are virtually no water lines, and the electrical wiring is all but shot as someone got in to the house and took all of the copper (and I mean all of the copper) out of there. There is something wrong with the sump pump that, until repaired, makes it likely inoperable; there is a similar problem with the water heater; many of the electrical outlets in the house don’t work and the bathroom gets no electricity (and, obviously, no water either).

The report we got was incredibly intricate and extensive, and every last problem with the house was outlined as is customary with inspections. None of these problems seem too extensive to the point of us being able to back out of the deal (we’re not trying to back out anyway) but we’re worried and anticipating that every last bit of repairs that need done are far outside of our current financial ability.

We’re actually thinking it might be cheaper to have the whole house rewired, and we couldn’t even get the water turned on for the inspection because again, the water and refrigerant lines are all but missing. We knew when first looking at the house that most of the copper had been taken and many of the electrical lines were messed up, but we did not anticipate anything near the extensive repairs to the water and electrical lines that are required and at this late stage, we’re certainly not backing out of the deal (nor would we be able to).

I would be more worried about this entire situation (and I am pretty worried – don’t let my calm demeanor mislead you!) were I not overly confident that I am protected and provided for by the Universe. If this home was not meant to be, we would not have been led and miraculously provided the funds to be able to purchase it in the first place and our offer would not have been accepted.

I know and can feel that this is meant to be and that every bit of difficulty and financial fear we experience along the way is catalytic and necessary, but even what I’ve outlined above is a very short summary of all of the extensive repairs that need done, and I’m sure I’m leaving a multitude of important repairs and problems out with my attempted summary.

Feeling and almost knowing that we more than likely do not have the funds to cover all of the repairs that will need done in this moment, I’m forced to sing the same old tune and ask anybody who wishes to assist in this incredible endeavor to continue sending contributions via the “Contribute: Donate” button at the top right hand of The Aquarius Paradigm blog site, or to my pay pal address,

There comes such a stigma with asking for donations; especially for one who is dedicated to helping humanity and who would keep money out of the equation entirely if I only could. We understand and respect that everybody is trying to get by at present, and would not be asking for assistance were it not a potential conduit to offer the Universe and you dear readers to help us really be able to do this.

Getting out on our own means more to us than could be expressed and beyond the repairs that need done, we really and truly do love this home. Even still, my main goal is to focus on serving humanity and for this specific matter, offering the Universe as many conduits for abundance as possible while working to be of service.

Asking for donations in a time when humanity is not yet openly sharing with each other will continue to have a stigma or weight attached to it, as long as the old paradigm of greed and accusation (which comes about as a result of the greed of the few) are still in play. I again affirm that if this is truly meant to be, than we will be offered every last bit of the funds we need to make it work and if not, I can forever recognize and Love that my true Home will always and forever be the realms of spirit.

I’m going to copy some of the information from the inspection below, for those of you who may be particularly interested.

Much Love to every last one of you, and thank you for your interest in the ongoing developments of the personal Lives of my family and I.

Wes :)


The following is a summary of just about everything in the house that needs immediately addressed before we can think about Living there. This is taken from the overall aforementioned report we received from the inspector today. I’ll warn you – it’s very long.

1. Storm Windows:

Aluminum framed -Cracked/broken glass at south front porch storm

window. Recommend a qualified glass contractor to replace glass at this area

2. Exterior Lighting:

Surface mount, Pole light -Exposed wiring connections at rear north

carport light. Missing bulbs and globe/lens at pole light. Recommend a qualified

electrical contractor to properly enclose/install wires into junction box with

cover, and install missing bulbs to verify operation of pole light fixture

3. Exterior Electric Outlets:


-Inoperative at time of inspection,

Recommend a qualified electrical

contractor to evaluate and repair/

replace wiring/outlet.

4. Hose Bibs:

Rotary -Not secured and inoperative at time of inspection. Recommend a

qualified plumbing contractor to evaluate and repair/replace faucets.

Hose Bibs: (continued)

5. Gas Meter:

North exterior -Gas meter has

been removed. Recommend to have gas

meter set and on to verify operation of

all gas related appliances and


6. Plumbing Vents:

Cast Iron with Sealant, Lead

flashing -Open lead flashings at 3″

plumbing vent pipe. Recommend to

repair/seal lead flashings.

7. Center Chimney Chimney Flashing:


-Open/seperated sealant. Recommend a

qualified roofing contractor to repair

replace these areas

8. Main, 1st floor hallway access Attic Wiring/Lighting:

110 VAC -Majority of visible wiring is knob

and tube. Exposed wire splices. Recommend a qualified electrical contractor to

properly install wire splices into junction boxes with covers and inspect knob and

tube wiring.

9. Entire visible areas Basement Electrical:

110 VAC -Light fixtures not operating, wiring removed

at some locations. Exposed wire splices. Recommend a qualified electrical contractor

to evaluate and repair replace these areas

10. Entire visible areas Basement Smoke Detector:

Battery operated smoke detector -Smoke

detector did not operate. Carbon

monoxide detector not located. Recommend

to install minimum of 1 operating carbon

monoxide and smoke detector at each


11. Entire visible areas Basement Sump Pump:


-No outlet present for sump pump. -Sump

pit cover is missing. Recommend to

install sump pit cover, and verify

operation of pump after electrical

components are repaired.


12. Main AC System A/C System Operation:

Not operated -Due to missing refrigerant lines unit

was not operated. Due to age a typical maintenance cleaning service is advised for

all AC components, then operation verified after refrigerant lines are installed

13. Main AC System Refrigerant Lines:

Suction line

and liquid line -Refrigerant lines have

been removed at interior. Recommend a

qualified HVAC contractor to install

missing refrigerant lines.

14. Main Water Shutoff:

Basement North rear wall -Water was off to house at time of

inspection. Water lines have been removed and water could not be turned on. A

limited visual inspection only was conducted on related components. Recommend to

verify operation of all plumbing related components after water is turned on.

15. Water Lines:

Copper -Most water lines have been removed or are not fully visible and

cannot be fully inspected. Recommend a qualified plumbing contractor to evaluate,

and repair replace all areas of water lines.

16. Drain Pipes:

PVC, Cast iron -MA Minor to

moderate corrosion visible. Regular

monitoring at these areas is advised.

-MB 2″ kitchen drain line has been

removed. Recommend a qualified plumbing

contractor to evaluate and repair

replace this area

17. Gas Service Lines:

Black pipe -Gas was off at time of inspection. A limited visual

inspection only was conducted of gas related components. Recommend to verify

operation of these components after gas has been turned on.

18. Basement Water Heater Water Heater Operation:

Not operating -Unit, water and gas to unit are

turned off. Recommend after plumbing repairs, to turn gas and unit on, light pilot

light and verify operation for final walk through

19. Basement Water Heater Flue Pipe:

Single wall

-Opening/gap visible at flue penetration

into chimney. Recommend to seal vent

penetration into wall/chimney, -Flue is

leaning, open and not properly attached

to water heater collar. Recommend a

qualified plumbing contractor to

evaluate and repair replace this area

20. Basement Water Heater TPRV and Drain Tube:

Valve present but not tested. -Missing

TPR valve drain pipe. Recommend to

install missing drain pipe onto TPR

valve down to within 6″ of floor.

21. Main unit Heating System Heating System Operation:

Not operating -Wire/circuit supplying

furnace has been removed. Recommend a qualified electrical contractor to evaluate

and repair replace this area. Due to age, corrosion and visible dirt a typical

maintenance/cleaning for all HVAC components is advised

22. Main unit Heating System Heat Exchanger:


Burner -Moderate corrosion in burn

chamber. Recommend a qualified HVAC

contractor to perform a typical

maintenance service on this unit.

23. Conductor Type:

Non-metallic sheathed cable, Armored cable -Near the electrical panel

there are wires/circuits where all 3 wires (Hot, Neutral and ground) are capped

together. When the power was turned on they “Sparked” and blew breakers. The wires

were then seperated with the black wires ONLY capped. Breakers turned back on with

no problems. It appears wiring has been removed from the home at various areas.

Recommend a qualified electrical contractor to evaluate all wiring/practices through out home and repair replace these areas as needed.

24. Basement stsirwell Electric Panel Manufacturer:

General Electric -Open “knock-out”

holes. Recommend to insert “blank-out”

caps to close off opening

25. Basement Laundry Room/Area Electrical:

110 VAC

-Outlet not working. Recommend a

qualified electrical contractor evaluate

and repair these areas

26. Basement Laundry Room/Area Washer Hose Bib:

Not present -Faucets removed. Recommend a

qualified plumbing contractor to install missing faucets

27. 1st Floor Living Space Windows:

Vinyl double

hung -Cracked glass in dining room.

Recommend a qualified contractor to

repair/replace glass

28. 1st Floor Living Space Electrical:

110 VAC -Various outlets not operating. Loose unsecured

wires. Home made extension cord used for permanent wiring. Recommend a qualified

electrical contractor to evaluate and repair replace these areas

29. 1st Floor Kitchen Plumbing/Fixtures:

PVC, Chrome -The supply piping under the sink has been

removed. Recommend a qualified plumbing contractor to install missing supply pipes

and verify operation of fixtures

30. 1st Floor Kitchen Windows:

Vinyl double hung -Cracked glass. Recommend a qualified

contractor to repair/replace glass

31. 1st floor hall Bathroom Electrical:

110 VAC GFCI -All electrical components inoperative.

Recommend a qualified electrical contractor to evaluate and repair replace these

8 thoughts on “Personal Update, May 16th: Extensive Electrical and Water-Line Problems with the Home

  1. Wes this is madness. You are about to buy a Money Pit, and endless source of anger, drainage of money, and the effort to fix something that needs to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch. don’t be tempted to think you are protected by the forces of Heaven, this is not about that. This is a test of your humanness , your common sense, your free will.
    You deserve something that is not broken and a living entity of horror. That is not what will bring you the peace and joy you are seeking.


  2. Dearest Wes, I can understand your enthusiasm, beyond the words; but please, please, do not take that house, you deserve better than that. Just wait, ask for the best and the universe will react in consequence. I am sure that you will get what you and your family deserve, wait, and ask for the best. With all my love sweet angel


  3. Dear Wes surely with this much to be done some adjustment in the original price would be reasonable . I know here in Australia any offer is only subject to inspection and then there is negotiations on final sale price based on the extent of repairs needed . May be different there but you probably have more negotiating power than you realize. Anyway good luck.


  4. Wes,
    Off the top of my head you are looking at $10,000 for the repairs. Email me the report and I can get a better idea for you.

    Was your offer written “As Is” or could you negotiate a lower price based on the inspection?

    Once I get the report from you, I can give you a few ideas of possible places that can help with the repairs.


  5. I agree with Alexandra, Wes. You’re in the driver’s seat now. Maybe I’m naive, but based on what the inspection revealed, I would think you have the right to say no, or at least lower your offer significantly. The repair work may be a much bigger financial burden than you are aware. Blessings.


  6. Hi Wes, to share some of my knowledge with you.

    1. Christ was reincarnated to see that his efforts did not go in vain. To see Christed conciseness in action look at all the movements that are taking the place now, plus humanity clearing off karma for killing the Christ. In fact Christed councessnes is a Sirian conciseness, this is how they have been helping humanity. As far as Christ as a person he was a messenger, there always been Divine messengers among many groups, religions or professions you are a Divine messenger as well (with your channeled messages). There are many prophets among singers today et.
    2. Your role in what is taking the place was to bring in channeled messages, which comes naturally to you because you are Pleiedien in origins, so telepathy is natural and easy for you, while posting them on your blog page with other like minded people to provide spiritual help and assistance at this time, to show people that they are not along.
    Writing books as well.

    This is speaking of the Divine Plan for the two of you, as far as the rest it does not have my name on it.


  7. Wes,

    I told my hubby, who has done this kind of work extensively, about the house and he says the same. It is Truly difficult to find Hope only to have it not be what it seems. However, you and your family Deserve the “Fairy Tale” and I don’t think this house will bring the Joy you are seeking unless the repairs are made swiftly and before you move in. Add to that the fact that when one purchases a Home usually the basic things such as piping and electrical are included. Sometimes the owner can increase or reduce the price of the house to include repairs. For example, if the price was reduced by 10K on paper but the loan amount remains the same you will have the 10K to put into the repairs which would come from the owner or you could also increase the price of the house by 10K, have the 10K returned to you in cash, and make the repairs yourself (in this situation you are funding your own repairs via receiving cash that’s paid back on your mortgage). Does that make sense? Also, make sure that your realtor is making these types of suggestions. If not, get a second opinion from a knowledgeable 3rd party who doesn’t stand to “gain” from whether you purchase the home or not.

    If this isn’t the right house that’s okay too. Let go, breathe, and know that you will find out why a little further down the road (or The River as Mother Gaia spoke to me of yesterday). If you DO get the house, we are planning a gypsy road trip this summer and maybe the Mr. can help you knock some things out. We are heading West from CO heading toward MI (I don’t know when – I’m still manifesting the whole thing!).

    Please know that we’re sending Blessings your way that it will all work out as it’s Meant.

    Much Love,


  8. I come first to say CONGRATS on your wedding. The best are the simple ceremonies.
    I had a biig one 19 yeary ago. Alls I remember is YUG!!!
    I don’t know if you got the house. If the owners new about it, it legally had to be disclosed to you. It gives you another out on your contract. I say run!!!
    Deborah Cain
    There is nothing wrong with renting cheaply and saving funds. Some of the places I remember while working and in school. Who cares as long a it is clean and usable.


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