Personal Update, May 8th: Looking Toward June 1st to Close on the Home

003blackPhoto: The front of our home

For backstory on this personal update, see this link.

The paperwork for the house on the other end was finished on Friday, and we heard back from the realtor about it last night. We have scheduled a necessary inspection, one of two, that will be done on the house next Thursday to determine all of the problems with it, everything that will need repaired, etc.

As the pictures may show, the house would likely be pretty expensive if it were not for the repairs needing done. Because of what will need done and because it is being sold as-is, the house was sold to us at a much cheaper price than it would have been listed for it didn’t need repairs and what not.

The realtor told us last night that we’re looking at the timeframe of June 1st for closing. That’s already so near! Needless to say, our excitement and anticipation is growing and what’s interesting about that timeframe is that it’s very near to my birthday, which is May 27th.

It’s as if we’re receiving this house for my birthday! And I largely have you dear readers as well as some amazing family around us, to thank for it. Truly, we will never be able to express our gratitude enough for this miracle, as even though much will need to be done we can already feel a familiar, homely and most important of all, heavenly vibe from this house.

Contributions are still appreciatively accepted for the endeavor that will be getting extensive repairs done, and those who have contributed already have the full gratitude of my family and I. We are sending you all our Love! :)

More pictures of the house are given below.

Much Love all,

Wes  🙂


The right side of our home


Looking-in to the back yard


Beautiful plants we are blessed to have in our back yard

2 thoughts on “Personal Update, May 8th: Looking Toward June 1st to Close on the Home

  1. So Wes a lot better indeed of your first choice. Congrats. keep believing and trust and sure you shall succeed !!!!


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