We Have Never Been Alone


Lift Your Spirit FinalListening to Stephen Cook’s Lift Your Spirit radio show, I get a true and real sense of how interconnected every one of us are in terms of what we are feeling, experiencing and learning. The stories and lessons that were shared by fellow awakening souls seemed to almost-exactly mirror what I have been feeling and undergoing, and it’s truly amazing to see that I am not alone in any way during my journey on Earth.

I am one who tends to remain silent about my beliefs and how I feel to those around me, and I don’t tend to hold many discussions with fellow awakening souls over the internet or in person.

The exchanges I do have usually prove fruitful and helpful for me personally, but it can be easy to forget that in this very moment, there are millions of other awakening souls just like me who are learning, growing and experiencing the lessons that help initiate us into higher states of consciousness and awareness.

I would say that our ultimate goal is to collectively reach those states of consciousness again and to an extent, that belief is correct but in another sense, we are here to collectively anchor the higher realms unto our Earth as we simultaneously work to sharpen and broaden our personal and collective understanding of exactly what makes up and drives our conscious experience of reality.

We are united in that we are discovering, along with the brimming realms of full consciousness, a perspective and an understanding that sets us apart from the rest of the people on this world who search for the great answers in their own physical ways and with their own trusted methods.

We have dared to reach far beyond the limitations of perception and understanding that the modern physical world would have us act under and in doing so, we are not only discovering, but building upon the network of collective energy we share not just amongst each other, but amongst the entirety of the collective of Earth and far beyond.

We are discovering our Oneness with each other and with the reality around us and as such, are gradually yet rapidly growing into purer states of consciousness and understanding and oh, are we being tested along the way.

Listening to the stories of some of the callers on Stephen Cook’s show reinforced the understanding in myself that, just as was said by one of the callers, we are simply going to experience difficulty along the way of learning and growing away from the Earth experience, as it is a result of the lower dimensional reality we currently exist in.

To assume or think our experience won’t be tough at times is not quite realistic given what we have all experienced and learned up to this point, but the wonderful thing is that we don’t have to experience the difficulty alone. Perhaps being able to understand this will be, for me and perhaps many of you, something that helps me to break out of my personal shell in the largest sense imaginable.

I am now seeing through a clearer lense that truly, we have each other to help get through this experience when times get tough.

Along with remaining inexpressive of my beliefs to those close to me, I see that in many cases, I will hide myself away from the world or even from fellow awakening friends if I just don’t feel the “umph” in that moment to lend my energies to a discussion or interaction. I see now that to do so can often be more hurtful than helpful for me personally and that sometimes, interaction and communication can do wonders for a person; especially someone who is awakening.

Understanding this, it becomes much harder to do something that would have otherwise been quite easy: feel alone when times get tough. It has been easy, up until this point, to allow loneliness and other forms of victimhood to arise within me, but I am learning that loneliness and assumed victimhood are tools that keep the illusion sustained via instated unhappiness.

During this – yet another important, testing and ultimately helpful day along my Earth experience, I find my perspective broadening in unprecedented ways and I have the callers of Lift Your Spirit to thank for it. Truly, we have never been alone!

Wes Annac – A fellow friend and awakening soul



Image source: http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/05/lift-your-spirit-shifting-sharing-returning/


3 thoughts on “We Have Never Been Alone

  1. Thank you for your sharing this and you are not along – everyone is shot with something. All the negativity is created by humans and projected onto one another, as far as “bad Earth” karma was creted for Planetary protection.
    Once all the negativity will get cleared off HAPPINESS, JOY and many other great things will be left.
    P.S. A word of advice if I may – create your own “confort zone” space energetically speaking and go from there. Keep what feels like yours and let go from things that do not resonate = personal sense of freedom (you feel victimized, like a lot of people by the kabal run enviromental conditioning you do know deep down inside that this is wrong, yet you do know this is the only reality that you have seen and it lives you sad. Please try to live it behind:) and enjoy life responsibly + unilize your God given talents).
    This Planet was under reptilian/mind manipulation (Orian) & annunaki/phycopatic negative influence this is what lead to so much negativity, people who were put to pretect this Planet and people sold it for power and money (nothing new) however let’s all get to GOOD place HONESTLY :).


  2. I too am an awakened soul. This experience has been nothing short of truly ‘magical’. I would like to know if there is a website (or start one) where all of us ‘awakened souls’.. the angelic human…..would be able to go to share our stories, and get the support that we need during this time of amazing beauty:)


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